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ARK Survival Evolved: Classic Flyers Update


Due to the new dev kit release, Classic flyers has been updated! We have updated our servers with the most recent patch now.

The latest change log is as follows:

  • Improved landing AI for Classic Quetzal and Classic Wyvern. (matching core-game Patch 259 changes)
  • Classic Quetzes now fit through hatch frames. (matching core-game Patch 260 changes) 
  • You can now fish while on a Classic Pelagornis. (matching core-game Patch 260 changes; functions exactly like core-game version: only works while pela is landed on water)
  • Increased the capsule size of Pternadon to make sure it can't fit thru player sized door frames. (matching core-game Patch 262 changes)
  • Classic Quetzes now use Heavy Combat Music. (matching recent core-game change to quetzes from unknown patch; have noticed no difference to music - might be an upcoming core-game feature)
  • Classic Wyverns now use Heavy Combat Music. (core-game wyverns do not have this feature enabled - seems to be an oversight on WC's part; have noticed no difference to music - might be an upcoming core-game feature)
  • Double checked all the code I had previously guessed at in order to allow the Tapejara to wear the Tapejara Tek Saddle before it was added to the DevKit. Everything previously added was identical to what was officially added. Added a new core-version function for better rotation to classic version. Found a recent change to tapejara take off/landing script and matched it.
  • Pre-setup necessary functions to allow compatiblity for upcoming core-game quetz and wyvern tek saddles. (Success will depend on WC setting them up like the existing tek saddles; if WC does anything weird/different with them, they will not be compatible.)
  • Classic Griffin has been added. 
  • It functions exactly like all of the previous/existing Classic Flyers including, but not limited to the following:
  • Automatically replaces all tamed and wild core-game/vanilla griffins, just like how other Classic Flyers work. (This includes being incompatible with any mod which also alters the core-game/vanilla griffins and having no effect on mods which add completely new griffins.)
  • Has all "classic" stat adjustments: Can level speed (approx +2.5% per speed level added), riders and carried targets have weight reduced, stamina regens quicker, imprinting bonus to speed, etc, bringing it in-line with all other Classic Flyers.
  • Stats can be adjusted with the Classic Flyer server ini codes as well as new griffin-specific species ini codes.
  • Classic Griffins can use the Wyvern Stone, allowing them to wear saddle skins and gain a small armor boost.

Note: This update does not include Ragnarok's Ice Wyvern as that beastie wasn't included in the most recent DevKit. A "classic" version of the ice wyvern will not be added to this mod until the base version is added to the DevKit. Please direct any and all questions concerning Ice Wyverns, including when they might be added to the DevKit, to the Ragnarok and WC dev teams.



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