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Just to remind you that the final date for entry for the next JRTV episode is Friday. The best video we get will win the user 10 Euro or equivalent in steam credit!
You can submit video links here: https://jrnetwork.net/jrtv
JR spends a lot of money on licencing and server hardware. We have a bill to pay soon and I've just had a lot of bills to pay. Currently all the bills are 99% paid for by me.  I pay out roughly €2300 a year.
If you can spare a euro, a fiver or any amount of money I'd really appreciate the help. I don't normally ask but over the past year I've been hit hard from JR finances.
We are not going anywhere but I am struggling to afford things at times, if you could help please help! It would be amazing if the community could help me.
If you can help, please click here:

We have had some community feedback in relation to levelling, due to ascension players have been unable to get the upgrade station unlocked due to  ascension being required to continue getting further levels. 
To sort this issue we have increased our level count to 264 (Max level after ascension)
We are also trialling this plugin: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1267677473 on our Ragnarok server to see how it handles from community feedback found here: 
We hope you enjoy the changes. Have any more suggestions? Please suggest here: https://suggest.jrnetwork.net/

I haven't had chance to do much to our ARK servers lately, today I have done the following:
Increased dino levels up to 350 on every server Removed kibble table as the current version is broken and was causing issues in learning different engrams Optimized a few things We are looking at moving ARK to a different control panel soon which will help with moderation, but there is slow progress on this due to the fact ARK does not like having a proper console.
We are looking at different ways to improve our ark servers, if you have any more suggestions please share them at https://suggest.jrnetwork.net/

Hope you enjoy the first short episode of JRTV. We hope that the community will upload some clips for us to feature on the next few episodes. Our episodes will become longer as soon as we get more clips to feature. To send us a video please submit one here: https://jrnetwork.net/jrtv/submission/?do=form
Thanks to: TeoZFrank, Qwertycore and ImaginaryXbox for the clips!

As you may know, we are starting to create and upload videos for our community. We want to feature our communities accomplishments, fails and more. To do this we need to get you guys to upload your clips. To do this you can submit the links to your videos here: https://jrnetwork.net/jrtv/submission/?do=form
We will take Playstation, Xbox and PC clips. Any game footage can be posted Please ensure your clips are not over 30 seconds long.  Videos must be of 720 P or higher quality.  Please upload your clip to YouTube, dropbox, google drive, one drive or a different cloud hosting solution so we can download a copy, view and possibly use within our videos. Videos must be in English.  Please note, we may not use all the videos we get and we may not use them the week of posting, they may be used at any time after submission.
When you upload a clip, if it is used. We will feature your JR and YouTube username (if you have a youtube account). 


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