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    Yeah, shocker and if you clicked readmore I'm guessing your wanting to know more. So why am I leaving? JR has been great yes, but in another aspect view It has been the worst time of my life. Since I started JR in school, when I was 13 I worked on JR constantly till now. It ruined my education, a good relationship with my parents and it's getting in the way of something more meaningful to me. I'm tired, I'm constantly upset and I have had no time because what ever I do, JR was always there needing my assistance. I have been sucked in to the deep end and it's been so hard to get out of the internet is great, but when you work on it for most of your teenage life after your teenage life is over you finally realize that damn, I have missed so damn much. What's going to happen to JR? Even though I started JR, I'm not shutting it down, all JR related services will be left open and they will be handled by the staff team that I have built. We have already talked in the staff meeting and yes while the staff did get slightly shocked, and possibly teary I believe that they will come out of my shadow and show JR what a staff team really is. A couple of heart felt mentions: Kevin: You mate have helped make JR what it is today, JR was originally going to be about everything while you gave me the idea to build something different a better gaming and technology community. I believe with all the goals, plans and ideas we had together. This was the main one and we did it dude. I'd like to say sorry to you as well because in time JR got in the way of our friendship and it got in the way of your life, especially when I came to yours for a little fun at times, it turned termoil and hell broke loose on JR Ruppi & Peter: I really didn't know who to choose first but since you were promoted to moderator, admin and founder at the same time I believe it's gotta be done this way. JR was made yours as much as I made it mine, you helped me grow, expand and get this community to flourish. It's been a blast and I'm sorry we really haven't socialized since we met. We have never really had one serious conversation about our lives and all it's been is stuff with JR. Thank you for sticking with me for so long, you made things really happen. Leslee & Robert: Leslee You of all people have kept me sane, been a mother to me per say and kept me from the verge of insanity, you helped me beat my depression, you helped me fund what JR is today. Without you of all people I would not have been able to keep running JR for this long. I know your going to try to talk me out of this, but please respect that I need to get my life back. Thank you for helping me in keeping what little of my life I have left. I hope you will be able to understand even though I know you most of all will be the mos upset why I have to do this. Robert: you wanted a friendly server to play on, because you felt it was too hard to run one, I'm glad I was there to provide that for you and your family, thanks for been a hardworking admin when your job allowed. Calystos: You mate have been brilliant, while I didn't want to let you down and leave I have to mate. Thank you for been there when I first started, for helping us evolve with all our gaming servers and for keeping us online when I needed someone way past my expertise, I just hope you can help JR still and I hope you enjoy it Joe, Ryan, Joesph, Tim and Evonne It wouldn't be fair if I singled you guys out, you all worked insanely hard for me, you made me proud to say that you worked on my admin team. Damian Scheck: No I didn't forget you mate, You helped create JR when we started too, even though you had college and not enough time eventually for JR, it's worth noting I'm glad I helped you learn english as I remember you came to JR to learn and I know your pretty decent at talking english now Callum & Abby: JR always was my dream to bring people together, but I never thought that in a million years I could start a relationship from two seperate people in two different countries. It's amazing to me that I brought you two together, I hope that for me, you won't have any issues in your relationship and thanks to both of you for working on JR so hard. Moderators & Helpers: To date you guys have had one of the most important and influential roles on JR, you have moderated, kept cool heads and while yes at times we all had our disagreements. Thank you for helping me out at JR. MCBlock.IT & Planet Minecraft Team: While JR has been a part of my life, you guys also came in to the field too tied with JR, I'm sorry to say that I'm also taking leave of my responsibilities at the two sites and thank you guys for giving me a chance to contribute to the projects. Guys, don't ever blame yourselves for me leaving, this was not sparked off from anyone but me. It's hard to stop something like this but it's time I took my leave and that I have the time to get my entire life back on track For the people who said JR died it hasn't its more alive than ever, for the people who said it will die, it won't it'll keep running I'm sure. Will I return ever? I can't say, simple It's too hard to guess but in my view in passing yes but as in getting back on the team, no. I'm sorry but it was going to come to this sometime, My life or JR. For all the members that joined JR, payed donations, kept JR fun thank you. I appreciate it and I hope that you too will understand why.
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    Helpers (The guys to talk to first): - Guiding you around JRNetwork and JRCraft / JRTekkit - Kicking users that are causing issues on JRCraft / JRTekkit - Tutorials on small things and information Moderators (The guys to talk to second): - Website reports are dealt with by these users - Problematic users causing spam, distress, annoyance around JR - Fixing grief reports around JRCraft and JRTekkit (If you have a report don't ask a member of staff just do ./report (little information on report) - Cleaning up bits of land on JRCraft, JRTekkit that look a mess. - Advanced help, worldguard moderation - Banning users breaking the rules - Events setting up Admins and Founders (The big guys that you should talk to lastly) - Website issues, maintenance - Decisions on perma bans and unbans - Staff internal moderation (Admins control helpers and moderators) - Issues that can not be resolved by talking to Moderators - Server reboots (If necessary and are given authentication by Jamie) - News posts - Decision making on events that hand out prizes - Literally every other question Me, Jamie, rebel24, The Owner / Boss (The person you only talk to in a REAL emergency) I'm not going to bother making a list with this, I have so many responsibilities its unbelievable. Right now on my task list that my staff members use to notify me of things that need getting done is huge. And why have I not been able to sort out these things on my task list? Because constantly I'm harassed by users on skype that think just because they have my skype can contact me a hundred times a day asking for this and that, I'm also constantly asked in JRCraft and JRTekkit to handle little things and also via email. Please remember I'm one guy. We have staff members for a reason. From now on if users try to contact me via personal information that I have given them I will send them this one link and then if they carry on it'll be an instant block from my contact list. Look I really don't want to be mean but I don't have time anymore to be helping everyone with everything. I need to have more of a life than JR. Remember this phrase: If you think it's an easy fix contact a helper first, it probably is Thanks for understanding!
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    Recent Changes

