JR will be re configuring it's server software for the new server so we run way better, I have never released much information on our software but I will today!

Since JR is a big server and requires most of it's RAM and CPU for Minecraft so we run a custom based linux distro which is partially based upon Debian, since Debian is one of the lightest and stable operating systems.

JR will be running of course the latest Java 7 build. We can't release much more information about our server setup for minecraft but at least you know partially .

Map and Server Backups

Since the hardware allows JR will be doing map backups every day and plugin backups every 2 days.

The JRCraft Survival Map

I have decided with a lot of the staff last night that we will indeed be replacing our 15 GB survival map this update for a couple of reasons:

- It's crowded
- It's running out of ores
- 1.3 Has new ores
- It's huge and there isn't any areas for new users

I want to keep my build! Don't reset the map.

We have already decided to reset the map, it's happening. For instructions on keeping your structures please read: on how to submit the form to transfer your builds.

Right well I have had numerous complaints that users want the old survival world to stay. While I don't think it would be the best idea, trying to keep everyone happy I have decided that the old JR survival world IS going to stay and not been reset.

Why? and What's going to happen?

JR will be separating the old survival and removing a couple of features from it as it would mess up the whole server if we didn't

- No economy in old survival
- No item sharing in different worlds
- Mob arena and War will be moved to a mini games world with all the new arenas we are building

There will still be a new survival world which we will be asking users to build in and we will still transfer projects over from the old world to the new world as the new world has more ores, items etc.
The new survival world will still incooperate /warp jrzone as the spawn and will have all the latest features. While you are still in the old world transferring things this way will be more easy for members and hey you may decide to play in the new world when you see the new features. But of course if you just want to play in the old world, feel free! It'll stay open till users stop playing in it.

JR is here to make users happy not upset users. WE at JR are doing this specially for you, no other server would do this but just remove it and not give a damn, WE -> I give a damn, I hope you stick around and have more fun at JR than ever before!

Please be aware:

Items, chests and inventories will not be transferred to the new world for a couple of reasons:

If this happens the new map economy will be screwed up fully and it'll ruin the fun new economy we have lined up. Right now everyone has diamonds and they screw the economy, with the new system you won't be able to get everything right away it'll be more rewarding and challenging.

New spawn:

With the new map will come the new spawn, which will be /warp JRZone (Take a look right now

Within spawn will be a 500*500 protection around JRZone, outside the JRZone grounds there will be houses and some nice information within them, NPC's will be found around JRZone giving interesting vital information.

First join spawn:

We will be making a new first join spawn that wont include a quiz making it easy for users to read the rules.



Will be reset, giving users 100 coins static pricing will be added to the mall and we will re launch the mall with 5,000,000 coins. The static pricing will be highly tuned so it won't be glitchable.


To make voting more exciting we will be starting to trace users who vote each month and users will have the chance (If they vote the most amount of times a month to earn Gold Membership for a two week period).

Users who vote everyday will earn 100 coins for every vote, if you vote on all three sites it will be giving you 300 coins.

Mob arena:

We will be resetting the mob arena and building a new arena for users to play in, the old one is dark dingy and unused.


We have had some exciting battles within war we are going to excite things with a big mix up of new arenas.

Online Status plugin:

JR will be having an online status page *status.jrcraft.net* to show the current system load and status of JRCraft.


Weather will be switched on in survival

Additional fun silly plugins!

JR Craft will have more fun little silly plugins that keep us entertained

Other World Changes

RPG: A new RPG world with a story line will be released shortly after JRCraft 2.0 is released
Hardcore: Hardcore will be reset so more griefing can occur
Nether and Ender: Will be reset as well.

Keep watching this post for information on JRCraft V2.0 for more information as it'll be updated here.

- Rebel24 Enjoy!


Addition of features to JR

By Jamie, in News,

We are looking to creating a 3D Javascript, jquery way of showing the skins. I'm going to jump to our #1 JS developer James Brumond to see if he can come up with something cool

I have edited the minecraft builds database too, we will start using this more to drag out the best projects and showcase stuff around JR.

While it is a mess right now, the functionality is there, I am trying to really improve it and I will if I get stuck get other developers to help boost the functionality of the system.

Another new feature I have added is an online side block showing the Online Users, this is in beta testing and I need to tweak it slightly but it's getting there.

Caching at JR.

To improve speeds of loading and processing JR will be caching more information, this means it doesn't have to re process it every page load, Every side bar block will be cached for a period of 5 minutes, meaning it will only update and add new content every 5 minutes. This is to calm down server load from JR

I heard about a charity event?

Well yes, I have come up with a charity event idea, while the charity is unknown currently we will be having a 24 hour non stop minecraft event on JR of adventure. Where I will basically play the game fully for the first time as, I never get time to play minecraft I thought it'd be a good way to interact in the community and show some publicity to JR, I will also be inviting anyone to come and stick around and help out.

