Bridge! The construction game

It is a puzzle game, that really makes you think.
Your job is to build a bridge, in a certain place, with a certain geography.

The game idea is pretty simple, but complicated at the same time, the game gives you a certain amount of parts, a limited budget and limited amount of points of support that you can use (Places in the ground where you can attach your pieces).

The pieces they give you to use vary in material, the different materials have differences in resistance, length limits and price.
It is your job to choose the right design for the bridge, parts to use (from those available), where and how to put them, according to your available points of support. To move to the next level, the bridge must resist the passage of cars, the bridge gets tested, if it fails you have to go back to the drawing table. Before testing it, if you select the option to use trucks, if the bridge holds, you get extra points.

The graphics are very basic, with low quality, and some brightness problems.

Another issue despite the graphics, its that the game is really short, you finish it in a couple of hours.

It is an interesting game, that makes you think, but it can be very difficult and frustrating, the graphics are very basic, the interface has some serious problems. I recommend it only for people who are interested in challenges, and do not mind the low quality graphics. (5 / 10)

That is a review for a game i tried a while ago, but for what i have seen in the gameplay videos, it has advanced a lot.

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Publisher: Aerosoft
Developer: TexSickLabs
Release Date: 04/2011
Genre: Simulation/Puzzle
Languages: ENG/DEU/FR/SPA
Official site:
Cost: Download: 19.99 Euros Buy: 12.99 Euros

System requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: 2,6 GHz
RAM: minimum 2048
VGA: 256 MB min. Geforce 6000 or Radeon X 1000
DirectX: 9.0c or better
HDD: 430 MB

Bridge Construction

This game is extremely similar to Bridge!, the gameplay is the same, the way to build the bridges, the materials, the cost, the lenght limits, the passage of cars with a bonus for trucks the building table with the grid, some of the missions are the same.

The graphics are similar in style, just improved in quality.

The main differences are that the amount of missions its higher, and there is some different materials, they added the steel cables, and concrete columns.

It is an improvement of the other game, in graphics, length of the game, and gameplay with those new materials, it makes it feel more real. Is a newer version of Bridge!?, is a copy?, dont know, there is absolutely no info about it.
If you go to the game site you will see a blank page with an image in the middle that links you to the facebook account, that is completely empty too, no info, not even an image of the game, nothing.(6/10)

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Publisher: HeadUp Games
Developer: ClockStone Studio
Genre: Simulation/Puzzle


Assassins Creed Review

By Guest, in Multi-Platform Reviews,

The Assassin Creed Series Started off bad. In the first Game you did the same thing over and over agian. But when Assassins creed II came out it got alot better, with a way better storyline and missions. I Think Assassins Creeds II was the longest of the series. But, the game is set in present day, where some one named Desmond gets kidnapped. He is hooked up to a machine Called the Animus. In The Animus he relives his Ancestors memories. When Assassins Creed Brotherhood came out the game took me a week to get done with the main storyline and to this day im still not done with it, but the main storyline got shorter then in Assassins Creed II. The recently Assassins Creeed Revelations came out. It had Alot of awsome new feautures, but the storyline still got shorter. Either the games were getting shorter or i was getting way better at the game.

Either way i wanted to play more. I can't wait until the next one comes out. .Almost in Every game in the Assassin creed series the reason he is reliving thier memories is because he i looking for something in their memory. Like in Assassins Creed Brother Hood it was the Apple of Eden. Each game they build up a story line but at the end of Revelation i was left confusedI was like how does this have anything to do with the story line?. Im still cuirous how they move forward from revalations. But overall i rate the series a 10/10. Even though the first was bad they made up for it in the other games in my point of view.

System Requirements For the xbox360: 300Kb to save the game, HDTV 720p/1080p
(Second Fourm =D)


Airport Tycoon 3

By Guest, in PC Reviews,

Airport Tycoon 3 is a business simulation game released in 2003 where you must build and run a successfull airport near a major city.

From an empty plot of land, you must build terminals, parking lots, runways, support structures, and build your own airport empire. The idea of the game is to make money by making contracts with airlines to let them land and providing them services.

As airport starts running, you need to negotiate contracts with the various businesses, including airlines, maintenance companies, catering, cargo handlers, concessionaires, parking, taxi, railroad, hotels, gas stations and much more.

Thats mostly what you have to do, do i recommend it?, no, Why?, its boring, it has bad graphics, the tutorial its horrible, the interface is hard to understand, you have so few money that you go bankrupt really fast, and it takes ages until an airline sends you an offer and more time to get an airplane to land. And the worst, what the he... is wrong with the time, if you fast forward the game when an airplane is approaching, it takes like a week for the plane to land ?!?!, if you leave it in real time it takes just a couple of hours , there is something seriously wrong there...