    Were you working on Minecraft? Yes, I did some major updates and changes for the upcoming new JR V4, with a whole new gameplay mode and some amazing things, the change log is as follows: - Switched Servers - View Distance now set to 12 - Increased RAM and CPU allotments - Removed 1.2.5 old world survival - Removed old zombies and zombies 2 world - Removed RPG and Private Island - Removed space - Moved NLTekkit in to own directory - Disabled Space plugin - Edited the world file so worlds are not loaded up again that were removed - Cleaned up the 20 GB SQL database and transfered - Deleted Citizens old config folder - Removed hyperconomy folder - Updated iConomy mysql - Updated Registration system mysql - Updated Stat system - Updated lwc - Updated logblock - Updated JRVotes - Fixed Autoannouncer - Removed any unneeded config files - Removed Virtual Pack / portable workbench crap <--- Causing all the problems with server crash - Removed mcMMO, causing mysql Fuck ups, we will bring a better levelling system back soon - Updated JR Chat - Updated JR Nicks - Wiped ops list (security reasons) - Updated rtoolkit - Removed old save.sh script that used to save from ram disk, never knew it was still trying to run,. - Updated auto restart crash script - Updated bukkit - Fixed issue causing some people to login to Survive - Updated JRGuests - Transfered Survival to new server - Transfered play.jrcraft.net to point to the new server As you can see, a pile of updates. More to come. -- Ok, so what about Tekkit? Tekkit will be worked on soon, we will be moving it to the new server also and we will work on some small updates, We may be in favour of replacing Tekkit with a Feed The Beast server due to the fact Tekkit is buggy and hardly fixed up at all. -- And the rest of JR? I personally and callum (Watching, taking notes) am creating a new JRNetwork website from scratch, Everything will be transfered to the new server but yeah it's going to be good It'll be easier, more simple and will have more features! Also there will be: - An official xbox 360 clan - An official PC clan - A staff event every friday called No work fridays, all staff are ordered to play a game together and let me handle JR. This is to improve motivation. There is a lot to come and for you guys who didn't know, I am back at JR but will only be working on it in my free time and staff are a huge part of JR and will work on JR when I have to go out or have personal matters to attend to.
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    True facts about Jamie!

    Rules: Only one Fact per post! Ill start: If it looks like chicken, Tastes like chicken, Smells like chicken and Jamie says its beef..... Its beef!
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    Tim Has Stepped Down

    Hey Guys, It's a sad day today as we'd like to say goodbye to Tim as a staff member at JR. Due to his passion for the Airforce he is leaving the team to work on his fitness and training he needs to do to get into the Airforce. I'd like to personally thank him for the amazing work he has done for JR in the past and we wish him the best for his future towards the Airforce. He will be around for the moment, but he will disapeer for a couple of months. But anyway, he will update you more, Good luck Tim!
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    The Cookie Law - JR's view now

    Hey guys, Well on our new website we had to put a stupid cookie law message, well to begin with I'd like to say we removed the fucker. Mind the language but this has to be the most pile of shit ever. Therefore. From today we won't be complying with a stupid law, till companies such as Facebook, Google etc also comply. We don't believe it a necessity to get every website to say OMG WE USE DAMN FUCKING COOKIES! *panic* *dispare*, yada yada yada.... It's a text file. That's it. A stupid text file. That says if your logged in or not at JR. We don't even use google analytics that uses cookies to track users, we use AWStats, so either way. Sue us... Because we ain't going to adhere to the level of idiocy you guys in government have. http://nocookielaw.com/ 500,000 the max fine, well seriously at this stage bring it. We ain't tracking users. We ain't doing anything wrong. If anything your the ones doing things wrong. Start waking up to reality. Everyone knows about cookies now. Goverment < Cookie Monstah
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    Updated Steam Authentication, adding a remove profile Added staff application system when we are looking for new staff members - Only admins + now can decide on new staff and view the full application. No one else is allowed. Applications can only be made if you are 16 or over, you have 20 posts, have been registered for more than 90 days and you haven't been warned / put on a moderation queue in the last 30 days. (Old applications, moved to staff forum) Updated Google + sign in method Added shout/chat box for users to natter on Unread topics now for definite go to the last post of the topic Added IP Logging through cloudflare so we can track users IP's and not block cloudflare stupidly. Changed closing reason of topics to: Automatic generated message This topic has been closed by a moderator or the original user who created the topic. Reason: <#REASON#> If you disagree with this action, please click on report and type the reason why it should be left open. Regards, The JRTeam -- MC-> Fixed auto announcer message Anyway, enough chat I'm off to start my movie watching extravaganza! When I do return I will work on other things but I myself won't be working as hard as I used to. For users that want to contact me... don't, please contact a member of the JR Staff. Regards, Jamie
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    My First Recording

    Hey guys, I don't want much criticism with this. I know it ain't the best. For one I recorded this at 1 AM in the morning after writing the lyrics. I'd just like to know from some users, do you like it, yes or no? It's only like 20% done... I need to re-record the lyrics, take this as a small demo as it were... Don't say its good if it isn't I want yes or no. I'm taking this seriously as if it ain't any good, I ain't going to bother trying to record any of my stuff again. Lyrics So Far... Thanks guys, Hope you enjoy it. Talk to you later you.mp3
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    Tim Has Stepped Down

    When you become a General, you should request for your own personal aircraft carrier and pimp it out with nothing but PC's and JR logos. When that is complete, travel around to pick all of the JR staff up. We will then live happily ever after. Good bye Tim, thanks for sticking around
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    You must know this information!

