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Server Downtime

By Jamie, in News,

We have switched servers, got a better backup system running and we have been working on our look, our website speed and our server configurations, we are happy to report as of now, we are fully up and running and all our services (Apart from IRC (temporary) )

We hope that you enjoy JR in the years to come, we are sorry about the downtime but we are back, stronger and better than ever. I'd also like to thank our new graphics designer Ryan (Xemnes) For redoing our logo and helping us with the recent look on our website. He has done a lot of the graphics work and it's only fair to thank him.

Anyway, back to work !
See ya soon,


The Hunger Games

By Wave100, in News,

Okay, Jamie is very busy, as usual. So stop bugging him about the Hunger Games plugin. He'll install it when he can. Judging by the recent updates, I'd give the update 3 days or so. I'll edit this post with news as I hear it.


How do I get it?

Well to get it you have to be an active member at JR, not just a little member who crys I WANTS RANK!
You earn it by 150 healthy posts in the forum (not spam) and you will automatically rank up to citizen +. 150 Posts ain't a lot and is real easy to get if you post and join in the community!

Why 150 posts?

We feel the JR Community forums are lacking, this seemed the best way to get them active and more fun for everyone

I want helper?

To get helper you must have at least Citizen + or VIP. This way we know if you are loyal to JR and want to help out instead of causing trouble.

What do you get?
- Create a clan
- Have a block hat
- Use world guard flags
- Use block door
- Use mob disguise
- A spanky great big + before your name showing how BAWS you are <--- Sorry only I get that

How long does this last?

- It's infinite, it doesn't expire as long as you have 150 posts!

We hope you like the new rank,


Spout And JR

By Jamie, in Gaming Servers,

What about flight? There is no client mod for spout?

I'm working on this to enable flight server side for spout users, unfortunately the original plugin we used for spout isn't working so I'm working on this.

There will be more spout features to make JR's experience even better stick around to find out We hope you enjoy this new features.


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