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    I agrre with OP, there can be to many mods. And is not the server that is usually the problem. It's the client side that lags down. Mods tend to eat RAM, load times gets way longer, game lags, timeout disconnects. So people like me, the casual gamer, that does not have the latest in GPU and RAM will get problems. What I think is important is the choice of mods. I've seen a lot of severs with mods doing more or less the same thing. And as for the meatspoiler. Really redundant since they added the "split all" option in the inventory. Shin
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    Just on this topic, While ARK is growing my main concern is getting too big too fast. I'm in the process of finding a way to fund another server to host ARK to take away some of the server strain and to give some more resources for our other servers. ^ The above is true. I want the best experience everyone can have. It upsets me when a server goes down and I can't sort it right away or it kicks out people or lags. As a gamer, I know how lag causes upset for us. If we do reach a point where our servers cause performance degradation I will know pretty quickly and we can take action in the form of removing things, cleaning things, optimising further or moving on another server Thanks for raising your concerns though, they have been noticed and noted.
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    Tbh, I like the server how it is and I really hope you not will make any changes. I don't mind not adding more mods to the servers but I would really dislike if the stats were changed.
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    Hey guys, Please vote on these latest suggestions: Thanks for all the recent suggestions, if you would like to discuss or debate this please do so here!
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    In the end the daily survival is mostly over when you have something big to ride (you dont even need any armor for that). But in my opinion the upgradestation would be nice to help with caves/bosses. you just cant do some alone or in little groups. Of course it should fit the server. Leave it for "endgame". Maybe for lvl180/190+? So you still have to work to get there. And getting to this lvl isnt that hard to be honest. Never played with that mod but upgrading should be expensive so you have to farm for your desired stuff. In early lvls i dont think its useful. having op gear before you even have a stonebase feals dumb and completely destroys the survival part.
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    Hi guys. I've been thinking for a while that there's a bunch of mods and people suggesting mods like suicide potion and meat spoiler. I can see that when you're used to that, it's hard to not have, but... Idk, it seems like it would be too easy. Why get suicide potion when you can easily get killed by a dino or jump off a cliff or split meat? I mean, if people really want those mods it's fine but, it just seems like there's getting a lot of mods with already 14(?) mods. I've heard from other ark players that too many mods, causing the servers to lag more. I'm getting a bit concerned, that's why I made this post. Not to be annoying or anything, just wanted to say what has been on my mind for a bit now. Other changes I'd like to see, was to increase the taming stat. That's pretty much the only thing that bothers me a bit. But what are y'alls thoughts on this? Too many mods or am I paranoid? xD
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    Please. Anyone give me one good reason why this is needed. So many ways to kill yoursell in vanilla even and you want this to add to the load of your game? We dont even have pefinder, but a suicide potion is needed... I can suggest 25-30 mods that everyone will like and vote for, will they be added then? I would propose a max amount of mods... a new one in means an old one out.. In my very personal opinion all mods needed on any ARK server is S+ and Autmated ark. Shin
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    But ofcourse @Emma your concern is greatly appreciated within the team and feedback like this is what helps to keep JR a place to come back to for all to enjoy As mentioned if you feel any mods currently used are not important or neccessary then we can create community polls to understand with the input of users which remain and which can be removed so thank you for the input !
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    Some screenshots I've taken in Final Fantasy XIV with FC members.
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    I think at a minimum you should have S+ installed, just because it makes building way less of a headache than the Vanilla structures, also S+ makes electricity a bit more worth while imo I am personally quite happy with the difficulty of the servers, although having admin on all of them might have something to do with that
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    hi everyone i am new to the server and i love it and i realy like to breed dinos but i think its a bit slow so i am asking if u maybe can up it a little bit so it wont take to long
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    Never said it was "hard", just don't like how long it takes But ok
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    Hey guys, Due to our promise of keeping quality servers online without lag, to reduce the strain on our server so other servers can perform better we have disabled and removed from our server list Shigoislands. This decision was due to the server not being very popular and it was using quite a bit of resources (CPU/RAM) while idle. Now I have a question for you all, are you happy about this? We are looking to switch off another server, our bet is the volcano to save even more resources and keep things running a bit smoother. We are not getting a lot of people visiting the volcano and this is why I'm asking would you be happy if we removed it? What about new maps/ideas? We are playing around with the idea of a server that we bring a new map on every month that would have only 10 slots max and having it reset so users can try out new maps and if it becomes popular we can move it to a live server. This will be done in time. Please discuss this topic here, Thanks guys!
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    I dont realy need to add anything... u guys said all i would. Im very pleased with this community sometimes. No for the suggestion it self but for the people that disagreed with it. Cuz #HardIsMoreFun lol #NoMoreStatsIncreasePlease lol
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    Do think I have mentioned something along this lines recently Shin And must add something to my thoughts here.Have a "permanent" cluster of 2-3 maps. Add a tryout map that changes every month or 2. Have a poll to keep or cycle the maps at the same time intervall. And make sure the poll is changed to a minimum of voting players. Right now we have roughly 6-7 players that decide as a "community". 1 changes from time to time cause it is the one suggesting. Shin
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    Not sure if this helps but I think most people would agree on increasing stack size only on items that degrade over time, like prime meat, honey, organic polymers, etc. These 3 being the most helpful IMO.
