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Minecraft 1.19.4

By Jamie, in Minecraft,

Have updated to 1.19.4 for JR Craft.

The following updates have taken place:
Updated to latest bleeding edge build of spigot, this might have bugs. Updated waterfall to latest for 1.19.4 support Updated XConomy and fixed config Updated EssentialsX Removed tablist as failed with latest update Added anti-afk plugin to prevent fishing AFK. Please note AFK farming of any kind is not allowed. Updated Dynmap to snapshot build. http://play.jrcraft.net:1888/ Updated duels plugin Fixed Marriage plugin permissions Updated voting plugin Updated levelled mobs Updated citizens and citizensbooks

Hi Guys,
We said we would try ARK again last year, but as of this year Ark was dead on JR. To save resources and money we have killed off our ARK offering, we do not like to do this but if people are not playing we are paying for nothing.
We may bring ARK 2 in the future when released but for now yet again ARK has been removed. 
For any server admins looking to release an ARK server, if you use linux based servers just don't bother. It's not worth the hassle and / or resources.


JRCraft - Update

By Jamie, in Minecraft,

Hi guys,
We have carried out the following updates on our Minecraft Server today:
Updated to the latest version of Paper and Waterfall Updated the following plugins XConomy WorldGuard VotingPlugin Venture Chat Revive Me Quests Gui Quests Protocol Lib Placeholder API MobArena Marriage Master LiteBans Libs Disguises Levelled Mobs Jobs Grief Prevention Dynmap Duels DiscordSRV Decent Holograms Citizens Books Citizens Chat Feelings Better RTP Fixed a bug with Grief Prevention, error caused by a corrupt file. Fixed a bug with Protocol Lib, outdated config throwing an error. Fixed an error with Quests, new configs created Added 20,000 blocks to the radius of the map. These are currently generating in the background.
Added the following idea: 


JR - Member Shop

By Jamie, in Website News,

Recently we have setup a new economy, this is allowing us to do many amazing things.
When you play on JR servers you automatically get JRCash (As long as you link your account see here:
You can see a summary of how people are making JR Cash here: https://jrnetwork.net/membersshop/rewards/ 
Now you can also do a few things with your cash (More will be coming soon, such as purchasing game keys, in game rewards and more)
Take a look here: https://jrnetwork.net/membersshop/

We are also currently modifying the look and feel around JR. A new design will be released as soon as possible also. 
More to come

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