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    First things first link to the mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=609380111 Stargate Worlds, adds Stargates to the game. What are Stargates? They are big rings made of a fictional element called Naquadah which channel energy to open wormholes to other stargates across the galaxy, with enough power they can create stable connections to other galaxies. In this mod they allow for transportation across the map, admins are able to create public gates so if you want people to visit an area they easily can. Stargates are essentially a cheaper version of the teleporter and can be placed on platform saddles if the correct one is crafted. This mod also adds transportation rings (rings) which are basically elevators but without the hassle. You have two points vertically, you place one set of rings at the bottom and one set of rings at the top. Then you can teleport between the two spots with ease. It also adds "Puddle Jumpers", which are fairly difficult to get. They are flying vehicles (which can go underwater fine), they can carry up to 10 survivors and can go pretty fast. They can't do any damage to anything so they aren't too overpowered.
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    Mod request for better narcotics arrows

    ... I like this mod too. What is your opinion about it? Name: More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows Combined v2.1 Url: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=754885087
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    Just Cause 3 - Its Here

    JR is committed to provide it's members with good quality servers. We have just released our Just Cause 3 MP server! We are excited to provide this new experience for players around Europe. There are only a few servers for JC3 (24 in fact) but we are proud to say we have one of the best pings around Europe, we are in the top 5 servers with ping. Since releasing the server last night we instantly had players on, this morning we were packed out at 32 of 32 slots filled. We have updated the slot count to 80, but to be a bit different and crazy we have upped it to 120 slots which will take effect on the next reboot. We have kept everything rather vanilla and haven't added any plugins to the server. You can join, spawn in any weapon or vehicle you want and just annihilate and get annihilated! To join this server you can connect with the following steam link: steam://connect/c3po.jrnetwork.net:4201/ Currently we have not added this to our server list yet. We will be soon but I do not have the time to add in the code currently. This will be done as soon as I get a time to code. We hope you enjoy this new experience
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    Poll: suggestion backlog

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    Mod suggestion- eco's rp decor

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=741203089 So essentially this mod is just aesthetic, as with most of the Eco mods out there (Camping, Stable, Ext.) but with one of the mods on the server currently (Castles and Keeps), I feel like it may make the most sense to have in a way. The keep items cost a lot of metal and stone to make and that's only per piece, and while we do have Eco's tek decor and it's very nice, it looks a little out of place when you're building and trying to furnish an old style castle. And when it comes to castles there's also only so much that you can do with the decorations that come with advanced rafts. So I feel like having something like Eco's RP decor more focused on furnishings in the medieval period would make sense to have for people who actually want to make castles and it would make the building costs of the castle a little more worth while. But it's just a suggestion so I thought I'd put it up!
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    5 word story (reboot)

    resets to the beginning of
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    ARK Survival Evolved 264.52

    Whooo! Many fixes! Well done!
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    Is end to end encryption bad?

    just my two cents. Why install backdoors. Criminals will always find a way. Take away encryption and they will use another means of communication. They are always a step ahead.
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    Does anyone have any experience in 3D asset making? I'd love some help on a game I'm developing.
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    Ragnarok - crashing issues

    I will be sorting out giving people Tek transporters soon
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    Ragnarok - crashing issues

    Frank, c'mon fella, it's pants but it's the same for all of us..... if you go elsewhere you'd be starting from scratch anyway at least here you'll have the help and support of the admins and the community you know already.... you know this is a last resort but its has to happen. They're trying to sort a shitty problem best they can. stay dude and chin up ;o)
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    Ragnarok - crashing issues

    can someone clarify how this works before i totally mess up ;o) do we upload & download our characters each time we want to move anything across? cos if you make a new char, that'll own the downloaded stuff on the new server - apologies just done this before like this.... just want to be sure of the process
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    Ragnarok - crashing issues

    So, i suppose we are ready to start transfering..!?!?!!?! Well done!
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    Ark Survival Evolved: 264.32

    While I don't think this update will fix all the crashing issues I believe it will help. Chris and myself are still coming up with solutions. It seems only to happen when something is activated, moved or flown. We are still trying to pin down the source. Any players to replicate the crashing bug please contact me directly right away! Latest update patch notes: - Fixed SM4 sky - Fixed client chat issue - Fixed TheCenter landscape material issue
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    Recently we have had some issues with our Ragnarok server crashing. I hate when our servers give us trouble, a fix would have been pushed earlier but unfortunately work has got in the way for me. Anyway on to todays update. There was seemingly a few issues that were causing the crashes, so good so far since the update I have pushed. Updated ACM Fixed a few small bugs with our restart and update script Fixed issue with server OS Removed classic flyers test totem Removed Wyvern mating due to issue with over spawning If you have any other issues with the server please contact us using the help center: https://jrnetwork.net/help/help-center/
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    Minecraft Update

