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    Minecraft Community Event

    Should be around for this, unlike someone else. Just put maybe depending on what's going on later today
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    Fortnite Event!

    That sucks. Hopefully you'll be able to join us next time
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    Team Fortress 2 - Friendly Games


    JR's TF2 server (Casual) Will get an EXP boost for all users playing on it by 50% and a JR Cash boost by 50 % also for the day of the event. Get to the top of the player ranks by joining us tomorrow! For more info on JR Cash and EXP check out:
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    JR Awards

    @Jamie time has come and gone
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    Minecraft Community Event

    ill be around with a dominos. the pizza is just for me though. 🍕
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    Minecraft Community Event

    Unfortunately I will not be able to attend tonight, I hope though you will enjoy it !
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