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ARK Survival Evolved: 264.3 + Wyvern Mating


Ark has greeted us this evening with the latest update. We hope this fixes a few bugs we have been having.

- Dead tame bodies and player bodies and dropped item caches now save (with their decomposition timers & corpse locators intact)
- Character Current Stat values saved at '0' no longer reset to their default values
- Dunkleosteus now harvests metal -- too powerful???
- Dino Costumes now show damage overlays
- Modified dino attacks networking to result in less rubberbanding on clients
- Per-Dino behavior setting to toggle "Ally Looking"

The servers are all up to date now :D

We have had to disable wyvern mating as it was causing a over spawn bug with Wyverns, this has sorted the issue out now.

Edited by Jamie

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