    We are working on our Minecraft server to bring more and more features to our server. The most recent update from JR is as follows: Fixed /protect To use: Type //wand select two points with left and right mouse button and then type /protect areaname Added /jobs (Enjoy the new jobs you can do) Changed the economy system Added chest shop plugin. Premium members or staff can create shops (WE are working on a server shop currently) Added mob rewards plugin Make money with killing mobs! If you are looking for more information or have a suggestion please post in the forum!
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    Server ark

    hi jamie server keeps crashing and resetting can u take a look in this as fast as u can pls and tnx
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    Server ark

    We are aware of this I will be looking tomorrow when I get chance after work.
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    To keep JR's ARK servers running as good as we can we have moved them to a bigger and better server. The old server has now been retired for our new server. Tech Specs Intel i7 6th Gen @ 4.4Ghz 64GB DDR4 RAM 480 GB SSD This server should help with the following Faster crash recovery, if a server does crash it should be online within 3 minutes. Faster boot up times, things will update and boot up way way quicker Better ping, better connection and better DDOS protection Quicker login times Is all our stuff safe? Yes we have moved everything over from the old server How to connect to the new server? Click on the following: The Island: steam://connect/vaiken.jrnetwork.net:27015 The Center: steam://connect/vaiken.jrnetwork.net:27017 Scorched Earth: steam://connect/vaiken.jrnetwork.net:27016 Ragnarok: steam://connect/vaiken.jrnetwork.net:27018 OR visit https://jrnetwork.net/servers/list and click on the green ip. It'll auto log you in. We hope this will help and improve your JR experience! Recently we also had a issue with the map resetting, we should have fixed that bug and reverted some servers to a backup which its happened to, if it happens again please message me right away! Bug fixes still in progress: Issue with Levelling Crashing bug that happens every now and again
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    ARK Survival Evolved 264.2

    I am not sure if it has happened today but I'll be looking in to moving things to the new server either today or tomorrow. Getting things ready right now. As for the problem its annoying but we are looking in to what is causing it.
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    Frank T Hack

    Mod add for ark ragnarok

    Nope !
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    Mod add for ark ragnarok

    In regards to this, I don't believe we need to enable auto unlocking as it removes the fun of trying to kill the bosses to unlock the we engrams. We do have the ability to craft element which completely simplifies things already. I won't be voting on this to keep this unbiased. When we get a few people agreeing I'll start a poll in regards to this. I won't be discussing this in discord or private messages due to the reason I have told 3 - 4 people the same thing. We did have auto unlocking enabled to begin with but it does take out the challenge, this was voted on to remove before and the players agreed and while we may have made things easier we don't want to make things too easy there is no point in playing. Interested to see other views
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    Why Register?

    When you register to JRCraft you get the following abilities Ability to make Homes Ability to set away status Daily reward Enable Flight Mode Ask for teleport with /call Warp to teleports /msg Other members /me in chat /whereami Command //wand to be used for selecting regions World guard, define your own regions with the wand and you can then use ./region define nameofplace yourusername Add members/owners to your region Check region info Have 5 plots in creative instead of 1 Love JR For even more features and to help support our services, take a look here:
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    Hi there, XennySenpai when you join the website you get the following added to your account on our Minecraft server. Ability to make Homes Ability to set away status Daily reward Enable Flight Mode Ask for teleport with /call Warp to teleports /msg Other members /me in chat /whereami Command //wand to be used for selecting regions World guard, define your own regions with the wand and you can then use ./region define nameofplace yourusername Add members/owners to your region Check region info For even more features, take a look here: If you need any more help please reply here Thanks
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    Frank T Hack

    Ark ragnarok server

    Hello Jamie Cant loggin Server cause of the update. Can u pls update the server? thx a lot
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    The Attack - What we have done

    Glad something's been done this quick :DD New server seems great and I really hope this isn't going to happen again.
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    Mod request: backpack

    I have thought about this, it does look interesting
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    Mod request: backpack

    Hi there. What do you think about this very usefull mod: Backpack https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=736236773
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    Suggestion on building mods

    I totally agree with the Castle Mod. The Tek mod i dont care much about, wasnt planning on playing a lot with the Tek.
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    ARK Survival Evolved 264.0

