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    Open up community to console users

    We have a JR Xbox Club and I'll be getting playstation organized soon enough. I don't want everything PC orientated so I'll be putting a link to our xbox club and other console groups soon. Unfortunatley there is no widget or API to show members in the club etc.. I do agree to open forums for the official console groups. Maybe if you want to open one for Xbox for now and a general section under a Console category in the forum? ***Moved to Accepted***
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    Too many mods?

    I agrre with OP, there can be to many mods. And is not the server that is usually the problem. It's the client side that lags down. Mods tend to eat RAM, load times gets way longer, game lags, timeout disconnects. So people like me, the casual gamer, that does not have the latest in GPU and RAM will get problems. What I think is important is the choice of mods. I've seen a lot of severs with mods doing more or less the same thing. And as for the meatspoiler. Really redundant since they added the "split all" option in the inventory. Shin
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    Too many mods?

    Just on this topic, While ARK is growing my main concern is getting too big too fast. I'm in the process of finding a way to fund another server to host ARK to take away some of the server strain and to give some more resources for our other servers. ^ The above is true. I want the best experience everyone can have. It upsets me when a server goes down and I can't sort it right away or it kicks out people or lags. As a gamer, I know how lag causes upset for us. If we do reach a point where our servers cause performance degradation I will know pretty quickly and we can take action in the form of removing things, cleaning things, optimising further or moving on another server Thanks for raising your concerns though, they have been noticed and noted.
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    Just a small update, Ark is here in beta at JR. Myself, Calystos, Chris and Frosty have been and are all working getting things working correctly. I've also started playing ark and checking out what the hype is about and surprisingly for the first time I've properly played on a server that we maintain in years. I'm looking for people to join our server to help test the stability of the server. If you'd like to test out and play on our Official Ark server please favourite and join our Ark server: ark.jrnetwork.net:7777 If people like Ark on JR and it get's popular we are also looking to setup a Scorched Earth Ark server. While our server is online we may periodically add modifications to the server while our server is in Beta. Please note we are also testing our server hardware with Ark. Any problems that get reported will be quickly resolved. If you find any bugs please post them to the Gaming Server community help: https://jrnetwork.net/forums/forum/404-gaming-server-support/ It's been a very exciting time recently at JR, we are releasing new servers one by one when ever we get a chance. Unfortunately I have been too busy to post an update but we will have a dev blog posted soon on everything that is happening and has happened on JR. We hope you continue to support and enjoy the services that JR provides. More and more is scheduled to come to JR very very very soon!
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    Share your game screenshots

    I do like this topic and it's something I ofcourse can do :D! but I will start small and I will put them under spoilers just incase people don't want anything ruined, I will also add to the post in time! Enjoy Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4 Exclusive) Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn GTA V (With The Flash Mod)
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    JR Server Upgrade

    Hi there guys, Just so you are aware on Tuesday we will be having planned downtime while we transfer to a different more powerful server. During this time ALL services may appear offline while we transfer. Just to detail this a bit everything will be down as follows: Email Website Gaming Servers Voice Servers cPanel WHM While our services may go offline, unless something seriously goes wrong the downtime should remain minimal at around 1 hour. After this change JR will be upgrading some other of it's services and implementing new services for players who play with JR. During this time you can contact a member of staff on the Discord channel. While we will do our best to respond as fast as we can we will be working on the transfer at the same time. https://discord.gg/ZABkBWV Please note, if you have hosting with us we will be also doing some configuration updates soon, including updates to PHP 7 on our webservices and mySQL upgrades. I'm sorry if this causes any inconvenience but this is required in the continued smooth operation at JR. If you have any questions with our services or this downtime, please feel free to private message me at JR. Thanks for your understanding. Jamie
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    How's life?

    Hey guys, after an overly long hiatus I'm making a bit of a return. As such I figured it'd be nice to catch up as I haven't talked to a lot of you in ages and I know life has a tendency to take off. So for my (brief) update, I'm more than halfway through my second year at Uni as a Biology and Computer Science dual major. It's a difficult and strange mix but I'm enjoying it. Currently I'm doing my second bout of research in Biology and in Comp Sci I'm in a game development class where my team and I are making an interesting version of Pokemon. I still play League of Legends as my primary game but I play Overwatch on the side now and again. How have all of you been and what's been the big events in your lives recently?
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    Happy birthday jamie tees!!!