    Okay! Let's get one thing straight right here, right now! I was demoted to moderator, yes. This is true. Not sure how, but I wasn't helpful to others, which I guess is half true, but, seems a bit... sketchy. Before I left for Holland a while ago, I was always willing to help and be nice. But after my (Awful) vacation, I didn't feel the same. I didn't want to help, didn't want to build, didn't even want to play Minecraft. So, blame my parents for that part! Forcing me to go somewhere I didn't want to! >_> Anyway, I'm not going to be one of those people who say: 'Well, I won't have enough time for JRCraft, I find this unfair, I'm going to be annoying' etc etc etc. So, what will Iggy do? Well, let me put it this way: Look, I'm a staff member, that means I solve problems. Not practical problems like 'how to craft wood', because that would fall under the problems of the Minecraft wiki. I solve serious problems. For instance, how do I stop some big mean hacking griefer from destroying every house in the world? The answer, is a ban hammer. And if that don't work, use MORE ban hammer. Like, this big ol' hammer built by me, used by me, and you best hope, not used on you. Anyway, I hope no one thinks lesser of me because my name isn't red and begins with {A}, but nevertheless, it happened. Deal with it. However, I can get my position back IF I'm more helpful, which I don't find I can do because, well, I (personal opinion here) think that I'm at least useful. So, letting you know here, and everything. By the way, you should have seen my face when the little message came up in my inbox called 'Demotion'. It was kind of funny.
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    Dinner with Jamie

    Jamie appears to be enjoying that refined sand - I wonder if he had some wonderful gravel for desert? XD
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    Operation JR (Jamie's Reformation)

