JRTV is getting interesting, we are getting more people viewing our videos and we are getting some interesting submissions.
JRTV Episode 10 is coming, but we need more content?! Please submit any gaming clips you may have to share. It's a great opportunity to get your own youtube / twitch or other video channel featured. https://jrnetwork.net/jrtv/submission/?do=form
When you submit a video, if successfully entered to the video we will feature your streaming / video channel in the comments and on the video!
Please note you can now upload clips to JRTV straight from your computer as long as you are logged in to JR. Also note these clips will only be stored on the server till I download them. They will be removed shortly after upload from our servers.

JR is currently rebooting it's ARK servers to update Capitalism and relevant mods to Capitalism.
We will be adding new mods to JR ARK soon, Any changes were voted here: 
The following is the log of things updated in this update.
Update of 09.05.2018 ~ 13:30
Currency PropsTable PlayerTrader  ResearchTable NPCTrader  AdminTable BountyHunter We hope you continue to enjoy our ARK Services

Sorry for JRTV being late this week, it's just a bit late. Had a few things to resolve on my PC. Either way, it is here now. 
Watch all of it so you don't miss the special announcement.

Few website things have changed today, read on for more information
- Enabled attachment sending between members in private messages
- Allowed all users to create Read Only clubs (Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Users need to be invited by a leader to join.) See clubs at https://jrnetwork.net/clubs
- Increased reaction allowance to 20 times per day per user (Unless supporter / premium rank)
- Ability to create private albums / restricted albums / & delete albums so you can take control of your images or use us to store & share your images. https://jrnetwork.net/gallery
- Ability to change rating of content on JR if wanted
- Can now import status updates from facebook / twitter 
- Ability to lock / unlock / hide own content
- Users can now choose between a grid or table layout on the forum
- Mobile view has been improved slightly, especially in relation to the server list
JR now has 3 different paid-for ranks, this is to help us continue to provide services, its not compulsory in any way and you will not receive a better / less better service from JR with or without them. By purchasing these ranks you will get some additional features and also the removal of adverts from our website. You can see the differences between the ranks here:
Other small updates
Automatic content moderation is now at JR.  This means that if staff don't react fast enough after 5 unique member reports the system will automatically hide the content and staff will be notified. 
We are also working on an issue that is occuring on the server list causing player names not to display. We hope to have this sorted soon.

And here today, I present you with JR Version X (X because there has been so many versions of JR I couldn't think of anything better)
A big thank you to @Robbie for the design and effort put in to the new version of JR. 
There is tons more to come to JR, We hope you continue to enjoy using our services and enjoy our future content.
As for future content here is JRTV #EP7