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    ***** CLOSING TOPIC AND POLL ***** Decision has been made to have suicide potions and not have meat spoiler. Suicide potions will be added on the next restart / update
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    Hey guys, Every week or two we do a poll for the latest mods that people want on our ARK servers. One that has been requested in chat, discord and personally has been a suicide potion the other a meat spoiler that was posted here: Please fill out the poll or discuss below!
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    Higher stacks would be nice but not with decreased weight. Dinos already have increased weight so you can just lvl a dino to carry whatever you need. (my fresh quetzal had 1k weight right after taming. lvling is fast as well) Just have something with you to carry your stuff. even my ankylo alone has 2k weight (since im playing mostly alone) The only thing, that i would love would be higher stacks to have less room wasted. Weight could even be vanilla. By the way we already have increased stacks and switching mods might/will lead to lost ressources. Keep that in mind as well.
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    We had it set on 0.1 on the pvp server and it was ok.
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    I think that would be a decent solution, it at least means that players have to play the game properly before they can just upgrade things. I reckon that leaving it for end game / level 170 upwards?
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    A lower radius would be nice so it doenst feel like living in a desert It also would make foundations near metal nodes possible without destroying the spawn. But it needs to be tested so the nodes/trees/bushes dont actually spawn inside walls and foundations. (some bad experiences with another server, having trees and rocks spawning in doors and so on all the time...)
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    I'm not sure how many hours Chris has played, I'm still new to the game. That shouldn't matter, we are experienced server admins, you don't need to be 100% on ARK and know every part about it to run a server. We are learning a lot as we move along. We want to keep the majority of our players happy so we can grow our userbase. The small mods that were voted for here, are small and they will not cause any lag or load to the server or clients due to the way they work. Right now it looks like only suicide potions will be added. And I do understand why now they are needed/wanted, people seem to get stuck in the map at random times and the only easy way (without adding a ton weight) carrying a foundation is killing them selves and going back to retrieve there stuff. All this is doing is adding a craftable item in game, which wont add any issue to the server since it doesn't spoil etc.It's like carrying a piece of wood etc.
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    Agree with Shin... Im not concern only with the server performance at this point, this amount of mods can easily be heavy on some clients side and mostly is too easy and fast to add a new mod. Above that this realy takes the main idea of the game away becoming not a survival and just a building simulator and dinos collection. Which let me say is something that have impact on all players and the server performance. Better stacks, upgrade station r mods created for hard enviroments as Anunnaki and for lazy people on vanilla (sorry but thats my opnion). Mod suggestion and Poll: Would be more fair if for a mod to be added should have a minimun X amount of people voting in its favor cuz most mods had been voted by only -5 people. In the past that was pretty much 50% of the amount of people playing regularly but now a server as Ragnarok has +15 people playing and theres more 5 servers in the cluster. Some people dont keep track on the site for mod suggestions and for that their vote is not taken in account. Guess a solution for that is increasing the period of the poll so more people can vote. I would say 2-3 weeks. And a minimun amount of votes in favor. Also a maximum amount of mods is needed or we'll be facing a load of 5 minutes with 35 mods in a near future. If u want a new mod after max out u have to suggest a trade. As simple as that. We have a great deal of mods already and the life is far easier than vanilla.
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    We can def look in to this, but if we do reduce it, it wont be so much to affect peoples bases. - Jamie
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    Anyone who voted for this who can explain why its needed.? Seriously, just wanna know. Shin
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    is tricky talk about that... but i would say yes if we were playing on a hard mod as Annunaki, Extinction Core or similar. But for the current stats would make everything too easy and as the higher stacks mod would just make the game boring after a while and no real need for dinos when u have a ascendant primitive hatchet at lvl 4 or even a ramshackle metal pick at 20...
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    To be completely fair i not in favor since with that the experience start to become too easy... when id played on high stacks servers i mostly didnt need dinos at all... i could carry all by myself theres was no struggle at all. I up for a chalenge and i like the grinding about surviving or the fun end up pretty quickly and get boring too fast
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    Looks interesting, I'll put it on the next poll
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    As System said above the server can handle it, and Jamie keeps a stupidly close eye on the server load
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    Hence the question mark Well, I don't really know so much about that since I'm not a part of the admins. Just talked with my friend about mods and he mentioned the things above which made me make this post. + people bringing up mods that, imo, are a bit too luxurious.
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    "Too many mods" is debatable. Our servers can handle the current setup of mods, otherwise we wouldn't have it on there. We monitor the performance of the servers aswell. Limitations usually happen on the clientside, while we can host all these mods, some people simply can't run it on their laptops or low end PC's which is understandable, we should find a medium where we find the perfect combo of mods and perforance degradation.
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    I think the same way, I feel bad for the server admin trying to keep ahead when the mods exceed 10. Seems like it can be trying to sort out when there are issues.
