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Hey guys.
I have been doing some big style edits as of today. If you are still seeing:

Then you need to urgently clean your cache! Otherwise new features will not show! If ctrl and f5 doesn't fix your issue it can be easily done by using ccleaner *windows only* Find it at:

The main noticable addition today is the always viewable userbar at the top! This is to keep help users and keep them more organized. It will have some more features soon but for now that's all.

Please be aware the sign out button is in the users profile when you click on the name.
Also instead of the rep up and down on everyones post / topic /reply / comment its now changed to like this! This is a bit more fun and doesn't create a negative field towards members.

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JR Network is editing and adding different features to help provide a better a website for you!

We are working upon bringing more content to you. So we have started to work with IP.Content on the website, this allows us to add content, to promote it in the forum / blogs etc.

Be aware. It's not as easy as it sounds. I still have to code a lot of the page templates in PHP/HTML/CSS etc so its taking its time.

After we are done we will populate the database full of your forum posts so if you have any reviews you'd like to publish, please post them in the forum!

Issues currently:

- Images wont display when we truncate forum post content.

Working Upon:

- System Structure.
- Where everything is etc. Should be done soon.

Please comment below to test the comments.

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We are working on the website currently,

Please excuse any hiccups, template malfunctions, long error codes etc. We ARE working on it and everything will look way way way better soon.

Just give us time, and enjoy watching things come together

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I have to say that this is one of the most unique sandbox/freeroam games i have played. all the sandbox/freeroam games have a story that makes you start at the bottom of everything and you progress to the top with missions and finally beat the game. BUT , saints row makes you start at the top with luxury cars , millions of dollars and really AWESOME weapons. This kind of a storyline is very fun to play with and i would like to see other game developers doing the same kind of things.

You have a lot of money and an hourly city income which allows you to buy weapons and properties very easily.
The missions are very good , just on the second mission you have to jump THROUGH a plane and have a gunfight in the sky, then catch your friend.
The weapons are really good (well some of them are not really good).like the AR drone which is really helpful in missions that involve gangfights.
The overall gameplay is really good too , but there are some flaws which i will be discussing in the cons section


The storyline is not very long.
The graphics are not very good.
Sometimes you may find yourself stuck in a tree or in someone else
Some of the guns do not work as they should
When you play it for more then half an hour (when you beat the game) you really do not want to continue because there are not much activities in the city


PRICE: 49.99 on steam

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Hey guys,

Me and Joey are starting up a Halo Clan again ! (If you didn't know we used to run a clan called death clock and yes we were pretty bad ass. So we are going to start it again.

If you want to join add ImaginaryXbox on your xbox and we will get you going!

WE are JR.
WE will fight.
WE will never give up.