Recently, JR was put under a 24 hour downtime on some services.
This was due to a major software and server upgrade that was needed. We are still working on some things to come online but everything has been transfered correctly now.
Most of our gaming and voice servers are offline till these are sorted on the new server. We expect them to be ready at some point today. We apologise for the delay in everything getting back online but when you have to move around a terabyte of data and make sure it works on a completely different server there is hiccups.
Anyway, more to come soon. Please read the developer blogs found in the help center if you are interested in detail what is changing and happening at JR. When live changes happen a blog post will be posted. (There will be a developer update at some stage today)
I hope that you understand why we were down for so long and enjoy the things to come

By Jamie, in Website News,

Hi there guys,
Just so you are aware on Tuesday we will be having planned downtime while we transfer to a different more powerful server.
During this time ALL services may appear offline while we transfer. Just to detail this a bit everything will be down as follows:
Email Website Gaming Servers Voice Servers cPanel WHM While our services may go offline, unless something seriously goes wrong the downtime should remain minimal at around 1 hour. After this change JR will be upgrading some other of it's services and implementing new services for players who play with JR. 
During this time you can contact a member of staff on the Discord channel. While we will do our best to respond as fast as we can we will be working on the transfer at the same time. 
Please note, if you have hosting with us we will be also doing some configuration updates soon, including updates to PHP 7 on our webservices and mySQL upgrades.
I'm sorry if this causes any inconvenience but this is required in the continued smooth operation at JR.
If you have any questions with our services or this downtime, please feel free to private message me at JR.
Thanks for your understanding.
While it's not perfect or complete I have released to the public our new look. We are working and working to make JR better and better!
We have also added a new server list: https://jrnetwork.net/servers/server-list/
  There will be more and more servers added to the list soon, but we hope this is another step to make things easier to use and connect to. With our server list, you can see who is online and soon we will be trying to link user profiles to the list so it will show if you are online in a game on our servers (WOOAAAHH)   More to come soon, I won't be around for a week due to holidays but when I return I will be continuing the development of JR and I will be bringing back JR Craft as well as some other new services!   I hope you're liking the changes around JR. - Jamie
As all of you know we have been working hard on the new look and feel of the website as well as a few different features.
To show my dedication to JR I will be releasing a change log to JR every time I update and edit features as soon as I have finished testing and released features. You can view the change log by visiting the JR Development Blog. 
I hope that you enjoy seeing the progress I make on the website, if you have a few minutes please reply in the forum topic below with some feedback! 
Thanks to all! <3 
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