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Daily i see new topics, and many of them is about some simple questions which you should very easily be
able to get a answer for if you just use a minute to ask in the chat in-game.

Please avoid doing this, we just end up with a forum filled with topics which only required a single post to solve.

Also, if you got a project (like a city or something) which you post a topic about, then please try to keep all discussion about the project in that topic.
Do not make a new topic in which you ask people to help/vote/something else for a topic that you already got up.

Instead, you should edit the title of your first topic. To do this, go to the first post you made in that topic and press the "Edit" button at the bottom of it, after that, press the "Use Full Editor" button which is also found at the bottom of the post. This way you will be able to edit the title and everything!

However, if you do ask in the in-game chat, and was not able to get an answer, or if you need peoples opinion on something, then surely you are free to post whatever topics you want on the forum!

And last but not least, keep posting ;D We love to see new members getting active on the forums! It might make it a little more fun

Best Regards,


Other Gaming Servers

By Sgt_Wilkie, in News,

If you are getting around 30fps on minecraft you should be good to play Team Fortress 2.
Team Fortress 2 is also free you just need a Steam account to download it.

We also have a Counter Strike: Source server which I will also be playing on. However it is not free and costs £14, again this is found at Steam.

You can see all the game servers at the top-right of this page, 1st icon is Minecraft, 2nd is Counter Strike: Source and 3rd is Team Fortress 2.

Hopefully _CSB_ and I will be seeing the JR Community on mumble alot more and also in the other game servers JR Network has to offer.

We are currently transferring our databases and our survival map over, we did 70% of it live, we have had to pull the server down to do the remainder.

As well NOTE: only the hardware is being upgraded, nothing else will get removed apart from the ender and nether maps been restarted!
Talk to you soon,


Server Downtime

By Jamie, in News,

We have switched servers, got a better backup system running and we have been working on our look, our website speed and our server configurations, we are happy to report as of now, we are fully up and running and all our services (Apart from IRC (temporary) )

We hope that you enjoy JR in the years to come, we are sorry about the downtime but we are back, stronger and better than ever. I'd also like to thank our new graphics designer Ryan (Xemnes) For redoing our logo and helping us with the recent look on our website. He has done a lot of the graphics work and it's only fair to thank him.

Anyway, back to work !
See ya soon,


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