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    Changes To ARK

    Amazing, good job guys! Can't wait to try out the new map 😍
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    Minecraft Event

    JrCraft Very unexpected. Thank you. It usually takes me A lot of time and changes to come up with a build idea. I implemented a couple things I had Built in some of the past survival servers here in JRCraft Along with some of the updates I like. I'm glad JR is around and thanks to all the staff who has been so helpful when I'm in need of assistance, as well as the long time friends I've made here and I hope JrCraft is around for along time to come. I like all the plugins and mods the Minecraft server has and all the benefits. Sincerely, Gerald (Cythion)
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    New ARK Servers

    We are doing out best here. I haven't been shown how to do things in ark properly yet so I can't spawn in dinos, even tho I really want to. I tend to mess things up even more and I wouldn't want anyone to spend their time "cleaning up" after me. We are doing our best and we really want to help you all, but we do have work from monday to friday (some all weekend as well). When we have time off from work, we will help people but sometimes things happen in life that we can't control. We will sort out the dinos soon because we want everyone to be happy and move on with ark!
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    New ARK Servers

    No offence but me and Frosty have a full time job to attend to, and I am still here working at work as I type this. You will receive your items, but please be patient, we have a lot on our plate. We are trying our best to attend to everything...
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    New ARK Servers

    Apologies, was so busy forgot the dmg numbers :') Thanks Chris!
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    New ARK Servers

    I've found this setting (which should be a default imo) and added it to the server config files. It should take affect upon the next restart
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    New ARK Servers

    Everything sounds good Jamie, although I'd really really wish we could bring back classic flyers if possible 😎
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