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ARK Survival Evolved 264.2


Hi guys,

As you may have found out we have had a few issues today. There will be a big post about this soon enough.

The recent ARK update is as follows:

- Fixed boss scaling for multiplayer sessions (approximately 67% easier)
- Made Baby creatures able to consume from Feeding Trough at appropriate time (when they would gain 10% maturity) while "stasised"
- Client-side CPU optimizations

More news incoming soon!

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Omg how many restarts on Ragnarok today and rollbacks this makes the game unplayable atm sry its just annoying and a big waiste of time.:angry: in 1 hour the server restartet 5 times !!! 

i was imprinting a Dino he keeps cause of the saves and new restarts on 70% im just angry now cause of 2 hours of waisting time . One more and  i leave the Server .

Doing the same thing for 2 hour and redoing it after server start makes people just angry.

And after this waiste of time im going unsatisfied to bed. :(




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We currently do not have any reason on our end for server crashes. It is likely an issue with the ark server software, as the issue was not present until we updated. The server is set to auto save every few minutes or so, and we have a script in place that will automatically bring the server back online in the event of a server crash. This issue is very frustrating for us, as it is impacting server up time and despite having as much stuff in place to minimise the impact of sudden server crashes, frequent ones are unacceptable. But it is out of our control for the time being

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I am not sure if it has happened today but I'll be looking in to moving things to the new server either today or tomorrow. Getting things ready right now. As for the problem its annoying but we are looking in to what is causing it.

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