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    Is it this mod? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821530042 I'm all for it, I think it would be a nice addition to the server
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    Hey guys, I'd just like to write a small post on JR, it's finances and I need some help. You will understand why I am making this post soon lol. JR has been running for 10 years straight and most of the finances have come directly from my wage, JR costs roughly currently €110 ~ a month. (that's 1320 a year and it's been that way for the last 4 years) This is an average and is spread among a server and software licencing. We are getting more and more popular and we are getting more players and soon we need to expand. JR currently runs on a very powerful server with 8 cores, 64 GB of RAM and 2 TB in raid. This allows us to do some special software configurations including virtualisation. This allows us to run all the game servers we run. Soon though due to the growth of ARK we will have to add another dedicated server to our server cluster to offload some of the traffic and load. This isn't a case of we can hold off, we need to do this. To do this we need community help as it's getting harder to afford to run everything I have to pay for JR. What I'd like to ask is, How can we raise some money to keep us financially stable? Do we add a donation system for getting in game items? Do we add more adverts around the website? Do you have any ideas for our premium membership which are viable solutions? Do you have any other ideas I haven't thought of? To get this straight, I'm not asking for money, I hate asking for money. I run JR for fun as a hobby and I like making people smile. Any donations or funding we get will be put towards payment of all servers, licencing that we pay. What do you guys think, I need your help to figure out how we can sort things.
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    Uhhh the mazes thing sounds fuuun! I know there's a maze on the volcano, which would be a great place to do hide n seek! I saw some youtubers do it and it looked really funny. I could totally dig that
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    Hey guys, I'd like to get some feedback about what events we could do at JR. Do you have a good idea for a event. It doesn't have to be for a certain game, it could be all of them, one of them or something with the website. I'd love to hear what you guys think. Please post below so we can bring some cool events to JR! Thanks for your time to comment!
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    That actually looks quite good! I wouldn't mind having that mod added!
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    Just a mod I found that would allow for more diversity in our bases on the servers, and it expands on the tent functionality that is already in the game http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=937731623
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    The only game I play here is ARK. There is sooo many things you can do there but as always they take time from admins. Many videos on the tube about it. Examples are. Dodo Toss: Build a "dartboard" and a platform next to it. Toss your dodos to get ponts. Races: Make races with specific creatures. Just from pont A to B or over a specified/marked track. PvP Races: Same as above but enable PvP during the race so you can stop your opponents Arena fights: Last man standing or one on one. Set a specific area for the fight/build an arena/get one of the mods. Mazes: Build one yourself or get the monkey maze mod to help out. This is just what pops up right now, sure I remember more if I think about it. Shin
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    First I want to make clear I'm not complaining or anything. Some people tell me a sound like a grumpy old man when I write in english.. Just trying to find a somewhat permanent home and low population quite often leads to server shutdown or huge changes in settings/mods. Been doing ARK for 3,5K hours so far and don't plan of stopping this close to final release. Anyways, I was ingame all saturday/sunday between about 06.00 and 22:00 UTC+1. And I'm on some hours every weekday between like 18:00 and 22:00. (might sound like a lot but many hours is afk while taming) Pretty much alone the whole time. But I dis see that there has been a lot of new players since tha announcment of Ragnarok becoming official DLC. So, I'll stay for now and hope the community grows. I like trading Shin
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    Well it is hard keeping people on the same server, but me and my friends 2-3 play on the island and the volcano. There's many people who joined the ragnarok server today so hopefully they'll stay This is pretty new and I'm sure that people will find their way to the JR servers I know for a fact that I will continue to play on their servers no matter what.
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    While I'm not a fan of it myself I could absolutely be fine with this on The Island or The Center, I would just rather not on Volcano the map I primarily play on, I do like the idea that different maps have variety, honestly if it was limited to just one place I could even stomach Annunaki itself, just not on Volcano (if it was upto me that is).
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    Admittedly I can't get shots like those from the galaxy map anymore because Nvidia disabled Ansel in the galaxy map with a driver update I believe so no more flying around the arks in the galaxy map to get really nice shots of them. But GeForce experience does have alt+f1 to take a screenshot so that gets spammed way too much in cut scenes Here is what I currently have my lock screen image set too
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    It's amazing how much growth and development visual entertainment and gaming has grown in our lives and just the advancements of the engines lately. These screenshots are B-e-a utiful !!
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    Gwent The Witcher Card Game has just entered Open Beta. It is based upon the card game that debuted in The Witcher 3 and gained a lot of popularity. The game is made by CD Projekt Red and it is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC https://www.playgwent.com
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    Gwent is a really fun game, and forces you to think about not just winning the current round, but holding back to have cards in the future rounds too. Got closed beta access for the standalone but never got the chance to try it, though I think I might wait for the inevitable mobile version so I can play it on the go, since Battlegrounds takes up all my free home time.
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    Here are some more I captured in Mass Effect Andromeda mostly galaxy map images, or taken in cut scenes. Placed into a spoiler as there are 12 images