As we continue to support our minecraft servers, here are a few bug fixes yesterday and today on our minecraft servers.
fixed multiple homes for premium fixed nicknames for premium fixed color chat for premium fixed NPC's that were not spawning fixed /rules fixed MOTD not showing for players fixed Creative /spawn fixed Premium problems for creative server too updated worldborder on survival to be 3500 block radius rendered world for survival to avoid loading issues  fixed Minecraft Survival Map play.jrcraft.net:8111 fixed Minecraft Creative Map play.jrcraft.net:8112 If you have any issues on any of our servers please forward a bug report here
Recently we had release our ARK PVP server, we have changed a few things on our PVP server to bring in new players.
It's now not white-listed unless we get packed full of players Changed server name We have decided next month we will be using ragnarok Ark has also updated to: 264.15
- Fixed Artifact Crates having no Artifacts within them.
- Fixed structure startup crash. Highly recommend all servers hosts immediately upgrade to this version!
We hope you agree with our changes with PVP! More to come to JR soon
Mod update:
Death recovery mod while writing this article needed an update so we have ran a update on our servers now for this:
Version 1.7.3
* Improve compatability with other mods.
We have been working on JRCraft to bring a better experience to our players with a ingame vote we have decided to reset the map. So we have setup a new map with a new spawn. The spawn is actually Palymra and for people who played old JR, you will remember AnioNovus built this by hand. It's a brilliant piece of art and we are proud to bring it back to life!
Please note you can not build till you fully leave the spawn!
We have made a few warps away from spawn to help you find a place to build right away
/warp town1 /warp town2 /warp town3 /warp town4 We have also created a new membership which is one time just for donator minecraft members. Please note this is still in beta and more things are been added to the membership and when you buy it any new things we add to donators or premium members you will get
A few other fixes:
Fixed permissions in survival, creative may need to be sorted Updated bridge to website to work with new donator group Set a new worldborder on map and generating map in background Hope you enjoy the server guys! Message me privately or leave a comment if you'd like help or information!
Ark delights us with a world of fixes and additions to all servers and ragnarok has also updated in this patch! The servers are in the process of updating as we speak.
Please note before the next Ragnarok update look at the end of the post here at the photos. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/211287-ragnarok-dlc-patchnotes-update-is-out/ If you have your base there make sure you move it or you will loose everything!!!
ARK Update:
- SimpleSky (non-TrueSky) system with atmospheric fog.
- SP Dinos no longer fall thru cave floors.
- Streaming destructible meshes, optimized memory.
- Fixed Host menu settings: Multiple Platform Floors on Rafts, Fishing Quality Slider, Crafting Quality Slider, Unlimited Respecs, Offline Raid Protection Logoff Period.
- Added Host menu settings: Disable Dino Taming, Disable Dino Riding, Fuel Consumption Interval Multiplier, Increase Platform Structure Limit.
- Yutyrannus now has an automatic-courage mode in singleplayer. When set, the Yuty will give a courage roar every 30 seconds if an ally dino is in front of it.
- Fixed a bug that provided infinite power.
- Reworked Trike Charge Forward/Tail wag animations.
- Increased thrown spear damage.
- Removed underwater fog.
- Ichthy and Pego no longer steal item skins.
- Fixed an bug where it would rain underwater.
- Fixed an issue where the Max Level Dino achievement would not be awarded. 
- Final boss balance for Broodmother/Megapithecus/Dragon bosses in singleplayer.
- Hitting creatures with a torch can now set them on fire.
- Player default name changed to 'Human'.
- Fixed hat sockets on multiple creatures.
- Tweaked radial wheel to prevent accidentally opening submenus.
- Metal Windowed Walls now match Metal Walls when painted.
- Implant no longer shows up while searching in the inventory.
- Moved some artifacts on TheCenter map.
- Re-instated TheCenter jump puzzle with artifact as the reward for completing.
- Increased brightness underwater on TheCenter and fixed the barrier not being visible underwater.
- Fixed an issue that causes rafts to teleport upwards out of the Underworld on TheCenter.
- Fixed Eels not being tameable in Prim Plus.
- Changed crafting requirement for tranq harpoon bolt in Prim Plus.
- Various PGARK improvements.
- Map markers more accurate on PGARK.
Ragnarok Update:
switched AllowMultipleTamedUnicorns switch to true/false boolean changed wyvern spawn behavior in trench (should fix the spawn inside walls) reduced total wilddino count to 25k (should fix lag and crashing issues) reduced SE spawns in WIP area added way to get cactus sap in playarea (look for aloe vera*) underfoliage pass on A1, A2, C4, B3, B4 fixed overspawn of squids on westcoast fixed lava golem exploit fixed jungle / lava cave flyer glitch fixed iceworm queen spawn improved iceworms spawning behavior fixed flyer glitch in icedungeon improved bossfights in dungeons (iceworm queen & lavagolem) moved several lootdrops from popular building locations swapped and added more rocks for farming with dunkleo (gives metal/stone/flint) fixed streaming issues in icedungeon & jungledungeon fixed castle spawns added & improved IBLs in castle basement fixed IBL on top of glacier (mighty blue dot) patched misc holes in meshes verified all artifact cashes are accessible reduced quality and quantity of lavagolem loot fixed gaps in world barrier to WIP area added Yuty spawns to murder snow biome made polar bears showing their names (no more undercover life) readded vulture spawns to mudslide area changed/added/moved several spawns fixed cavedamage beeing to high (36x -> 6x) removed Ciaphas spawn in westtrench added megalania and tameable bat spawns to carni caverns renamed custom spawns removed treasure chests fixed wrong wild level cap of Icewyvern added more possible location for beached whales in scotland/highlands added new biome names removed icewyvern spawns from Snowarea near Vikingbay (only way to get eggs is murder snow now) overworked ingamemap multiple other bug fixes (collision/holes/traps/foliage)
Recently we have been doing some bugfixes on our minecraft servers. This includes the following changes:
Updated Spigot on all servers Updated bungeecord  Updated placeholder API Fixed Nether Spawn Fixed MOTD Network optimizations We are still working on our Minecraft servers and we are looking for release some more features soon.