    Internal Intel Well, needless to say, we are failing, financially, physically. Over the last three years, JR has seen a huge surge of activity, but we have had one major problem. People sticking around, while we reached an amazing 4 million page views in total around our website a month, some of it was guest activity, a lot was visiting members, but we need to boost our entire activity on our servers and plan ahead for the future. I have created several different sub operations that I'd like ALL staff, including helpers to get in on. It's time to reform and make things more uniform, more creative, more intuitive. This is JR, we have a great medium size community but it's time to push the bar up to the next level and as a staff team pull together. On another note, I'd like to apologize sincerely for the level of inactivity recently. You all know I'm at college and I don't have much time to juggle, but I'm still thinking of you guys at times and I know things need to dealt with. Also this post will become public soon to all users as we want them to see we are working hard. So here we go the op's. By the way, when I say moderator I mean basically GP and Moderator. Operation Baby This op, is filled with multiple operations for JRCraft. Operation Craft This op is focused on all aspects of JR Craft - Scan over the entire JR Craft server base and make it more integrated than it is - Check performance and increase the performance where we can - Check plugins and remove any un-needed plugins and change plugins that are using multiple resources that are not needed - Finish up buycraft so we have multiple categories for our multiple servers, advertise the functionality to donate and recieve items with our next bullet: - Add our global announcement system. This doesn't mean we will add announcements that will spam every few minutes. Every 10 minutes you will get an announcement, unless your premium which you would only get real important announcements instead of general notifications etc. - Check over JRToolkit, finish up work that's needed - Add statistics to user profiles on the website. For JRLevels and online stats etc. (Will have to work on community bridge to accomplish things) - Try and get more things to work with mySQL instead of flat file. Mostly it all is, but we need mostly all to be using mySQL so we can interface it with our website easier. - Work on a quiz that we will ask members to complete to see our progress on each server, what people think, what people like. we will have it in an application format. Each member on completing it will receive a week premium. - Create staff training for lower down groups and new staff members for around JRCraft. I'd like the following groups to work on this: - Me - Some administrators who know how to use buycraft. - Frank - Rest of the team for the quiz and training Operation Diamond This op is focused on the RPG aspect of JR Craft. - We need to get Quests planned out with a detailed story line (Magical / Sci-Fi) <-- Would be a fun mix - Plan out how we are going to combine our amazingly diverse level system with our PVP system and the quests - Code and install our PVP duelling system, test it so it's fair. (Devs only) - Plan secret easter eggs between the staff. And this easter eggs are not to be given away, we want users to find them. (Here's an idea, a statue of master chief in a natural hidden mine somewhere in the distance) (World guard the easter egg) - Finish off JR challenges and install it, so we have a diverse challenging system to keep people entertained in RPG when they are not doing quests. - Work on finishing the frontend for JRLevels for the website (I have got it 3/4 coded) - Work on more things in skylands so it's known - Get space installed and start working on a spacestation and have space quests. - Create a YouTube video with multiple RPG locations, showing NPC's, in action combat, and RPG locations, including space, sky, nether, ender and the cool locations we have. Basically to tell users we have a RPG system coming soon that we are passionate about. I'd like the following groups to work on this: - Helper (As many as possible) - Moderator (As many as possible) - Administrators (As many as possible) Operation Sky This op is focused on skyblock - We need an ingame shop to sell items for users in skyblock - I need to be detailed of anything else needed I'd like the following groups to work on this: - Helper (As many as possible) - Moderator (As many as possible) - Administrators (1 max) Operation Zombiefi This op is focused on the re-creation of the zombies server. - Build a new map for zombies that is DayZ related but our own complete twist - Build a plugin system or use one that is partial DayZ type. - Come up with more ideas of what to add with Zombies - Create a zombie killing plugin or addition to JR levels just for Zombie killing, allowing users to get more money for spending at the zombie warehouse, or in the other servers. I'd like the following groups to work on this: - Helper (As many as possible) - Moderator (As many as possible) - Administrators (1 max) Operation Creative This op is focused on making creative expand - Allow worldedit permissions like the premium server has for premium members / partial worldedit tools for normal members - Increase plot limit for normal members to 15 plots maximum - Give users a daily amount of ingame cash for playing on creative for so long. This can be spent on any other server. I'd like the following groups to work on this: - Me - Helper (As many as possible) - Moderator (As many as possible) - Administrators (1 max) Operation Premify This is regarding premium as a general topic, not just the world premium. - Work on more features for premium - Ask premium members what they want. - Create a premium only member area on the site for discussion, news and free stuff (A basic portal bringing all information will suffice, using the tools in IP.Content this would look really cool) I'd like the following groups to work on this: - Me - Helper (As many as possible) - Administrators (1 max) Operation JTwitFaceTubeR - J.T.F.T.R JR is growing and expanding rapidly, but we want that to double. How are we going to do this? Operation Socialize. - Make users aware to share our facebook, twitter and youtube pages. - Recommend the pages to all your friends, email contacts, skype contacts - Make sure all administrators can post news and updates on games, JR related content and tech. On the social pages. - Create some forum signatures for users to use on other forums, encourage users to advertise JR at any given moment. - Give out prizes for people who actually share and like, recommend us. (Raffle type for the top recommenders) - Create more video (Professional) video content for our YouTube channels. No offence, we don't want amatuer stuff, we want top notch stuff. - We need to interact more with the community. Post weekly polls on different things. Such as Xbox vs PS vs Nintendo, RPG vs Creative. You get it. - Again. We need JR advertised, encourage people to advertise to their friends and to tell them to advertise to their friends. - We need JR viral. We can do it. Not too hard, it just needs the community to help and us to pull things together I'd like the following groups to work on this: - All staff Operation Bank Robbery Ok, not too serious about the name but we need money. We are desperate at this stage, if we want to keep JR running we need our finances covered. - Advertise premium to new and existing members, We need to push this. In a nice way and un obtrusive - Give more rewards out for been premium - Give special ranks for donators that donate more than 200 euro in a year period. They would recieve this rank for a year and it will have some slightly over powered features (Not too over powered but enough to be worth donating) - Finish up buycraft. Advertise it socially and in game. - Rob a bank. I have blue prints for AIB. (Allied Irish Banks) in abbeyfeale.... <-- Disclaimer, I'm not responsible if this happens. I am kidding of course. - Sell more JR merch, Sell JR car vinyls. ;-) - JR custom modded controllers. I'd like the following groups to work on this: - All staff Operation JR'ians JR'ians is the new name for our staff team. The JR'ians are here to help always and we need to work on our staff a little bit. - Bring back Chris. While he is young, while we had problems with him, there was a valid reason. He was growing up. He has recently sent me an email which has made me proud to of had him on the team, and if he is interested I'd like him back. I think he learn't his lesson. I'd like to see him as a Moderator before we put him any higher. This is for security of course. While again he is young, he was on the staff team before and I don't want to see this as unfair from any member. But I know chris, we need a creative young mind for ideas. And I want him to do just that. - Appoint a team organizer to organize the team, delegate jobs and source new helpers. I want 20 helpers on the team to help users. Staff get sourcing out viable options. Only people that you know I will approve of, people who are intelligent, who can think for themselves, don't need to be told everything. Mature and creative. Young or old. Age limit would be 13 +. I want young minds on our team that are mature. While we will have to watch them more (No offence, we all have had to grow up, I know this will cause problems in a couple of ways), but we need creativity. Kids are more creative and imaginative. Please remember to remind users that we get on the team. It's all voluntary and JR is an experince. We don't want to get in the way of any education, stop kids from having a life. Users under the age of 18 will be disciplined and be told to take breaks, and they are in no way allowed to spend more than 2 hours working on a certain thing. - After every 2 hours (For under 18's) JR'ians are to play video games, go out walking, relax the mind. I don't want our staff over worked. After every 4 hours (For over 18's) you are to do the same. Relax. - If you feel like your being rushed, slow down unless it's critical. - If you can't think. Your obliged to take a break, relax and play games, sit on the toliet if you have to. - Game on Friday. Staff are not to work on Fridays, you are to mingle with the community and to play games. Unless it's critical to do some work. - Come up with ideas and become an Intrapreneur. Think of ways that will make things better and things that will make things more fun. Operation Meet & Greet Our staff need to talk, need to have meetings, I'm pushing us all to have a gather session at least once every two weeks for an hour using Teamspeak or Mumble. If you don't have them, get them. We also need to talk with the community, again every two weeks we will spend an hour answering questions with our community. -------- Intel over for the mean time, I hope you understand what we need to do, I'm not giving names of who has to do what, work that our between each other and remember, relax. There is no rush for everything at once. Do one thing at a time and don't move on to something else till the one thing is done (Or unless you are sick of it, pass it on) Let's go JR'ians. Let's kick the internet in the ass.
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    Many gamers, including myself feel that 2012 was a poor year for gaming. Good games were few and far between, and when there was a good game, it was a bloody sequel to something else. The few exceptions to this being The Walking Dead by Telltale games which won VGA's game of the year award and Dishonored which was a nominee for the same award. There were a lot of great games anticipated for 2012, but many of these ended up poor or pushed back to 2013. Not only that, but great games that came out had some of the worst endings to a trilogy that is humanly possible, examples being Mass Effect 3 where a new ending had to be made, and an even worse ending with Assassins Creed 3. I think one of the main reasons many gamers feel this way is because of the amazing year prior to that, 2011, which was possibly one of the best years for gaming this millennium. But looking at what is ahead this year, its going to be as good, if not better, than 2011. Here are all the games I am looking forward to this year. (NOTE: Trailers and Gameplay vids will be inside the spoiler sections beneath the games mentioned.) Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Aliens: Colonial Marines Metal Gear Rising Bioshock Infinite Crysis 3 Dead Space 3 and no, its not lost planet 3. Lost Planet 3 .... ahhhhh, yeahhh.... Tomb Raider The series has been revitalized and it looks awesome! This is a much needed re-start to the series and will be one of the better games of this year, no doubt. God of War: Ascension Gears of War: Judgment Company of Heroes 2 Dead Island: Riptide Metro: Last Night The Last of Us Remember Me Looks like a cross between Deus Ex (smexy graphics and futuristic style) and Batman (combat). Seems cool and defiantly one I will check out, although the scripting and voice acting seem terrible. Command & Conquer: Generals 2 Injustice: Gods Among Us DmC: Devil May Cry Another fresh start to an amazing series. Only issue I have is the hair O_O that's not the Dante I know and want to have babies with love. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time heres 2 hours of gameplay... yeah... Dark Another game that looks very interesting and defiantly should be given a look later in the year when more info is there. Deadpool Yeah, its gonna be awesome! suck it wolverine! Dead State What seems like the sims with zombies and shotguns... thing is, if you lock them in a room with no food, water, toilet, bed and door to leave, they will die....... takes all the fun out of it :/ Destiny Bungies new game xD and its a futuristic fps where humans fight for survival against aliens!! wait a sec... that sounds familiar :/ The Elder Scrolls Online nerdgasm! with mega servers O_O 1 server, for EVERYONE! Fuse GTA 5 Star Wars 1313 South Park: The Stick of Truth who isn't looking forward to this? Could actually be one of the best this year. Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Patriots 50 rainbow six's later Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist Total War: Rome II Watch Dogs Wow.... That is a lot of amazing games coming out this year, and they are just the ones announced! This year is going to be a great year for gaming, and another year where I will have no money, nor education.... Well, I study games dev, so this is studying for me basically LOOP HOLE!!! So what games are you most looking forward to and why. Also, if you want recommendations on what to get, just tell me what games you like and I'll give you my recommendation
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    Zeddys goodbye

