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Hopefully this update will resolve a few crashing issues with clients and servers.
The latest update log is as follows:
1.0.4 is now live and should be downloaded automatically from Steam in a few minutes.
Fixed TeamViewer causing the mouse to not work Fixed our crash handler incorrectly catching some internal windows exceptions which are not critical Fixed players not getting removed properly from a vehicle on vehicle destruction Fixed vehicles not getting deleted properly Attempted to fix player incorrectly getting teleported into vehicles Possible fix for a client crash related to steam Added file transfer failed UI notifcation with retry button Added reconnect button to the lost connection dialog Filetransfer now internally retries each file up to 5 times Server
Network improvements We fixed an issue which incorrectly sent messages that were intended for a specific player to all players Fixed an incompatibilty issue related to steamclient.so which prevented the server from starting in some cases Fixed AddInputHandler not working Fixed controlling entity assignment not taking dimension into account this caused weird behavior with vehicles when changing dimensions Possible fix for a server crash related to destroying vehicles Possible fix for 'rubber banding' issue Promoted a log message from debug to warn We also updated some internal libraries (you shouldn't be affected by this) The server has a new internal version, we will force the usage of this version for the masterlist in a few days.

While I don't think this update will fix all the crashing issues I believe it will help.
Chris and myself are still coming up with solutions. It seems only to happen when something is activated, moved or flown. We are still trying to pin down the source. Any players to replicate the crashing bug please contact me directly right away!
Latest update patch notes:
- Fixed SM4 sky
- Fixed client chat issue
- Fixed TheCenter landscape material issue


Minecraft Update

By Jamie, in Minecraft,

We are working on our Minecraft server to bring more and more features to our server.
The most recent update from JR is as follows:
Fixed /protect To use: Type //wand select two points with left and right mouse button and then type /protect areaname Added /jobs (Enjoy the new jobs you can do) Changed the economy system Added chest shop plugin. Premium members or staff can create shops (WE are working on a server shop currently) Added mob rewards plugin  Make money with killing mobs! If you are looking for more information or have a suggestion please post in the forum!

Recently we have had some issues with our Ragnarok server crashing. 
I hate when our servers give us trouble, a fix would have been pushed earlier but unfortunately work has got in the way for me. Anyway on to todays update.
There was seemingly a few issues that were causing the crashes, so good so far since the update I have pushed.
Updated ACM Fixed a few small bugs with our restart and update script Fixed issue with server OS Removed classic flyers test totem Removed Wyvern mating due to issue with over spawning If you have any other issues with the server please contact us using the help center: https://jrnetwork.net/help/help-center/


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