    Happy 23rd Birthday Jamie. Hope you party hardy but safely as you're in another country now. have fun!!
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    Unusual things you like?

    Cheese and Tomato Sauce Sandwiches. That's all I have to say xD
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    First things first link to the mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=609380111 Stargate Worlds, adds Stargates to the game. What are Stargates? They are big rings made of a fictional element called Naquadah which channel energy to open wormholes to other stargates across the galaxy, with enough power they can create stable connections to other galaxies. In this mod they allow for transportation across the map, admins are able to create public gates so if you want people to visit an area they easily can. Stargates are essentially a cheaper version of the teleporter and can be placed on platform saddles if the correct one is crafted. This mod also adds transportation rings (rings) which are basically elevators but without the hassle. You have two points vertically, you place one set of rings at the bottom and one set of rings at the top. Then you can teleport between the two spots with ease. It also adds "Puddle Jumpers", which are fairly difficult to get. They are flying vehicles (which can go underwater fine), they can carry up to 10 survivors and can go pretty fast. They can't do any damage to anything so they aren't too overpowered.
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    Mod request for better narcotics arrows

    ... I like this mod too. What is your opinion about it? Name: More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows Combined v2.1 Url: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=754885087
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    Just Cause 3 - Its Here

    JR is committed to provide it's members with good quality servers. We have just released our Just Cause 3 MP server! We are excited to provide this new experience for players around Europe. There are only a few servers for JC3 (24 in fact) but we are proud to say we have one of the best pings around Europe, we are in the top 5 servers with ping. Since releasing the server last night we instantly had players on, this morning we were packed out at 32 of 32 slots filled. We have updated the slot count to 80, but to be a bit different and crazy we have upped it to 120 slots which will take effect on the next reboot. We have kept everything rather vanilla and haven't added any plugins to the server. You can join, spawn in any weapon or vehicle you want and just annihilate and get annihilated! To join this server you can connect with the following steam link: steam://connect/c3po.jrnetwork.net:4201/ Currently we have not added this to our server list yet. We will be soon but I do not have the time to add in the code currently. This will be done as soon as I get a time to code. We hope you enjoy this new experience
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    We are committed to you the community and we like to think we are one of the best listening server communities out there. We install mods for you guys as long as you want them and we do small tweaks to try and keep everyone happy. This JR update we have done a few things. Please read the entire update post to understand why we may have done some of these things. Added upgrade station Only available to end game players to keep things fair and not become over powered. You will need 100 engram points to use each item You have to be level 210 to unlock these currently We may have to revise engram points towards endgame. This will be done soon if it becomes a problem for endgame players. Disabled auto unlocking of TEK engrams on server join This is because we have had a few complaints that this takes away server raids / events for killing bosses This also takes away that team challenge This will increase community spirit and get players to work together to kill bosses to unlock TEK WE HAVE NOT removed crafting of element, we believe this should be a part of the game, instead of having to kill boss after boss just to build TEK. This is due to the amount of solo players we also have so when a solo player has killed a boss with a group to unlock TEK the solo player can revert to playing solo THIS WILL NOT AFFECT CURRENT PLAYERS, ONLY NEW PLAYERS WILL HAVE THIS CHANGE FOR THEM. (People who have not joined the server before) Reduced dino spawn rate on all servers by 10% This will help with CPU resources. You will not notice much of a change Due to this we have had to wipe wild dinos, they should respawn soon Lowered resource respawn radius This will stop you guys having to run a mile away from your structures to get more items / resources Changed difficulty offset to 2.5 in the island + the center This is due to a slight comparative difference with how high levels are between ragnarok, scorched earth allowing some higher levelled dinos to be spawned. Edited MOTD to show our discord short link We hope you understand why we have done a few of these tweaks, if you would like any more information or are not happy with any of the above changes please contact me directly on our discord: discord.jrnetwork.net or by private messaging me on the website. Thanks guys!
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    Running jr, it's costs and help