    Before this goes on to a rage topic I'm going to close this. AS for my view Xzeddicus, if your going to leave good luck with finding a better server. What's the point of overreacting to the situation, It's just going to make you look stupid. Anyway if you were going to leave you wouldn't be looking back at this topic for posts from your friends. Easiest thing is to calm down and come back after a couple of days. Also if I see another rage topic or anything related to the incident the personell involved will be stuck on a post moderation. Regards, Jamie
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    Tribute To Jamie

    well guys ... i heard that Jamie was leaving ... and i know i didnt knew him well but whenever i did his interview i learned that he was one of the greatest and for my personal opinion it is true, he has been an inspiration for whoever read the article i made personally and they told me wow ... this guy is truly amazing and i want to show that, so i propose to build a monument for Jamie on minecraft to show our appreciation towards what he did for all of us
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    True facts about Jamie!

    Jamie and superman fought once. The loser had to wear their underwear on the outside of their pants
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    Batch Script - Computer Clean and Speed Up

    Hey guys, Well as you know I have been working at a computer store as an IT Consultant for over a year now. I have plenty of experience in all fields of computing. I know a lot of users have slow PC's, full of viruses etc. I will be writing a new version of my original batch application to help users at JR get a more useful computer This application will basically guide and help you fix and diagnose issues with your computer I will also be posting on how to speed up your computer to reach its max potentional. I'm taking my time on this so as soon as it is done I'll post this up
  18. 9 points
    I am Leslee. I was born on a cold winter (first day of winter) afternoon in the mid west a little over 50 years ago. I have 2 brothers, the oldest Robert aka rstoy (who got me addicted to minecraft) and the youngest Sean (can't get him to play Minecraft) A cat named Kassy who is a indoor/outdoor pain, that loves me on her terms...lol I never married, but was close 2 times and I guess lost interest somewhere. I have dated a few guys and now current situations keep me from doing so. (life goes on) My father was in the military all of my childhood so we moved a lot. He retired in 1974 and we moved to another state for the last time. He passed away at the very young age of 46 in 1982. Rob was already married and had one child (Christian2gothic) when Dad passed. So that left Mom, Sean & I to run the house hold ( have always been bossy why stop now...lol) Mom worked nights as an LPN after Dad died.. till she retired after 17 yrs of nursing. So I was left to take care of Sean when she was not home (lol while we slept) Time went on & I moved in & out of the house a few times until I noticed Mom's health starting to fail. At this point we all 3 bought a house together. Good thing too..because it wasn't long before Mom needed help. The kind of help a son doesn't like to do for moms. Mom suffered 2 major strokes an 4 mini strokes as well as many seizures in the past 3 years. She is now basically a paraplegic with the use of her right hand. This past year has been very trying but without the support and love of friends and mostly family, I think they would have put me away in the loony bin. I own my own Barber Shop ..(yeah hence the name barbermiss ) I have had it for 23 years now of my 27 yrs of barbering. Some days it's a pain and others it's relief. After a long day of cutting hair I come home and check on Mom to see what she didn't do for her sitter...some days she is very stubborn. (must be where I get it..lol) Then I setting in to see what emails I have ...and on to the fun stuff ...who did what to whom and broke what or poured lava on what ,....or said something about someone else ....as I write this I realize that minecraft is my family just spread all over the world....Just with any other family you have to break up squabbles and disagreements. In the end you tell them how much you care about them and go to bed. Love you all : )
  19. 9 points

