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Ark Survival Evolved: 258.44


ARK yet again brings more updates, hopefully they will slow down with updates soon and just release a big update.

We will be looking at changing kibble vending machiene to the kibble table soon and also will be adding Advanced Rafts.

As requested by this poll:

Since our last news article the following has been updated:

  • Personal Grave
  • Ragnarok 
    • Artifacts are now spread throughout the map
    • Multiple fixes and new zone polish
    • New snow/volcano area Blends in certain areas
    • Perf Opt
  • Volcano
    • Current v2.6
      Wild Dino Wipe is highly recommended for this update
      - 2x New caves (1x land and 1x underwater only)
      - Added Manticore Arena (all 3 difficulties)
      - More Ocean work (more details underwater in the south)
      - Extended the desert a bit
      - Reworked Desert Cave (a bit smaller, but a bit harder)
      - Some landscape changes for the south area of the map 
      ( more details )
      - Changed the appearance of the Special SE Loot Crate and removed all the SE stuff from the loot table ( will spawn less and changed the name to Special Loot Crate ) 
      - Reworked the crater of the middle volcano
      - Fixed collision box of the big trees in jungle and swamp
      - Added a fix map difficulty 5.0(Trial Run, will see if people like it)
      - Some other landscape changes for the snow biome coastline in the north east
      - Landscape of the sheep island is now part of the main landscape (no extra landscape for the island)
      - Reworked all the dinos spawns (more sorted, more spino spawns, more better yay)
      - Reworked baby spawns (added almost all dinos, less spawners than before, but a higher chance of wild babys)
      - Added Alpha Megalodon
      - Added Liopleurodon
      - Added Bee's
      - Added Alpha Sheep (Badass Sheep rare and gives you nice rewards)
      - Fixed hole in 1 of the water bridges
      - Fixed dinos spawns in Swamp Cave, they're not tameable anymore
  • ARK patches:
  • Current Version: v258.44
    * Shocking Darts can now only be crafted specifically with Tranq Darts, not other Shocking Darts.
    * Re-added the "Give Default Survivor Items" checkbox to the Options Menu
    * Fertilized Microraptor Eggs will not decompose on the ground anymore
    * Further improved ATV handling
    * Fixed Babies sometimes starving at low server update rates
    * Fixed issue where Lio Buff wasn't giving items on various Supply Crates
    * Fixed collisions on Gorilla and Dragon arenas
    * Fixed custom recipe colors not appearing on icons.
    * Added "ARK Anniversary Cake Slice" item on servers.
    * Updated the Pause and Options Menus
    * Fixed ATV wheel physics from "flipping" out randomly, drives pretty nice now
    * Fixed a crash with Mods
    * Fixed particle systems not appearing at large world coordinates
    * Made Alpha Leeds more common on The Island, and made them give 5 Blubber items rather than just 1. Also made Alpha Megalodon slightly more common.
    * Fixed Offline Raid Protection in PvE mode to allow accessing unlocked Item Containers, Pin Locking, and not drowning Tames.
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