    Thank you for your service. I used your donation service. See you in game.
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    So it's official, I have purchased a new server and we will be soon moving to it after we have finished testing the servers. What's the big deal with this Jamie? This server is dedicated to ARK. Nothing Else, This means no lag caused by other games/services JR provides Due to this, ARK has more resources allocated to it. We are running 4 servers on just this one node and it's performing way better than ever before BUT WAIT! There is more! I have been developing a system for a while that will auto update the servers and modifications at non peak hours (4 AM). This system, restarts the server every day, updates the server if updates are needed, updates mods, restarts the servers and makes sure they are online after the maintenance. IF, the server does not come online, it auto emails myself directly to tell me the server is down. With the auto update system we have tested it, it's working great. But there may be bugs we have not come across yet. ON TOP OF THAT We know you guys, don't like downtime. So, our new server, automatically checks every 5 minutes if the server has crashed or if an error has occurred. If it does find a server is down, it automatically emails myself and sends me a log of the last things that have happened on the server. This will make it easier to find exactly what happened and what we can do to fix it if it happens again. A few notes: You will not loose items/structures + dinos after we switch to the live server. This should occur tomorrow and we will be copying all save data to the newly optimised server. If you'd like to test the servers use the following IPs: The Island: steam://connect/ Scorched Earth: steam://connect/ The Center: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Please note if you do test the servers they will be wiped and the current map of the server that people have been playing on will replace the test map we have running. The servers will update at 4 AM every day, Server admins may update the server if needed during the day to allow people to play who may have updated their mods. To make sure you can play while you wait for us to update the server (if a mod has been released) please do not download any updates for mods till a server news post has been posted. The test IP's will be the new IP's and we will be switching to them so please save them to your server steam list! The switch over to the new server will occur tomorrow morning/afternoon at some point. While this happens please note all ARK servers will go down while map transfers take place. I'm so happy to finally give you this update, I have worked very very hard to get this working so quickly. I'd like to thank Chris for helping on small parts and helping me also figure out what was wrong with auto updating mods. This update will help the staff, me and Chris mainly to have a bit more peace, less updating and more playing and most of all it'll improve your experience as there will not be any weird crashes due to no maintenance etc. and mods / ark will update easier and quicker for everyone whether automatic or manually done by a admin.
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    Dino-Riders Community Base

    Everything a community could ever need! There's the main Castle with it's walls where one could also find a Hatchery, Stable for Ovis & Equus as well as a Large Storage both for Herbivores and Carnivores. At the back of the Castle facing the ocean there's the Pier with different ships and a small room for storage and Pirates/Sailors to drink and hang. To the right there's the Aviary to store birds such as Pteras & Argys along with a couple of basic stuff for anyone who likes to work or spend time there having also a small hatchery to breed & hatch birds. In front of the base, there's a bridge which leads to a small village surrounded by spikes for protection, having 7 small houses to be rented for people along with a Tavern for people to relax and have fun, a blacksmith to buy and fix all kinds of armor and weapons, a Saloon to get a haircut, a fishing pier for anyone who wants to buy fish or spend time fishing as well as an Apothecary or anyone who requires Brews and Potions. PS. There is the intention to expand further for house Quetzals, Gigas, Brontos etc.. maybe even more houses if people decide to join and play along The Main Castle.zip Base Interior.zip
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    Opinion on difficulty

    Tbh, I like the server how it is and I really hope you not will make any changes. I don't mind not adding more mods to the servers but I would really dislike if the stats were changed.
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    Latest suggestions

    Hey guys, Please vote on these latest suggestions: Thanks for all the recent suggestions, if you would like to discuss or debate this please do so here!
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    Request for the mod: upgrade station

    In the end the daily survival is mostly over when you have something big to ride (you dont even need any armor for that). But in my opinion the upgradestation would be nice to help with caves/bosses. you just cant do some alone or in little groups. Of course it should fit the server. Leave it for "endgame". Maybe for lvl180/190+? So you still have to work to get there. And getting to this lvl isnt that hard to be honest. Never played with that mod but upgrading should be expensive so you have to farm for your desired stuff. In early lvls i dont think its useful. having op gear before you even have a stonebase feals dumb and completely destroys the survival part.
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    Too many mods?