    Save JR Campaign - Please Read

    Hey Guys, As you know we have been getting a bit more popular lately, we have made many huge leaps and advances on JRCraft and our JR servers as a whole and I think it's time to say, we need help. Please help us. JR has been running off, my own and some of the staffs (Especially Leslee aka Barbermiss) money. We are finding it hard to fund JR right now and we need help. All that we ask is that you make a donation either here: http://jrnetwork.net/index.php?app=nexus&module=clients&section=donations Or that you purchase a premium subscription if your a minecraft user: http://jrnetwork.net/store Or buy a kit for your JRCraft account!: http://jrcraftstore.buycraft.net/ We are not working on JR for monetary purposes, this is a hobby a fun thing to do. We know people love coming here to play on all our services but if we can't make 208 euros a month then, unfortunately if worst comes to the worst JR will go offline due to my serious debt I really can't afford another loan to keep JR afloat. Let's put in to context how many people we need to purchase premium to keep us running without breaking our own banks. 42 - 1 month subscriptions 50 - 6 month subscriptions 50 - 1 year subscriptions The reason why it's less users buying 1 month subscriptions is because it's actually cheaper to buy, 6 month and 1 year plans. If you read this and want to help, please share this with your friends on JR and JRCraft and help us get the funds we need to continue, we can only continue if you guys help us. We have 25 days to raise 208 euros for this month, it's up to you guys!
  20. 9 points

    Let's make it official

    Hey guys, So in the next two weeks I will be setting up a mini studio at home and I will be starting to do a lot of live streaming and videos for JR's current news and stuff that will be coming soon, I'm really hoping it will go well. I got mic's, camera's and screens and I will be making a show for you guys, I will be trying to make this show as entertaining as possible, I'm looking at releasing it either on JR & YouTube weekly or live streaming weekly. I have a lot of ideas that I will be going through but I want to really do something for you guys cause I <3 you all. Any ideas and information you want to chat about. Just post it here, I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Basic Ideas I have so far: - Reviews of JRCraft structures on our server - Information on JR regarding our steam servers provided by JR and run by our official clan at http://pnx.jrnetwork.net (Leader Calystos) - Information on other happenings at JR including JRCraft. - Gaming event's and news will be discussed - Guest co-hosts such as Kevin and other people - Other things you request. Thanks guys for supporting me at JR, I'm really going to push for more things to come to JR the best I can do.
  21. 9 points

    The new JR Levels!

    I have recently noticed a lot of new people and even some who are regulars asking about the new JR levels and the removal of MCMMO.. So I decided to make a list of the basics for all the levels/advancements for the skills.. First you should note, to see your personal skills, type: "/skills" in-game. To check the top ranking player for each skill, type: "/skills ranks" in-game. To check the top ten of an individual skill, type: "/skills ranks (Skillname)" in-game Note that when you are typing the name of a skill, it HAS TO HAVE a capital beginning letter.. (Ex: "skills ranks Digging") If you do not capitalize the skill name, it will not recognize it and will not work. The current skill-set is: -Mining -Treefelling -ToolCrafting -Digging -Flying -Building -Farming With more to come in the future according to Jamie 'Rebel24' (the owner/operater) For each skill, you will need to level up in order to use better tools, and gather more resources.. Here are the skill ranks you need for each skill.. For all tools: (Note that you will need to level up tool-crafting in order to craft the specific type of tool) Tip: Only craft one tool at a time, as it counts the experience for each tool made individually. So Shift+Clicking for multiple tools at once, will only count as making one item. ~ToolCrafting~ -Lvl 10: Stone Tools -Lvl 20: Iron Tools -Lvl 40: Gold Tools -Lvl 60: Diamond Tools ~Mining~ -Lvl 5: Ability to mine Coal -Lvl 25: Ability to mine Iron -Lvl 30: Ability to mine Redstone -Lvl 35: Ability to mine Gold Ore -Lvl 45: Ability to mine Lapis Ore -Lvl 50: Ability to mine Diamond -Lvl 65: Ability to mine Obsidian -Lvl 75: Ability to mine Emerald ~Farming~ (When you start out, you can farm Wheat Seeds, Sugar Cane, and Nether Wart) -Lvl 10: Potatoes and Stone Hoes -Lvl 25: Carrots, Melon's, and Iron Hoes -Lvl 40: Cacti, Pumpkins, and Gold Hoes. -Lvl 60: Diamond Hoe usage. ~Flying~ The new flying system requires that you have Coal in your inventory to be able to fly; The Coal is used up as you fly. The higher your level becomes in flying, the more time interval there is between when it uses up a Coal. Also remember, you need to toggle flying by typing "/fly" Tip: Remember to toggle Flying OFF when you are not using it, as even if you are not flying, the coal will continue to be used up as long as Fly is toggled on. ~Digging~ (Follow the ToolCrafting guide to know when you can use different types of spades) You can dig all blocks right away. (Dirt, Grass, Sand, Gravel, Soulsand, etc..) ~TreeFelling~ (Follow the ToolCrafting guide to know when you can use different types of axes) You can cut down all blocks right away. (Spruce, Oak, Birch, Jungle, etc..) ~Building~ (Currently no restrictions on building) ~GodMode~ Every player will have the ability to access GodMode. As the player levels up, he will gain 1 more minute of GodMode. When the GodMode 'runs out' there is a 20 minute cool-off period. Note: Premium players will not have a set limit on Fly mode or God mode. I really hope that this guide helped out and answers everyone's questions.. Note that all of the above is subject to change as it is a work in progress. There will also be more skills and perks added as time goes on. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me on here or in-game! Thank You, ~Devin10k [Helper]
  22. 9 points

