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    It really does sound like the upgrade station is bugged because it takes quite a lot of resources to upgrade stuff to MC. Also Ascendant upgrades are only possible if the upgrade station skips a tier with MC and goes straight to Ascendant so that is nothing to worry about. Also it should be locked to players until they reach level 210. Personally I am fine with everything else, if people want them changed we will hold a vote and go from there. Limiting what items from the better narcotics mod can be crafted is a fairly simple fix tbh.
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    Keeping tamed titanosaurs

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    5 word story (reboot)

    also known as the Goa'uld. 'turned into a 5 word stargate story lol'
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    Myself! qwertycore!

    I live in the UK, I like Michael Jackson and playing games.......that's pretty much it!
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    Interesting, Very interesting. I'm stepping back from this one. I ain't saying yes or no.
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    The most random topic

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    The most random topic

    오빤 강남스타일 강남스타일 낮에는 따사로운 인간적인 여자
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    Hello fellow JR - members. Today I'd like to throw in some general Feedback so far (got somewhat 20 hours or so in the Ragnarok map on this cluster). In addition I would enjoy giving some further Suggestions and maybe a discussion whether or not these changes would make sense. Let's start with general Feedback: The first noticable thing (besides me having to delete the old Ragnarok map from a mod I installed some hundred decades earlier, because I couldn't see half the terrain) is server stability, right? So that's what got my focus in the beginning. Gladly I could not figure out any activity where the server would be unstable (except excessive Bronto harvesting, but I guess we need Elon Musk to make a server that stands the allmighty Bronto harvest. - Stability check Next thing, especially on a dedicated server, is active hosting ( officials have none, so we got that going for us already "yay!"). So I've added Jaime (or was it Jaimie? Sorry mate, too much Game of Thrones in this mind). I've actually taken a look into this a bit earlier when checking out the Steam post. Basically every comment that entered has been answered right away, taken a look into and most important: Properly reacted to. Even my very own first Suggestion: Permanent Titanosaur tame was just set up like 0,25 super mega nanoseconds (I definitely made that up) after I thought about it. Click here to see how awesome I am for making that happen for us! (I really am awesome!) So, uhh.. let's say me and my "friend" Greyjay (he's just trying to get his piece of cake while being around me) got on the server. After totally not dying 2 hours against Terrorbirds because these little beasts are so annoying we finally found a spot to build - which escalated pretty much into this. Giant base, still no laggs (thank you SSD for not letting me down). This is basically the end of my review already (I know I'm a virtuose at writing and you'd like to read my literature the whole day, you can follow me on Twitter, Pornhub and like my blog here). But the most interesting thing is just about to come.. *intensity intensifies* The Suggestions: As far as you read now we can summarize 2 things: I'm amazing The server has the potential to be amazing (potential as in "we did not check any gameplay stuff yet"-potential) So let's ellaborate a few things that we can talk about. First off let's start with the feature of taming. Everybody knows what it is about and most of us can probably agree that it's funny but can be frustrating sometimes - so it's simple, but complicated at the same time. But wait - shouldn't we look into the mods at first? *rewinds tape 1 long multi-clause sentence* First off, let's talk about the setup regarding mods. There are like 1 million mods in the workshop and we need to find those that fit to us the best. Some mods sadly overlap and others just create a huge crate of balance issues. So let's see what we got - here is a list of all mods currently used. I will not go through every mod, especially things like Super Spyglass and Death helper f.e. are completely irrelevant for this topic as they just add some utility without actually influencing the main gameplay mechanics (except if dying from fall damage and losing your gear because it drops below the map is a feature for you). I'll now go into detail - things can get a bit confusing, if necessary read twice or ask me what the hell I'm talking about (thought about using "bloody" here because I heard Britannicus' amazing british accent yesterday - shoutout to you, buddy). So back at "Taming" (or forward? not this timeline nonsense again!).. we got some mods that influence taming. We've got 'Taming Sedative' which makes Dinos incredibly hungry; 'Kibble Table' - which lets you craft any Kibble for a certain amount of metal (you can also craft Deathworm Horns n stuff - any perfect food for taming basically); 'More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows Combined v2.1' - which makes it possible to combine Narcotics into a more concentrated version of itself and last but not least 'Upgrade Station v1.8h' - which lets you upgrade every stat-item with pre-fix like "primitive" etc. for a reasonable price ( I always read it's for 210+ but we can already use it since the beginning, has that been changed?). I hope you see which potential problem we have here: Taming is currently almost taken away as a feature. An example you say? Well let's look at Greyidiots and my day on the 2nd of February. We imprinted 4 Wyverns (160-185) for about 5 hours and went leveling them. We find a T-Rex that resists pretty long, maybe because it was a Giganotosaurus. It's level 135 so we're like "yay" and he's like "ney" and we tranq it with about 4-5 arrows (and I totally did not die and scream 2 times because I almost pressed some brownies into my pants). "4-5 Arrows? That is impossible!" and I tell you, he had 90k max Torpor and it is possible. But even better: 10 seconds after knockout we've had the tame finished. "Giganotosaurus' hate him for using this simple trick - click here to find out why!!!" Explanation: We Upgraded our Bows (yes, the wooden things you can craft at level 15 or so) to mastercraft, then added further damage with the augmentation box (a small addon craftable for the upgrade station) till we hit 600% and then used Arrows with Yellow Narcotic (9k Torpor in a bow - multiplied by 6 for 600% damage) - yes we missed arrows. After it was downed we took the crafted Kibbles (one of us went back for a second to craft and bring them after we saw the Giga) and put it into his inventory and fed him the Taming Sedative. Boom, done in seconds. So what's the problem here and how to solve it most properly (Oh you knew exactly I am prepared and yes I'm totally gonna ruin that easy grindgame for us now). 1st - We remove either the Kibble Table or the taming Sedative. Easy decision for me: Taming Sedative - because Kibbles just take an unnecessary grind of previous taming and crafting to get a perfect tame done. I mean no clue who likes to tame multiple Quetzals, spy on them for weeks to get enough eggs for a Giga tame, then tame 2 Gigas and then mate those Gigas for weeks again. The mating part already is enough, Wildcard! (they definitely read this) - and Taming Sedative just is too strong. Taming a Dino in 10 seconds basically destroys the whole tension and experience of this feature. 2nd We nerf the Narcotic/Tranq Arrow mod. I like the idea of not needing to carry 10000 Narcotics for 1 high level tame - but the 'Red Narcotic' already provides 8k Torpor, so the Black is probably at 16k as it doubled before aswell. Let's say we keep 'Yellow Narcotic' the highest and disable Red & Black to have at least some balance ( just another example: I knocked a Level 25 Giga with about 30k max. Torpor with 1 Yellow Arrow out (450% damage Bow). 3rd We somewhat look into the Upgrade Station. I love it. I really do. The thought to be able to upgrade things for a s***load (sorry for the wording) of their original ingredients is really great, immersive and reasonable. But we either get back to "only available for endlevel players" or we tweak the mechanic. I see 3 possibilities here of that we can try to select the most reasonable ones: We increase the costs systematically - like every Upgrade takes even a bit more ressources (like 25% for every step - which would be a huge increase already - we're experiencing that currently with the guns). This way we prevent new players from gaining too much power in a very short amount of time. Activating this feature in various steps. Either the addons (Addon 1: Making Blueprints out of the items you have - imagine a max. Damage Shotgun with max. durability); Addon 2: Increasing Certain Stats (Damage, Armor, Heat Resistance etc.) require a certain levelcap - f.e. 200 or so. Increasing the level cap of upgrading certain engrams - Example: Bow is craftable at 15, but Upgradeable at 35 - Shotgun is craftable at 39, but Upgradeable at 59 Increasing the level cap of in relation to the upgrade level - Example: Ramshackle Upgrades possible at 30, Apprentice at 50, Journeyman at 80, Mastercraft at 110, Ascendant at 140 3. Or last and least: Increase the cap of the whole Upgrade Station as endgame content. I do think this is the worst but easiest change. The point is: With the Narcotics probably being nerfed the Upgrade Station will already lose a bit of its power. I know the other changes might be impossible or take some time, but the time will most likely be worth the balance it brings. TL;DR - it's a stable and well administrated server - i made reasonable suggestions and probably almost hit the max. letter limit Any questions are welcome, please keep it rational and constructive. Greets, Queen Lagertha of the [Retarded Vikings]
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    Fix #1 thanks to @Chris we have sorted the upgrade station now. It is set to only endgame players, if you have it and find yourself in minus engram points you may require a mind wipe which can be provided by @Chris when he is available.
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    Keeping tamed titanosaurs