    Hi guys. I've been thinking for a while that there's a bunch of mods and people suggesting mods like suicide potion and meat spoiler. I can see that when you're used to that, it's hard to not have, but... Idk, it seems like it would be too easy. Why get suicide potion when you can easily get killed by a dino or jump off a cliff or split meat? I mean, if people really want those mods it's fine but, it just seems like there's getting a lot of mods with already 14(?) mods. I've heard from other ark players that too many mods, causing the servers to lag more. I'm getting a bit concerned, that's why I made this post. Not to be annoying or anything, just wanted to say what has been on my mind for a bit now. Other changes I'd like to see, was to increase the taming stat. That's pretty much the only thing that bothers me a bit. But what are y'alls thoughts on this? Too many mods or am I paranoid? xD
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    Latest mod suggestions

    Please. Anyone give me one good reason why this is needed. So many ways to kill yoursell in vanilla even and you want this to add to the load of your game? We dont even have pefinder, but a suicide potion is needed... I can suggest 25-30 mods that everyone will like and vote for, will they be added then? I would propose a max amount of mods... a new one in means an old one out.. In my very personal opinion all mods needed on any ARK server is S+ and Autmated ark. Shin
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    Too many mods?

    But ofcourse @Emma your concern is greatly appreciated within the team and feedback like this is what helps to keep JR a place to come back to for all to enjoy As mentioned if you feel any mods currently used are not important or neccessary then we can create community polls to understand with the input of users which remain and which can be removed so thank you for the input !
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    k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me

    Share your game screenshots

    Some screenshots I've taken in Final Fantasy XIV with FC members.
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    What do you do in life?

    I thought it'd be interesting to get to know the members a bit more. So tell us, what do you do in life? Do you work, do you game, do you go to school? I work full time at Harvey Norman as a sales assistant and technical advisor. With my free time I work on this here website. I play guitar and love music but I also like to game in my free time.
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    Ark server - how do you find it?

    We will be sorting both of the things that you have said about ! It's on my list of things to complete.
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    Ark server - how do you find it?

    I have made the following changes: EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=5 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=5 TamingSpeedMultiplier=5 DinoHarvestingDamageMultiplier=3 PlayerHarvestingDamageMultiplier=3 And also installed the Classic Flyers Mod! Enjoy
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    Ark server - how do you find it?

    Better rates for harvesting would be great, at least 3x. This is just a mod I would really want: Classic Flyers. One of arks last updates made flying dinos incredibly useless. Max stamina is lower than most dinos which makes all flying dinos useless. A lot of people don't really use flying dinos but for some they are very important. just a suggestion
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    Hey guys, As I want to play more games with the community I want to know what multiplayer games on console you'd like to play. Please post a couple of games underneath that you would be interested in playing as a group. Please list what console it's on and how many at a time can play, after I will try to organise official events for these games! Thanks, Jamie
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    Is end to end encryption bad?

    There is a need for end to end encryption it guarantees us protection from any malicious party. Taking an extreme example of removing a dictator from power to be replaced with a democratic system. If end to end encryption had a backdoor political enemies could be eliminated by a rogue state, a resistance to an oppressive dictatorship crushed. Without encryption anyone can see what we're sending, having a backdoor means we may as well not be using encryption in the first place. I know my example is extreme but it applies to everyday situations so here's a more realistic example. You send a message over WhatsApp to one of your friends with the dates for your holiday, which you belive to be safely encrypted . This message gets intercepted by a hacker who uses the backdoor to get the dates you're on holiday. Chances are they have your name as well, they can look up where you're registered to vote, what is legally your permanent residence. So it's likely where you're registered to vote is going to be empty while your away, the hacker can sell this information to someone who can break into your house and steal your stuff or do it themselves.
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    What game hardware do you use?

    I basically just use PC now, don't game as much as I used to. If I do game it's normally casual games that you don't have to put much effort into, openTTD, Minecraft etc.
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    I am back and active everyone! Hope to talk to you all again!
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    What game hardware do you use?

