We have now patched to the latest ark update.
Current Version: v258.45
* Added client Option to Hide Floating Player Profile Names (Steam User names)
* Fixed some Boss Arena collisions
* Tribes UI now properly alters Tribe Member settings when in "Show Online Tribe Members" view
* Fixed an issue with pressing Escape to close Options menu
* Alpha Tus now drops some regular Tus tentacles again
Hopefully ARK updates will slow soon till the next major update!
It's been a while since we have had a TF2 update. The following below is what was added
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
Added Arms Race 3 community medals Added FBTF Cup 6v6 Season 4 tournament medals Players who leave a Casual or MvM match for any reason cannot be re-matched into the match in question for a few minutes Players who are vote-kicked from a Casual or MvM match cannot be re-matched into the match in question for several hours Fixed Competitive match history sometimes appearing as empty when connection to matchmaking servers is lost Fixed a crash when exiting the client Fixed teleporters teleporting players that respawn or change team during the teleport animation This fixes an exploit possible when playing on some "instant respawn" community servers Fixed the Neutron Star unusual effect being occasionally displaced after the player respawns Fixed Rescue Ranger bolts healing disposable sentries in MvM Fixed some text in the UI only displaying the first character on OS X and Linux Updated localization files
ARK yet again brings more updates, hopefully they will slow down with updates soon and just release a big update.
We will be looking at changing kibble vending machiene to the kibble table soon and also will be adding Advanced Rafts.
As requested by this poll:
Since our last news article the following has been updated:
Personal Grave Ragnarok  Artifacts are now spread throughout the map Multiple fixes and new zone polish New snow/volcano area Blends in certain areas Perf Opt Volcano Current v2.6
Wild Dino Wipe is highly recommended for this update
- 2x New caves (1x land and 1x underwater only)
- Added Manticore Arena (all 3 difficulties)
- More Ocean work (more details underwater in the south)
- Extended the desert a bit
- Reworked Desert Cave (a bit smaller, but a bit harder)
- Some landscape changes for the south area of the map 
( more details http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/715028562/1318836262670703510 )
- Changed the appearance of the Special SE Loot Crate and removed all the SE stuff from the loot table ( will spawn less and changed the name to Special Loot Crate ) 
- Reworked the crater of the middle volcano
- Fixed collision box of the big trees in jungle and swamp
- Added a fix map difficulty 5.0(Trial Run, will see if people like it)
- Some other landscape changes for the snow biome coastline in the north east
- Landscape of the sheep island is now part of the main landscape (no extra landscape for the island)
- Reworked all the dinos spawns (more sorted, more spino spawns, more better yay)
- Reworked baby spawns (added almost all dinos, less spawners than before, but a higher chance of wild babys)
- Added Alpha Megalodon
- Added Liopleurodon
- Added Bee's
- Added Alpha Sheep (Badass Sheep rare and gives you nice rewards)
- Fixed hole in 1 of the water bridges
- Fixed dinos spawns in Swamp Cave, they're not tameable anymore ARK patches: Current Version: v258.44
* Shocking Darts can now only be crafted specifically with Tranq Darts, not other Shocking Darts.
* Re-added the "Give Default Survivor Items" checkbox to the Options Menu
* Fertilized Microraptor Eggs will not decompose on the ground anymore
* Further improved ATV handling
* Fixed Babies sometimes starving at low server update rates
* Fixed issue where Lio Buff wasn't giving items on various Supply Crates
* Fixed collisions on Gorilla and Dragon arenas
* Fixed custom recipe colors not appearing on icons.
* Added "ARK Anniversary Cake Slice" item on servers.
* Updated the Pause and Options Menus
* Fixed ATV wheel physics from "flipping" out randomly, drives pretty nice now
* Fixed a crash with Mods
* Fixed particle systems not appearing at large world coordinates
* Made Alpha Leeds more common on The Island, and made them give 5 Blubber items rather than just 1. Also made Alpha Megalodon slightly more common.
* Fixed Offline Raid Protection in PvE mode to allow accessing unlocked Item Containers, Pin Locking, and not drowning Tames.
RUST has recently updated, please read the dev blog for all information. This has caused a forced server wipe due to recent changes in the landscape.
RUST has recently updated, please read the dev blog for all information. This has caused a forced server wipe due to recent changes in the landscape.