Hi guys,
We have altered the way our engram points work. This is due to some players not having enough engrams for all items and for some players who have purchased the upgrade station and not being able to do anything else after.
The engrams for the upgrade station have also been lowered to fix things for people who have purchased the upgrade station, instead of 4000 points it will be now 700 for each station.
The engrams go up as follows:

Due to the success of our Just Cause 3 Multiplayer servers we have changed the following:
Added Vehicle Bombs Upped the player limit to 150 slots Changed the message of the day and description Added auto messages to show users our services in game Vehicle Bombs You SAY?
Sensor The vehicle will explode as soon as someone gets into it. Timer The vehicle will explode after the specified time. Detonator The vehicle will explode by one pressing of the button which you will select at first. Don't forget: If you want to get into some car, then be careful! If the car hasn't exploded after you have got into it, check is the bomb installed. It is recommended to check the car for existence of a bomb 2-3 times.
How do they work?
Press DEL when you are in a car. It'll ask you to choose the bomb type. After choosing and exiting the car if you step in or if someone steps in to the car it will explode.
OK. I found a bomb. How can I defuse it?
Press END. Your character will begin to look for a bomb. It can take from 1 to 10 seconds. It is worth noting that the character may not always find a bomb therefore it is recommended to check the car 2-3 times.
So, you found a bomb. You will see 4 numbers, which change very quickly. Click number and press number (numpad also supported) on your keyboard which is shown. You must do that with all 4 numbers. Be careful and goodluck!
We hope you enjoy this latest addition to our JC3MP servers, we will be looking at adding more features in the future  
The devs have been kind enough to update our client and server to fix a few issues including:
Fixed a crash when opening/closing a destroyed cargo planes door Fixed a crash on shutdown due to Steam not being exited properly Fixed a crash related to phyiscs processing for weapons Fixed a crash related to unoccupied vehicles and sync We hope this will improve your game experience. We have updated the server with the latest patch
JR is committed to provide it's members with good quality servers. We have just released our Just Cause 3 MP server!
We are excited to provide this new experience for players around Europe. There are only a few servers for JC3 (24 in fact) but we are proud to say we have one of the best pings around Europe, we are in the top 5 servers with ping.
Since releasing the server last night we instantly had players on, this morning we were packed out at 32 of 32 slots filled. We have updated the slot count to 80, but to be a bit different and crazy we have upped it to 120 slots which will take effect on the next reboot.
We have kept everything rather vanilla and haven't added any plugins to the server. You can join, spawn in any weapon or vehicle you want and just annihilate and get annihilated!
To join this server you can connect with the following steam link: steam://connect/c3po.jrnetwork.net:4201/
Currently we have not added this to our server list yet. We will be soon but I do not have the time to add in the code currently. This will be done as soon as I get a time to code.
We hope you enjoy this new experience
We have changed some of our modifications on our PVE servers, to continue to play our servers steam will change the mods that your client uses when you play on our server. It may take a tiny bit of time to download the mods before you have access to the server. You can also download the mod pack so you can do it before you load the game.
The mod pack link is listed: http://arkhub.jrnetwork.net/
The following has changed:
Removed LCTentTier Removed MRRadTools Added eco's Tek Decor Added Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture For more information see the topic Zaranza posted: 
These changes will update on the server when the server restarts at 3 AM