I will be contacting parties such as Bebopvox and the Yogscast to see if they are interested in helping out raise some money, I'm sure they'd love the idea.

The event will most proberly live streamed.

When would it start? As soon as we have migrated to 1.3 and upgraded our server to the new hardware found at: http://jrurl.at/11 we will announce a date.

Minecraft 1.3 Information
Minecraft 1.3 is to be released on August the 1st. JR will be able to start upgrading and working on the server a week before as there will be a release candidate for us to test with.

When Minecraft 1.3 is out please don't update till we tell you too as it could limit your access to the server till we fully update, Which will be around 2 days after release.

Don't fret JR has an update proceedure we are going to follow as always and get us running as soon as possible, we are ready and waiting for the update and as soon as it is released we will be working on the server non stop to get it ready for you guys.

What will change?

Nothing, Same map, same items (and new items), JR should still function as it was on 1.2.5 but with the additional features of 1.3, Remember 1.3 isn't the mod API update, that's postponed to 1.4.

JR has always been the best to help users transition to the new update of minecraft, we know you don't like map changes and we try to avoid map resets if possible, there may be a compulsory map change for 1.4 / 1.5 but for now we will have to wait and see. We also know you like JR to be running asap with most of the plugins, we work non stop to get our plugins up to date and we do this live while JR is online. Functionality as normal is normally restored fully within a week.

We hope you like the information and the new resources we are developing for you
Talk soon,

The winner is rstoy, gaining a clear lead eventually with the highest number of votes for his fortress-like home. Rstoy's home also boasts of a tower which is modeled after the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. His entry can be seen

The runner-up is hotstuff8398, whose three-story, spacious home has bagged the second highest number of votes. His entry can be seen .

The prizes are as follows:

Rstoy receives... a set of highest enchanted diamond tools, and experience points for 150 levels.

Hotstuff8398 receieves... three stacks each of clay, bricks, smooth stone, mossy stone, and glass, along with enough experience points for 100 levels of enchantments.

Please ask any Administrator online to give you your prizes.


Server Upgrade?

By Jamie, in News,

AS well as this to expand even more we are thinking of opening a guest building world or survival which will draw more users.

Now the cost:

Setup fee incl one month of hosting: 148 Euro's
Monthly Fee: 89.99 Euro

So how does that compare to our current server?

We are currently paying for minecraft: 99.99 Euro a month! For our kickass current server. But with the new server it will have less lag from network latency as its based in Germany and has a way better peer to america and other places such as Australia

How can you help to purchase the new server?

- Purchase gold or platinum membership from our store: http://jrnetwork.net/store/
- Donate to us at the left hand side

When are we hoping to get the funds and when are we thinking of purchasing it?

We are hoping to get the full money in the next 10 days and purchase it the following day as we would like to transfer before we have to renew the current server again. It's a big move but will take me (jamie) around an hour to do it after I have had a day to setup the server. I'm boss like that

As for the 65$ I have already that must go to pay for the website server, as thats costing us 89 Euro a month: I will be paying the additional fee needed personally.

Personal note:

We really do appreciate the support and the donations we get, we want to make JR great, this server, our 4 million page views last month, the changes we are doing to our network and our growth is making JR reach a level of greatness no other server or website has seen before!

I would purchase this server but all I have for the week is 20 euro's as I'm only working part time 2 days a week and I have just had a hellish time with bills and food expenses :/

I'd like to say a personal thanks to make JR grow how big it is and I will continue to work on it making it better now. I'm also quitting my parttime job shortly to work on JR even more -> Then I may go back to education (But we shall see, that's if I can't get another job, college)

Also to clear up the rumours, I am planning to make JR a business, it has been my dream but I will never be in it for the money and I never will, all my current funding goes right back into JR, I'm pumping JR making it better and bigger each day!

Naming a few:

- Emil <-- Seems to be the person who did this
- Wavesludge

Anyway, we are creating a new facebook account which will be integrated into JR so you can like it, Please take the time to dislike our current account as we can not gain access to it. It has been reported to facebook and they are taking the necessary steps to get it offline.

http://www.facebook.com/JRNetwork <-- DE LIKE IT NOW

We are staying professional unlike the ex admins that are trying their best to take JR down, we don't see them as a threat but a babyish excuse for wanting their mummy :/

The JRConnect app was not compromised as luckily I host it on my own facebook account. So there is no need to worry about compromised facebook status's etc. We got it under control cause we are that bawz

We are sorry that this has interrupted our facebook page the new one will be switched online in a bit

Edit: Here's our new Facebook page.

Anyway back to work
- Jamie