IGN rated it 4/10, i agree.(3/10)

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Publisher: Global Star Software
Developer: Interactive Vision
Serie: FIFA Manager
Genre: Bussiness Simulation, Management
Release Date: 25 October 2003
Cost: 19.99 USD
Original Name: Air Mogul


OS: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
CPU: Unknown, but doesnt require much.
VGA: Vga with 32 Mb VRAM
RAM: 256 Mb
HDD: 600 Mb
Direct X: Unknown


Torchlight - Abit like Diablo

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Heya everyone.

(Please note that this is my first ever review of a game! Actually my first review of anything at all!
so please let me know what you think about it, and what i could do better!)

Recently (yesterday >_<) i began playing a game called Torchlight.
It reminds me a whole lot about Diablo II, and it got a load of similar features, you could
call it a "Diablo Clone" i guess. Most "Cloned" games usually suck, like all thoes F2P(Free to play) MMO's thats out there, they got bad graphics, weird controls, not the best content, and are mostly just a really bad "clones".

But with Torchlight this is not the case. The game is actually really entertaining so far!


-Randomly generated levels, no more walking through the same area over and over and over.. Its all random! WIN!

-It got a nice and easy understandable UI (User Interface)

-It got "Cartoonish" graphics like WoW does, and i like that.

-The sounds is usually really good, except for speech, i would like to have it fully voiced.

-Its easy to begin playing, the controls is good, and it mostly feels like it should.

-You can sell items from anywhere(a few exceptions). You got a dog/cat/other pet which got a backpack too. You can give your leftover items to the pet, and send it to the town to sell all the items! (There is a "delay" on this, it will take X seconds/minutes for the pet to sell the items, depending on where you are in the game.


-Limited number of skills. So far i have only played one character, the "Destroyer", but i dont find too many useful skills that i can choose between. But its still good!

-You can enchant ALL your equipment by simply talking to a NPC in the town, he will do this for an amount of gold depending on the item level and previous enchantments. This feature is unbalanced in my opinion. You can enchant the same items as many times as you want to, each with a slight increasing chance to disenchant the item. This makes it possible to make extremely powerful weapons and other gear. An example here: I used around 5k gold to enchant an item, after a few enchants it went from 200DPS to 370 DPS. That is nearly 2x its previous power for some useless gold :/ (DPS is also known as Damage Per Second)

I would give this game a overall of 8/10

Here is a gameplay clip from the game that i made.
Its recorded with overwolf, so the graphics isnt the best in the video (Was too lazy to setup Fraps o.o)

14.99€ on Steam
3,74€ for the next 24 hours (Ends around 23th december at midnight)

PC System Requirements

OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: x86-compatible 800MHz processor
Memory: 512MB
Graphics: DirectX-compatible 3D graphics with at least 64MB of addressable memory (such as an ATI Radeon 7200, NVIDIA GeForce 2, or Intel GMA 950)
DirectX®: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 400MB
[*] Mac System Requirements


OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later
Processor: Intel Mac
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with 256MB dedicated RAM (ATI Radeon X1600 or nVidia equivalent)
Hard Drive: 800MB


Powder Toy

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Powder toy is a sandbox game created by HARDWIRE. Powder Toy is were there is no limits to imagination. This small download for pc and (recently) mac, gets you to use your mind for something that can be explosively, unbelievably, satisfying-ly cool.

The controls for this game are real basic, because it's just your mouse. With the mouse you just click on an element on the side of the screen and then just in the centre were the element will be placed. It doesn't matter which elements you choose and when, where and why you placed them, it's all to your hearts content. With 150 elements and more to choose from, there is a whole lot of discovering ahead of you. As you become more familiar with the elements, you then accustom your keyboard into the mix.

This game also has different kinds of features like changing the display like the 'fire display' which puts emphasis on objects on fire and 'alternate velocity display'. There is also a pressure and temperature feature which put more depth into when one element reacts with another. Just to other features there are heat simulation, ambient heat simulation, newtonian gravity, water equalisation test and fullscreen.

For more depth in the game visit the simulation gallery. This shows other users latest creations. You may think you might be good, but they know what there doing! An example is this this guy created a launch able rocket, with cars and helicopters, were the best I can do is make a flame thrower!

Powder Toy is more than other science and physics sandbox games. It is more than just watching stuff explode, this can be a serious creativity application that allows you to build machines, independent environments and art. You can think of yourself as a god, with powers that can never end!


System Requirements:
Mac: Intel Mac OS X (10.6)
Windows: Windows XP/Vista/7
Linux: 32 Bit


Mac: Download (Trusted)
Windows: Powder Toy Download (Trusted)
Linux: Powder Toy Download (Trusted)