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Ark Survival Evolved: 258.2


Ark since it's major update has been patching like crazy. We are trying to keep on top of the minor updates which keep coming and coming, 3 in the past day.

Thanks guys!

Released - May 31, 2017

  • Fixed an issue where Textures were streaming in too slowly
  • Fixed Explorer Note / 3D previews being stretched on widescreen displays
  • Fixed a crash demolishing motorboat in singleplayer
  • Fixed Tamed Yutyrannus not being able to damage various large creatures
  • Altered Megalania Kibble recipe to be craftable in cooking pot
  • Fixed a Mod crash with UI's
  • Fixed Duck not getting beyond 50% Tame Affinity
  • Fixed being able access interactions with Arthropluera
  • Fixed Wild Allo levels
  • Fixed Megalania rotation when climbing in certain narrow corridors
  • Fixed Gorilla Boss arena boundary
  • Fixed landscape on TheCenter Dragon arena
  • Fixed Megalania attack animation in water
  • Fixed an auto-turret exploit
  • Fixed Hyaenodon losing all affinity when it flees, and reduced Hyaenodon detection range on crouched characters
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