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ARK Survival Evolved: JR's New Server


So it's official, I have purchased a new server and we will be soon moving to it after we have finished testing the servers.

What's the big deal with this Jamie?

  • This server is dedicated to ARK. Nothing Else, This means no lag caused by other games/services JR provides
  • Due to this, ARK has more resources allocated to it. We are running 4 servers on just this one node and it's performing way better than ever before

BUT WAIT! There is more!

I have been developing a system for a while that will auto update the servers and modifications at non peak hours (4 AM). 

This system, restarts the server every day, updates the server if updates are needed, updates mods, restarts the servers and makes sure they are online after the maintenance. IF, the server does not come online, it auto emails myself directly to tell me the server is down. With the auto update system we have tested it, it's working great. But there may be bugs we have not come across yet.


We know you guys, don't like downtime. So, our new server, automatically checks every 5 minutes if the server has crashed or if an error has occurred. If it does find a server is down, it automatically emails myself and sends me a log of the last things that have happened on the server. This will make it easier to find exactly what happened and what we can do to fix it if it happens again.

A few notes:

  • You will not loose items/structures + dinos after we switch to the live server. This should occur tomorrow and we will be copying all save data to the newly optimised server.
  • If you'd like to test the servers use the following IPs:
  • Please note if you do test the servers they will be wiped and the current map of the server that people have been playing on will replace the test map we have running.
  • The servers will update at 4 AM every day, Server admins may update the server if needed during the day to allow people to play who may have updated their mods. To make sure you can play while you wait for us to update the server (if a mod has been released) please do not download any updates for mods till a server news post has been posted.

The test IP's will be the new IP's and we will be switching to them so please save them to your server steam list! 

The switch over to the new server will occur tomorrow morning/afternoon at some point. While this happens please note all ARK servers will go down while map transfers take place.

I'm so happy to finally give you this update, I have worked very very hard to get this working so quickly. I'd like to thank Chris for helping on small parts and helping me also figure out what was wrong with auto updating mods.

This update will help the staff, me and Chris mainly to have a bit more peace, less updating and more playing and most of all it'll improve your experience as there will not be any weird crashes due to no maintenance etc. and mods / ark will update easier and quicker for everyone whether automatic or manually done by a admin.

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