    Happy Birthday Ruppi :D

    Happy Birthday to one of the main guys that has helped JR in the past couple of years Enjoy one less year of life
  23. 9 points

    True facts about all staff -_-

    All staff of JR like to post comments on topics about how awesome staff are pretending they aren't staff.
  24. 9 points

    True facts about all staff -_-

  25. 9 points
    Hope you have the best birthday ever! I can't recall my 17th ...but I think it was good ..lol
  26. 9 points

    Yay Barber!

    One year ago from today Barber joined JR! Thanks for making JR an awesome and fun place! Love you Barber! Love your bestest friend, Xzeddy
  27. 9 points

    3 Months later, still abuse from Moderators....

    Excues me, say what? So your going to leave because you got told off for the right right reasons? and your complaining about it?! wow...
  28. 9 points
    We hope you follow some of this information to protect yourself. Regards, Jamie
  29. 9 points

    Dinner with Jamie

    You'll never remember a hangover....
  30. 9 points

    Dinner with Jamie

    Ummm, wtf. When was that?
  31. 9 points

    Just A little heads up

    JRCraft V2.0 is going to be a big leap forwards for us so I have decided to hold a big event after we are up and running. This will also involve prizes. We will be giving away, free Xbox 360 and PC games, Platinum and gold memberships and a JR Tshirt More information will come soon Stick around and soon you will have a chance to join in
  32. 9 points

    Clan Invites Toggle

    As the title says, this suggestion is rather straight forward: I suggest a /tptoggle for clan invites. While clan invites are fun to some people, others like me do not like Clans (or Factions or whatever) and get very angry when we see constant invites from people that we've told several times to stop inviting us. I can't speak how much work this would require, but it would make playing a bit more enjoyable for people who don't want to see invites, such as people like me and others already in clans. I can't think of any other details or anything for this... it seems pretty straight forward to me. I'd be happy to clarify whatever questions you all can come up with however, and I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this. I'll make a poll for this if enough people show an opinion one way or the other.
  33. 9 points

    Minecraft Server crash!!!!

    So now, I am not the only one who caused it... xD
  34. 9 points

    Swearing On JRCraft

    Okay. This is my point of view on swearing etc, and may not reflect how other people look at this! TL:DR Keep the harsh language "normal" level, and don't begin saying bad stuff for no reason. I would say that swearing should be allowed on the server, to a certain point that is. if someone falls off a ledge and suddenly goes "Oh F*ck!", dies to a monster and begins saying "You damn bitchy zombie!" then i won't mind it at all. Why? Because i would do that myself, or atleast think it. On the other hand, if someone just begins swearing for no reason at all, and shouts crap out to players or any other real/fictional person, then i would say it is not okay!
  35. 9 points

    NGTdante9934 's Triplets

    OMG, that babies name is Jamie, mine is too Congratulations!
  36. 8 points


    Thanks Barbermiss I had to take them quickly since we had to be there by 10AM, so I hadn't had time to flip it In total, I had 28 signatures, and a few of them are Mojangstars. I met CSB right at the end. We were shouting "CALLUM" like crazy, and then @csheim spotted him literally at the last minute. I got his autograph I'll post some more stuff later (photos & stuff)
  37. 8 points

    Virtual Minecon

    I really don't know if we need to run everything through Jamie anymore, from the sound of his posts he sounds like he still wants to be a part of everything, but he dosen't want to be the determining factor on anything. So I think it should just be run by the admins/ founders instead(Jamie too, but not the only factor). I don't want this to seem mean to Jamie, but from what I understood he wants JR to only be a passive part of his life now.
  38. 8 points

    Out dated server

    And just because I left and I felt that you guys needed an update quickly (and due to the staff team sorting things out) I logged in, updated, rebooted and got everything running, Enjoy - Your's Faithfully The Retired Owner
  39. 8 points
    Endermen are genetically modified slendermen and steal your blocks to build these villagers homes to attract unsuspecting players. The villagers are evil secret agents designed specifically to give more detailed player information to mojang who are secretly owned and controlled by the penguins!
  40. 8 points
    They are secretly blind shaolin monks who lead you to believe they are stupid and weak, but once you have your backs turned they use the creepers and other mobs as slaves to build them homes. Mobs are sent down into the mine shafts and transport the resources up to the villages out of fear of being slaughtered by the villagers mental abilities. They trade to gather resources for their master plan.. They inhabit zombies bodies as zombie villagers to infiltrate the world and knock loudly on your door at night to gather information on you, and provoke fear. One day they shall strike ! they will strike i tell you ! (just my take on this)
  41. 8 points