    I currently own the following consoles / gaming devices and do not currently have any plans to add any to my collection any time soon. Custom PC:: PCPartPicker link has specs and some of my peripherals 500GB White PS4 mainly used for playing DCUO New Nintendo 3DS XL, used for playing pokemon and the occasional bit of smash bros and mario kart Xbox 360 that I never use Dell laptop (i7- 5500U 2.4Ghz, 16 GB RAM, 2TB HDD (Dual booting Windows 10 & Ubuntu)) Games I play: Destiny (PS4) DC Universe Online (PS4) Mass Effect Andromeda (PC) Witcher 3 (PC) GTA V (PC) Just Cause 3 (PC, has an MP mod) Star Wars Battlefront (PC)
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    What phone do you use and why?

    My galaxy S6 just lost so much battery barely got through a day at school! I didn't really use fast charging with my s6 in the end because my plug broke and it was rated for different current and voltage than my other plugs. But the OnePlus 3T has an amazing battery life, and dash charging is so quick! The S6 is still certainly got a good enough spec to last a while apart from your battery is likely to get really bad. The 3T is definitely worth the price, camera doesn't really match up to other flagship devices but for the price I really can't complain Edit: The camera on the OnePlus 3T is fine for taking pictures of my cats
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    Screaming at brushes 2: electric boogaloo

    I din't want to shamelessly revive my own dead threads so here's the technicolour garbage I've been producing lately- Thank.
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    JR Server Upgrade Complete

    Recently, JR was put under a 24 hour downtime on some services. This was due to a major software and server upgrade that was needed. We are still working on some things to come online but everything has been transfered correctly now. Most of our gaming and voice servers are offline till these are sorted on the new server. We expect them to be ready at some point today. We apologise for the delay in everything getting back online but when you have to move around a terabyte of data and make sure it works on a completely different server there is hiccups. Anyway, more to come soon. Please read the developer blogs found in the help center if you are interested in detail what is changing and happening at JR. When live changes happen a blog post will be posted. (There will be a developer update at some stage today) I hope that you understand why we were down for so long and enjoy the things to come
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    Open up community to console users

    We offer servers for PC users, because of this we seem to have become a vary PC orientated community site without meaning too, JR has always been (since I was around) a gaming community. Not, a PC gaming community site. I propose to open the forums and possible some sectors of the site to the console community, offering a place for the users to congregate and communicate without introducing a messy merge of users.
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    Jrcraft server permissions

    Please note if the command requires parameters they aren't currently listed. You can do "/help [cmd]" in game to find out what each command does. The groups are listed in ascending order from Tourist to Premium. Each group inherits what the group(s) below it can do. Server: Survival Group: Tourist Group: Citizen Group: Premium Server: Creative Currently Incomplete Group: Tourist Group: Citizen Group: Premium
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    It seems we can not self host a server for Discord. There is no support for it currently and doesn't look to be for the future it's hosted on the Discord public servers. But anyway, here as wanted is our discord server, official server that is! https://discord.gg/ZABkBWV Enjoy guys
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    I see JR has a teamspeak and mumble server but the new thing now is discord, free easy to use, easy to set up permissions. I am just throwing it out there that JR gets a discord channel then I know for me I would be on that alot more and can get to talk to people a lot more.
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    Revamp Underway