    Hello everyone! This post is ment to change a small thing for a PvE server like ours - keeping tamed Titanosaurs. I could not see whether this option is turned on or off on the server yet, though I wouldn't like to tame one just to watch it die 24 hours later. The mechanic works like this: You knock it out, put a saddle on it - voilá, tamed. Sadly they are originally ment to starve after 24 hours as they can't be fed nor eat by themselves. As these Dinos are quite powerful on PvP it seems perfectly fine to nerf them somehow, but I don't see a reason on our PvE server, especially as we can also tame Giganotosarus and Wyverns. For the possible change I've found this short piece of text: "For Servers you can add it to the commandline ?AllowRaidDinoFeeding=true" - so this should be all that is to do. What do you think about it? Greetings, Queen Lagertha of the [Retarded Vikings]
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    Keeping tamed titanosaurs

    Hi @Lagertha I will close this for the mean time as you have seen the Titanosaur now. In relation to your Rocket launcher upgrade comment. I'm unsure on this currently as I'm not even sure how bugged upgrade station is and I may have to remove it. (hopefully not) but if we can not limit it to only endgame users then it'll have to be removed as it is rather powerful. Either-way I will come up with something to keep everyone happy.
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    Just a heads up on this. I'm still looking in to solutions and figuring out the best fix that won't upset users. Watch this space. Our decisions will come to light as soon as I have a quick meeting with the lads in regards to the issues you have raised. Thanks for bearing with us!
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    Keeping tamed titanosaurs

    Small addition: Saw a Titanosaur now.
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    Well, this was an interesting read and it totally opens my eyes to the bigger picture. AS you may have noticed, I don't get time to play as I'm always working on other servers and such. I agree with a lot of what you said. I'd like also players to comment on this. I don't think I'll be making a poll for these changes but I do agree as the owner of the server, that making things easy creates bordem. Let's quickly go through the changes you asked. 1) I believe you are right and instead of kibble table we get rid of the taming sedative. You don't want something that makes it almost easy making the experience and time totally not worth while. It's in my view, close to a GTA cheat code for x,y and of course z. 2) I can't say much about this, but either remove or nerf in the way you said seems the best way to keep gameplay a bit more normal 3) Upgrade station was capped for level 210 and up. I reckon this could be a bug. If I can't recap it I will be either removing the mod or trying to do the suggestions you did offer. It depends what the mod is capable of. I'd love to hear some community feedback on this apart from my own. Thanks for the detailed review and ideas to help us make our server better and better. I hope you continue to enjoy our servers
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    Keeping tamed titanosaurs

    Im out till the evening but I'll add this change at the evening. Sounds a good idea. I'll notify here when setup.
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    Currency mod

    I'm personally leaning towards Capitalism because it has a range of other mods that we could also implement in the future.

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