    Staff Changes

    I will be working on the website today and tomorrow, simplifying somethings as well as adding a better staff page for users to see the staff team. Have a good day, Jamie
  42. 8 points
    Guitar: as always, is awesome. Lyrics: surprisingly good... Today, this could reach number 1 with the difference of people not hating your guts Voice: meh, you were never much of a singer anyway also, your need to time the lyrics to match the guitar playing, they are off by miles. Some of the lyrics need a bit of a touch up, and moved around, eg. make I was young, I was hopeless, I screwed up the moment. Now I'm torn inside of what we could have been The Chores and make it more up tempo than the verse's.
  43. 8 points
    So yeah, we have added zombie survival at JRCraft. To play just go to /warp zombies - No building in the world - Player vs Zombies only - PVP is off - Chests respawn the same / random items every 30 minutes - There are many chests scattered around the world - There are towns to hide in and more! Just run! Run while you can! Also other updates: - Removed Scavenger and replaced it with /backpack - Gold members can use /backpack upgrade - Updated Disguisecraft - Installed fireworks mod - Updated bukkit - Updated /recipe - Limited zombies to 1000 in the zombie map due to huge lag
  44. 8 points
  45. 8 points

    JR Craft's Best Home - Entries

    Post your entries for the contest here. If you do not know what I'm talking about, Follow the format given below: Entry #1 Builders: Builders of the home here Description: Optional, but preferred Newly built: Yes/no Warp: /warp warpname Screenshots: (A minimum of two required) Open! May the odds be in your favor!
  46. 8 points
    Warning this contains poor language. Please do not continue if such language offends/upsets you. Please note that all these views come from a middle class American teenage male who lives in a rural area. So this morning I was spending time with my dad, being Father's day and we were watching my parents favorite morning show and this thing about how boys aren't as successful in college and school and women were becoming more successful. Then at one point the people on the show were discussing and the lady said, "It's because boys have trouble sitting still for more then ten minutes." to which I thought, "Almost but it's more like that's how long we can manage to give a shit to what the teacher is trying to drill into our heads, they're boring." But what my mom goes on and says upsets me. Quite a bit actually due to the fact that I am a gamer. "It's not that. It's those mind-numbing video games." I had to leave because that annoyed me quite a bit. The reason it upset me is that because that's not true. While that appears to be true, that's a mask to the actual reasoning. There are many ways as to why this isn't true. 1) There are plenty of people who do good and play video games. (Myself as an example, I'm a high honors student and I spend much of my free time on video games) 2) There are girls who play video games (As the reports that boys were not going to college as much etc and girls were and my mom said it was video games, and there are many of girls who play video games) 3) There are many bad teachers. It's simple, bad teacher equals bad student equals bad grade equals no college. 4) Many times it's the parenting. While yes this is usually looked on as a 'bull shit excuse' it's true in this case. If the parent raised them to not care as much about studies and so on, then nine times out of ten why will the kid? Also with quite a few 'white trash' families coming up, the kids just adopt that mind set and act horribly, and stop caring about school. I mean really, the many of the parents around my town could give a rat's ass less what their kids do. 5) Sports. In every school you have what are called 'jocks' (no offense if you are part of this clique) I'm not referring to the ones who actually do study, but the ones who are the stupid guy who does stupid pranks and jokes to 'nerds' because he thinks it's funny. These guys are the ones who think they only need sports to succeed, so they screw over every fucking thing they're told and say, 'screw school I'm good enough at football(rugby football not soccer football, stupid as it is >.>)/basket ball/baseball I'll go pro and I won't need education hurr hurr." Believe what you want on these things, but I believe many times that it's one or up to five of these things that is the fault of teenage males not doing as good. It's a simple fact, some people aren't meant for education too. You can lead a successful life without education. Video games are not the source of all evil! What a shocker! In fact video games have brought more good then bad to the world. Without video games, many many MANY people would be without work (my sister-in-law for example (works for EA)) and other places would be poor as fuck without them, video games drag in huuuuge profits for places and provide hundreds or thousands of jobs, for the programmers, animators, developers, advertisers, etc. While yes video games do distract teenagers from homework and so on, it's also up to the parents to help get the teens to do their work and tell them that they should figure else what else they'd like to do and when you find out they're doing bad to help them. So you may think I'm just a stupid immature teenager this is what I believe and I believe this is right. I'm sure many of you agree with me, with a similar mind set as me. I know I may have this all wrong but I'm pretty sure I have actual points as to why boys my age are doing worse, actually coming from that view. So now I'm wondering what are your thoughts? Post below and tell me. -Carter 'Armdys'
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    Herobrine on xbox minecraft!!!

    One of them.... is a pretty damn good troll, i gotta hand it to him
  48. 8 points

    Happy Birthday Rstoy (Rob)

    Hope you have the best birthday ever Rob! We are going to get our entire family to pay Minecraft on Saturday ...we hope our other family will play too or JRCraft family...hope you'll be there ,....mostly in the afternoon central daylight time.
  49. 8 points

    How am I Doing?

    I ask my self the same thing every day...
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