Thanks to an idea PsychoRabbit brought forward to me I am releasing community hubs for our games, I have ARK 90% there, I have some work to do on it but if you want to have a look at the current progress and give me your view, suggestions or ideas please do. You can see it here: https://jrnetwork.net/servers/hub/arkse/
I'll be doing every server category we have at JR. It'll take a bit of time but I'll have things done in the next few days. Please give me your feedback on what you think. 
We have also done the following bug fixes on the servers:
Updated Ragnarok to fix a lot of level streaming issues players were having Updated Structures plus

By Jamie, in Ark: Survival Evolved ,

While we are awaiting a big update on the 30th of may a minor update was just released and uploaded to our servers. There should be a Ragnarok update in the next day or so.
Up-to-date Linux server version with subsequent crash fixes. Updated Structures Plus
While I was sleeping Ragnarok got to the 50% mark and updated their mod.
I have just awoken and updated Ragnarok on the server, please note if you are outdated you will not be able to join the server.
Known bug: They do have a streaming level bug confirmed, while playable the level may not fully load around you. If that happens press esc, Wait for it to load around you and then go back in game. The ETA for a fix for this is unknown. The Rag server should be updated very soon, all im waiting for is the mod to upload to the server. Other updates:
Structures plus was updated today Server side Ark should have an update on the 30th. This will help performance.