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    Ark server review: server maps

    Hey Jamie Ive been absent for a while But if u need a good playable and pretty done map is Olympus. One of the best ive seen out there rn
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    The ark server review: mod's and map's

    Ohh yeah it's under taming sedative, thank you! Then I voted for it to stay, just wanted to make sure I think taming sedatives and s+ is the only two maps I really hope will stay. Don't really use the others that much xD
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    Ark server review: server maps

    Hi this is part of our server review series of topics this one focuses on the maps we are using on the servers. We are looking to remove servers that aren't used so we ask you to answer to these questions truthfully
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    The ark server review: mod's and map's

    I feel it's fair to allow player contribution towards maps and mods however it also comes with "Caution" as some may be unhappy with the implementations which is expected. But to keep it fair having group discussions and feedback would help towards groth and alsong as the servers are not behind paywall (dlc access) and causes friends to be seperated and we have potentially open multiple maps I see no harm and would find it interesting to see how others play the game . Also @Emma I think the mod you're talking about is either " More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows Combined v2.1" or " Taming Sedative " which I see no harm in keeping this and am glad you enjoy the benefits of the mod!
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    I like the upgrade station, but really no point in having it when u have to wait till L225. Other mods I would like to see: Eco Trees Eco Garden Decor Automated Ark Awesome Teleporters Dino Pick Up Dino Tracker Super Trank Rifle Pimp My Home
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    The ark server review: mod's and map's

    I'm not sure which mod the blue narcotic is under, but would be really cool if we could keep it!
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    Ricardo FR12

    New mod

    Can you guys add dino pick up plz

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