    Ark delights us with a world of fixes and additions to all servers and ragnarok has also updated in this patch! The servers are in the process of updating as we speak. Please note before the next Ragnarok update look at the end of the post here at the photos. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/211287-ragnarok-dlc-patchnotes-update-is-out/ If you have your base there make sure you move it or you will loose everything!!! ARK Update: - SimpleSky (non-TrueSky) system with atmospheric fog. - SP Dinos no longer fall thru cave floors. - Streaming destructible meshes, optimized memory. - Fixed Host menu settings: Multiple Platform Floors on Rafts, Fishing Quality Slider, Crafting Quality Slider, Unlimited Respecs, Offline Raid Protection Logoff Period. - Added Host menu settings: Disable Dino Taming, Disable Dino Riding, Fuel Consumption Interval Multiplier, Increase Platform Structure Limit. - Yutyrannus now has an automatic-courage mode in singleplayer. When set, the Yuty will give a courage roar every 30 seconds if an ally dino is in front of it. - Fixed a bug that provided infinite power. - Reworked Trike Charge Forward/Tail wag animations. - Increased thrown spear damage. - Removed underwater fog. - Ichthy and Pego no longer steal item skins. - Fixed an bug where it would rain underwater. - Fixed an issue where the Max Level Dino achievement would not be awarded. - Final boss balance for Broodmother/Megapithecus/Dragon bosses in singleplayer. - Hitting creatures with a torch can now set them on fire. - Player default name changed to 'Human'. - Fixed hat sockets on multiple creatures. - Tweaked radial wheel to prevent accidentally opening submenus. - Metal Windowed Walls now match Metal Walls when painted. - Implant no longer shows up while searching in the inventory. - Moved some artifacts on TheCenter map. - Re-instated TheCenter jump puzzle with artifact as the reward for completing. - Increased brightness underwater on TheCenter and fixed the barrier not being visible underwater. - Fixed an issue that causes rafts to teleport upwards out of the Underworld on TheCenter. - Fixed Eels not being tameable in Prim Plus. - Changed crafting requirement for tranq harpoon bolt in Prim Plus. - Various PGARK improvements. - Map markers more accurate on PGARK. Ragnarok Update: switched AllowMultipleTamedUnicorns switch to true/false boolean changed wyvern spawn behavior in trench (should fix the spawn inside walls) reduced total wilddino count to 25k (should fix lag and crashing issues) reduced SE spawns in WIP area added way to get cactus sap in playarea (look for aloe vera*) underfoliage pass on A1, A2, C4, B3, B4 fixed overspawn of squids on westcoast fixed lava golem exploit fixed jungle / lava cave flyer glitch fixed iceworm queen spawn improved iceworms spawning behavior fixed flyer glitch in icedungeon improved bossfights in dungeons (iceworm queen & lavagolem) moved several lootdrops from popular building locations swapped and added more rocks for farming with dunkleo (gives metal/stone/flint) fixed streaming issues in icedungeon & jungledungeon fixed castle spawns added & improved IBLs in castle basement fixed IBL on top of glacier (mighty blue dot) patched misc holes in meshes verified all artifact cashes are accessible reduced quality and quantity of lavagolem loot fixed gaps in world barrier to WIP area added Yuty spawns to murder snow biome made polar bears showing their names (no more undercover life) readded vulture spawns to mudslide area changed/added/moved several spawns fixed cavedamage beeing to high (36x -> 6x) removed Ciaphas spawn in westtrench added megalania and tameable bat spawns to carni caverns renamed custom spawns removed treasure chests fixed wrong wild level cap of Icewyvern added more possible location for beached whales in scotland/highlands added new biome names removed icewyvern spawns from Snowarea near Vikingbay (only way to get eggs is murder snow now) overworked ingamemap multiple other bug fixes (collision/holes/traps/foliage)
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    JR Ark PVP - It's here

    It's the moment people have been waiting for. The release of JR ARK PVP. To join the new JR ARK PVP server you have to be whitelisted, There are two ways to do this. Register and request access here: https://jrnetwork.net/pvpark/ Donate and get instant access here: https://jrnetwork.net/gstore/packages.php?game=7&server=5# After you are whitelisted you can join the server here: steam://connect/pvpark.jrnetwork.net:16486/ The reason there is instant access to the server is to help pay for our bills. JR isn't cheap to run and another server only increases the bill. You don't have to donate but please note by requesting access you may have to wait 12 - 24 hours to access the server. Please note comparing to our PVE servers this server will reset every month on the 20th, we may extend the game season depending on a server poll. This will also change the map. The following rules also apply in PVP: No killing tamed passive dinos unless it is used in an attack or battle Do not knowingly kill low level starting players unless you are provoked. Let them have a chance. Low level players are classed under level 15. If a starter player reports a player for constantly killing low level starting players you may be removed by the white-list. No spawn killing, building or camping. This is to keep things fair. The rates and mods have been finalised. This season of JR ARK PVP these are the rates and mods, they may change from month to month: We hope you enjoy the new ARK PVP server.
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    I should have hopefully fixed the issue where advanced rafts had the same building limits as normal rafts. I have also updated the settings for advanced rafts across the server so they match that of the settings on the island (basically allows loads of structures to be placed on the advanced raft ). These changes will take effect on the next server restart [AdvRaftSettings] RaftModifiers=True PublicInventory=False RaftSmSpd=1.0 RaftSmMaxStructures=250 RaftSmIWeight=1500.0 RaftLgSpd=1.0 RaftLgMaxStructures=999 RaftLgIWeight=3000.0 DingySpd=1.5 DingyMaxStructures=1 DingyIWeight=250.0 DingyNoAI=False CogSpd=1.3 CogMaxStructures=88 CogIWeight=1000.0 LongshipSpd=1.3 LongshipMaxStructures=88 LongshipIWeight=500.0 GalleonSpd=1.0 GalleonMaxStructures=100 GalleonIWeight=1500.0
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    JR Ark PVP - It's coming

