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    Server Rates

    Hello JR Community, As our experience with the Conan Exciles server grows the below will be changed and updated to meet player needs and requests however currently the rates are as below. Server Settings PVPEnabled=True CanDamagePlayerOwnedStructures=True LogoutCharactersRemainInTheWorld=True DurabilityMultiplier=1.000000 DropEquipmentOnDeath=True DropShortcutbarOnDeath=True DropBackpackOnDeath=True EverybodyCanLootCorpse=True PlayerHealthMultiplier=1.000000 PlayerStaminaMultiplier=1.000000 StaminaCostMultiplier=1.000000 ItemSpoilRateScale=1.000000 HarvestAmountMultiplier=5.000000 ResourceRespawnSpeedMultiplier=3.000000 NPCMindReadingMode=None MaxNudity=None ServerCommunity=Relaxed EnableSandStorm=True ClanMaxSize=30 Purge Related information PurgeLevel=6 PurgePeriodicity=24 RestrictPurgeTime=True PurgeRestrictionWeekdayStart=1800 PurgeRestrictionWeekdayEnd=2200 PurgeRestrictionWeekendStart=1800 PurgeRestrictionWeekendEnd=2200 MinPurgeOnlinePlayers=0 ClanPurgeTrigger=42000 ClanScoreUpateFrequency=15 PurgeDuration=30 PurgePreparationTime=10 AllowBuilding=False EnablePurge=True PurgeNPCBuildingDamageMultiplier = (5.0, 5.0, 10.0, 15.0, 20.0, 25.0) PlayerBuildingDamageMultiplier = 0.01 hopefully this information gives a base idea of what we run, however as mentioned with growth and player feedback this can be easily altered. Kind regards!
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    Why Register?

    When you register to JRCraft you get the following abilities Ability to make Homes Ability to set away status Daily reward Enable Flight Mode Ask for teleport with /call Warp to teleports /msg Other members /me in chat /whereami Command //wand to be used for selecting regions World guard, define your own regions with the wand and you can then use ./region define nameofplace yourusername Add members/owners to your region Check region info Have 5 plots in creative instead of 1 Love JR For even more features and to help support our services, take a look here:
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