Today we had two updates, one bring us back to 258.51 and this update I have just pushed bringing about 258.61 (Go Fig, Ark)
This update:
* Added Tek ATV visuals, and added rideable Passenger Seat to Tek ATV
* Fixed an issue with Character paintings not loading in singleplayer
* Fixed a texture streaming issue
* Fixed some main menu gamepad issues
* WIP reorganization of Dino commands into Action Wheel submenus, much more to come.
All servers are up to date and will be available in the next 3 - 5 minutes.
JR has added a new server to test and see what people think, We have added the Shigoislands map as suggested by a member of our community. We are trialling this on PVPve to see what users think and we would love to hear your experience playing at JR!
If you have any suggestions or queries please check out our community hub for ARK: http://arkhub.jrnetwork.net/
To give the new server a test drive you can either join it with using a obelisk or by connecting here: steam://connect/ark.jrnetwork.net:27031/
We hope you enjoy the new server and game mode, we are really excited to see where this takes us!
Again ARK has greeted us with a lovely update!
New Primitive+ update. Requires server update for Prim+ compatibility!!!
Updated Host Settings Menu (you can now set most Server Settings thru this UI, and also set which Engrams are available) Updated various sounds Changed Spider to be able to attack and shoot webbing while moving, and also now the Rider can aim the webbing Rebalanced Broodmother (WIP - Current changes include: AI Improvements. She'll spawn minions more efficiently, the spider webs from these minions are much more effective than they were previously, she'll be smarter at targeting when people are out of range and will shoot skill shots better. As well as reductions to her overall health and damage.) This update we at JR have added:
Advanced Rafts Kibble Table (Kibble Vending Replacement) This is due to this post
Don't forget to vote for the new changes at ARK here: http://arkhub.jrnetwork.net/