    This is the first announcement of a few of some of the upcoming interesting and exciting events happening on JR as we speak! Website First of all, we have a new exciting change to our website as we are redesigning the look and feel to be a bit easier to use, it's more simplistic and we are working on all areas so it'll be quicker to load and more intuitive. If you'd like to try the new look and feel be my guest. It's publicly available but still in beta. To enable this new look and feel at the bottom of the website you will find a Change Theme. Click on JR anniversary and you are signed up to the beta programme immediately. I have changed multiple things around the site and you will see them kick in, such as colorful usernames around the site, a menu bar which changes when you scroll. A back to the top scroll link. Updates to our mobile website to get more mobile and more! Any changes I make will be on JR Anniversary. Security JR takes security very seriously and we have now enabled two factor authentication, this allows you to setup security questions as well as use Google Authenticator which is a mobile app that quickly gives you a code when you sign in to JR. I am personally very excited for this change. If you are a staff member please note that you have to setup some form of two factor authentication due to website security. If you have logged in to JR today being a member you will have likely already setup this method due to our notification system. If you have not please make sure you enable it as this will give you a second line of defence. You can modify this method or enable it here: https://jrnetwork.net/settings/account-security/ Server JR is committed to speed up and keep it's servers secure. This is why in the next 6 months we will be switching to PHP 7 for all our webservers. Please note if you have a website that doesn't support PHP 7 yet you may want to look at updating your website if it's hosted by JR's hosting services. We have also made a few tweaks and updates to our servers to make them a little faster and handle better. In the next 12 months we will be upgrading our hardware and switching servers. While we have a method for this to be seamless it may cause a little downtime of up to an hour at max. A mass mail will be sent out to everyone stating that we will be changing servers just before we do so. Staff Grouping I will be changing how staff is grouped soon to make it easier for members of the public to understand. While Admins and Moderators will be still around I will be removing gaming staff, website team, content manager to make things more easy and more friendly. Instead of dividing the team I'd like the team to be involved with every service and if you meet a staff member that is moderator or admin, they will be on every server instead of only Minecraft. Gaming While gaming is our main outlet, Minecraft is not. I will be continuing on the updating of Minecraft but we will be pursuing other areas of games, We don't foresee removing any of our gaming servers but we will be adding more and strengthening the services that we provide. Conclusion We all are trying to make JR a better place. I hope these changes and this news article will cement some understanding on everything going on behind the scenes with myself and some of the other team. We will make JR into a better place for gaming and technology. There will be more coming soon and any news for JR will be posted on the News area and not in the forum. We want to hear what you have to say Please post in the comments what you think of JR, it's changes. Features you like and don't like. Every comment will be looked at and we will attempt to use all the suggestions we get in someway. Thanks for staying at JR and if you are new. Welcome to the JR Network.
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    Your New Year Resolutions

    I don't normally write down resolutions but I think they're a good idea, they definitely help give direction. Anyway these are mine for this year: Try to get into the habit of waking up early, both so I can actually go to my lectures and so I have more time in the day. Go to the gym more, I for some reason purchased a 9 month pass so I may as well get my moneys worth. Start actually prioritising my university work. Actually stick to the budgets I create. Do more stuff to help other people (ik stuff is very general).
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    Your New Year Resolutions

    Get a frigging job and become financially independent. Read more about privacy. Switch to products that care about it. Get people to be aware of their choices and its consequences in the tech world, with regards to the said subject. Set up a Ghost blog and write a good, critical article once a month. Pay off my debt and don't overspend at all until that is paid!
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    Minecraft Server

    We do have servers running and they will be updated soon enough in the new year. We haven't updated for a few months but our servers are def up !
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    One Plus 3?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of upgrading my phone soon enough. I'm not getting a samsung as every samsung I have had has caused me grief. I have a One Plus 2, and might update to the one plus 3, What do you guys think I should do?
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    Pokemon GO?

    our lord an saviour
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    What issss up drama alert nationnnnnn

    Don't listen to whoever that is. When I go on JR Network I just catch up on everything you post, and without you there wouldn't be anything to read ^^ At least it's nice knowing that there's more than just us two and Jamie on JR
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    Why aren't you online: stuff you're up to!

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    The joys of installing custom roms