    i love pvp servers guys lets try this one and make a good server for all of us and i will rekt all btw ^^ hhahaha joke
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    JR Ark PVP - It's coming

    As i mentioned before. i really look forward to this. should be a fun experience as long as the community works together (as in no trash talk). I agree with my friends that it should have high rates for taming/breeding and resource gathering. since it's pvp you're expected to lose both buildings and dinos so the high rates would help encourage people to rebuild instead of giving up. Mod suggestions that come to mind are Bore Water Kit - so people can build wherever they like instead of being stuck to a water source. Mini Industrial Forge so that you can build comfortably without having to house a huge Forge around your base. As Jonesy mentioned a meat spoiler would be useful as well, and maybe Utilities Plus would be useful as well. I do not recommend kibble table or the tek stuff from S+. reason for this being that Tek should still remain something that can be achieved through hard work and dedication not an easy thing. Plus the kibble table even though useful, not necessarily important as if the taming rates are high kibble won't be needed, not to mention dinos will die at some point so no use in trying to get a perfect dino if it'll eventually get killed. Apart from all that i do believe that the structure damage rates should be changed. During the week it should be made more difficult to do structure damage and during the weekend it should be made easier. Reason is most people work during the week which leaves them extremely vulnerable to attacks, and even though all is fair in war it still doesn't make sense to attack someone who is at work. which is why if someone decides to still attack an offline person, this way they would have to use a whole lot of resources to do it, while during the weekend most people could be online and as such it would be the best opportunity for raids and defence. I do not think offline raid protection makes sense due to the reason that if there is a two man tribe and one of them is working, the other cannot log on to farm or build as that would leave him vulnerable to attacks and makes him a much easier target. The reasoning behind my suggestions is to keep pvp as fair as possible, so not everyone would agree with me which is fine, but offline raiding or having a large tribe attacking a one man tribe is just pure cowardice in my opinion. Thanks again.
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    JR Ark PVP - It's coming

    This sounds like an interesting experiment. I personally rarely play PVP 'cos I play solo so much of the time and like to build etc my own way. However the prospect of giving this new idea a go does appeal because of the monthly change of map/mods etc.. I agree with Harpik that the rates should be set fairly high (at least for the first month as a test) to allow quick progression and make base building worth while.. otherwise everything will be wrecked on day 2.... I would also recommend small assistance mod's like meat spoiler, kibble table, tranq pike etc as they help speed up progression also and it's fair if everyone has access to mods like these from the start. As i mentioned i'm not the most experienced in PVP so hopefully I can try and team up with a group for the first time too... may survive a bit longer that way ;o) sounds cool, looking forward to trying it out.... hopefully the mods list will be out later so we can take a nosy and possibly give more feedback...? my twopenneth ;o)
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    Mod add for ark ragnarok

    i wonne add a mod or plug in that u unlock the tekgrams if you join the server cause it is not realy fair for the new the new players to defeat all the bosses and the older players have tek. tek is the most fun part about ark and i rather not miss that evry body need to have the same engrams BTW sry for my bad english no hate or something like that and i dont know the file either i just know that its not fair how it is now i hope someone reads this and makes a vote off it quik 3 weeks ago that one plugin was in the server so u can find it back i ques. thx allready
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    Ragnarok - crashing issues

    Hi guys, Recently we have been having many issues with crashing on the Ragnarok servers, we believe this now to be more of a map bug than anything. We may have to switch maps, to do this we are looking at: Setting up a new server, same mods Allowing it in to the cluster so you can transfer items, dinos and players Removing the old server after a week. We do not want to do this, but honestly its the only way to completely fix the issue it seems. No one else is really having a issue and we have gone through all our mods to see if any of them are clashing or causing issues. The only reason we are doing this is server stability and to continue our server for Ragnarok we are having to do this. Please post in the poll and if everyone agrees today ill setup the replacement server. Jamie