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All personal information is secure and has not been leaked to a third party. As an ever-advancing server with aspirations to please its userbase, JRCraft has tightened its security systems in preparation for the future. We request that all users whose accounts have been lost register on our website again so the issue may be resolved. Support will be available in the very near future to facilitate our restoration. We deeply apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation during these difficult times at JR.

We have sufficient evidence against the party involved who caused this and we may be taking legal action against them.

Please be aware if you are a minecraft user on JR you will have to edit your profile and add your minecraft username again. We are sorry about this inconvience

If you have lost any permissions such as gold membership please send an email to jamie@jrnetwork.net and we will sort out your case right away and reward you with a free months membership. Please note we will need paypal transaction ID's to make sure you have actually bought it. (Or paypal email account)

(Jamie) I'm not asking for you to, but if anyone can donate towards our server fees this month it would be really appreciated, we are going to be in trouble this month if we don't get some help by you the community. We hope you can help us out through this troubling time.

- JR Staff Team
Everyone will be able to play the full beta version until the 23th April at 19:00 CEST.

Click HERE to download the Diablo III Beta client!

In order to login and play, you must have a battle.net account, you can create one by clicking HERE!

After creating your account, you must choose a "BattleTag", you can do so by clicking HERE!

When all that is done, simply login to the game!

You might have some login problems, the purpose of this public beta is to stress test their servers so that they are ready for a smooth release the 15th May.

If you got any more questions then please visit the official FAQ by clicking the link below!


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Rank information

Head Staff / Founders -> Work on internal things at JR Network, they are very busy at most times and not to be bugged for little issues, there is other staff for problems such as this. Head staff will work upon, website development, staff and member management

Head Admins -> Head admins are in charge of all of the other admins.
Admins -> In charge of moderators
MCBlock.IT Team -> Works with the MCBlock.IT plugin which is JR's banning system (coming soon)
Planet Minecraft Staff -> Staff from planet minecraft who help out at JR
Grief Police ->Work on griefs around JR Craft
Helper -> Global helper around JR Network. This is basically a trainee rank to see how you would be in the complete staff team
JR Network Video Development team -> The team who work on JR's videos.
Staff Members
JR Network Board of Management

Owner, Boss man:
Rebel24 - Jamie - Website developer, designer, server administrator

Head Staff / Founders
- Spunky8086 - Tawny - Founder, jamies girlfriend
- Damsch12 - Damian - Founder, Forum head global administrator
- Peter - Peter - Staff Management and Member Management
- Flaw - Ruppi - Staff Management and Organization

JR Network Video Development Team
- System - Head Video Developer
- Space to be filled

Minecraft Staff Team
US Team

Admin Team
- Barbermiss Lead Admin
- Rstoy Vice Lead Admin
- JxAce
- IgbarX

Moderating Team
- Lalalexie
- Juggagirl
- Armdys
- Prometheus33

MCBlock.IT Team
- Felryder

Grief Police Team
- lttf
- moorhead

Planet Minecraft Staff
- _rouge
- Jack_Keeley

Helper Team
- munomana
- zulu765
- Bullseye55
- Wave100

Minecraft Staff Team
EU Team

Admin team
- QuDubz Lead Admin
- Kev Vice Lead Admin
- Joe_JRN

Moderating Team
- Wavesludge
- _CSB_

MCBlock.IT Team
- Gaz492

Grief Police Team
- Cutekittencream

Helper Team
- Sgt_wilkie

Anyway congratulations if you were picked as a new staff member or promoted Please report to a moderator on some information on what you can now do!

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Worldguard tweaking
Max Claim Volume:30000 -> 50000 blocks
Max Player Region Count: 7 -> 20
Impossible to need another tool, tools are inifinatley usable
Disabled fall-damage
Disabled lava-damage
Disabled fire-damage
Disabled lightning-damage
Disabled drowning-damage
Disabled suffocation-damage
Disabled contact-damage

Mobarena is now more challenging
Mobarena will not respawn you to spectating on death
Final Wave on mobarena is 50
Lottery tickets cost: 20 pound each and you can now get 40 of them
Deleted some unnecessary files
Updated war to latest version, heavy bug fixes
Added warnings plugin to warn users on server rule violations (you will be banned after 3 of these)

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Why Vote?
It shows you support us
It gets us up the ranks in top lists
Gets you free ingame cash

So Where to Go To Get This Cash?
Planet Minecraft: http://pm.jrcraft.net
Minestatus: http://mcs.jrcraft.net
Minecraft Server List: http://mcsl.jrcraft.net

REMEMBER: Input your Minecraft username when you vote otherwise you will not get any cash!