    This blog entry is not intended to act as a guide. Installing a custom rom on your phone may lead to bricking the device. I can not be held responsible for any damages you may incur to your device if you decide to install a custom rom or root it. Some terms I use in this post that you may not be aware of: Knox bit - Knox is proprietary security software used by Samsung on it's devices Kernel - This allows the operating system to communicate with the hardware, without this it wouldn't work Recovery - A mode that allows changes to the android operating system such as factory resetting it. Custom Recovery - An expanded version of the recovery mode that allows you to install other software and make backups of your data Custom Rom - A custom version of android made by someone other than the official developer, usually includes tweaks to make it perform better in some way Bootloader - This is what lets the phone boot to the operating system, all computers use a bootloader Boot loop - The device won't enter the operating system and will just show the boot screen/animation Media Transfer Protocol - Used so the computer can communicate with the device connected, generally used for transferring media e.g. photos & videos First off I want to make this clear, this isn't my first rodeo when it comes to custom ROMs. I've had plenty installed over the 3 years I've owned my Nexus 4. However the issues have started to appear over the past year or so, where I have upgraded to a Galaxy S6. With my next upgrade I'll probably be reverting to a nexus device just because of how much easier they are to install custom roms onto. As a matter of fact this is all about upgrading from Android 5.1.1 to Android 6.0.1. However as I am using a Samsung device getting this to work isn't quite as easy as one might hope. I have personally found that Samsung are quite possibly a bit OTT about what goes on with your handset. For starters you've got the Knox bit, if you trip this you've got no warranty. I'm pretty careful with my phone so I wasn't all that bothered by tripping the Knox counter. Samsung phones I personally find have a few levels of extra complexity when it comes to custom ROMs. Keep in mind I am still installing them on my nexus 4 so I do have a direct comparison in terms of a device that came from google and one which came from Samsung. The Galaxy S6 serves as my daily driver, my nexus 4 I keep in case I need a backup and I love the openness of the nexus platform. My reason for choosing the Galaxy S6 was the performance, custom roms were an afterthought. Maybe next time performance might be lower down on my priorities than custom roms, after all most flagship phones fair pretty well in terms of future proofing... at least for a couple of years. Anyway back on topic, I had to jump through a lot of hoops to just update my phones operating system. Initially I had to flash the new kernel and modem images for android 6, sounds easy enough right? Well I flashed a stock version of the kernel & modem. Modem isn't too much of a worry, however the kernel is contained within the bootloader image. This custom rom I was trying to install requires a custom version of a custom recovery so the phone doesn't through and hissy fit and boot loop. Something I missed in the initial post by the author of this custom rom, so I spent what must have been an hour trying to sort that problem out. Turns out flicking through the last pages of the forum topic was a good idea! So that's that problem solved, should be smooth sailing from here right? Wrong! I didn't want to boot into android at this point, as some stuff was updated for the Android 6 ecosystem, but the actual operating system I had on my phone was Android 5.1.1. I needed to boot into the custom recovery I installed to update the operating system. This bit went well, minus the fact that my laptop and desktop were failing to recognise my device, I had activated the media transfer protocol in my custom recovery to allow me to transfer files across but windows unfortunately wasn't having any of it and was kicking up errors whenever I tried to copy a file to my phone. This lead me to the penultimate stage of sideloading it. This is a feature within the tools google provides for developers, it allows you to load a zip file onto the phone through recovery and install it. Finally what I wanted to achieve! This bit went smoothly enough, then it came to booting the phone to the operating system. This took way longer than anticipated, but I got there in the end and after a few panicky hours I finally got my phone back. I will be making posts in the future as to what apps I personally use on a regular basis and what my homescreen is like! I hope I didn't make this post too confusing, I hope the glossary included at the top helped you understand the post. This post can also be found on my blog: http://cgroutage.me/the-joys-of-installing-custom-roms/
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    Your New Build / Laptop

    My desktop has changed a fair bit since I built it, my most recent additions being 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD, and an extra 8GB RAM so my spec currently stands at: Fx-8350 @ 4Ghz 16GB RAM @ 1866 Mhz ASUS Strix GTX 970 4GB Storage: 120GB Samsung 850 Evo (Boot Drive), Sandisk 240GB SSD (Games Drive), 1TB Seagate (Files Drive), 1TB WD Blue (Media Drive) Corsair Carbide 300R H100i Water Cooler 1440p IPS monitor The rest is the same from when I built this a few years ago As for my laptop that I've had since the start of the most recent academic year the spec stands at: Dell Inspiron 5558 i7-5500U @ 2.4Ghz 16GB RAM @ 1600Mhz GTX920M (it's for school but can game on it if I want) 2TB HDD 1080p screen (the influencing factor)