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ARK Survival Evolved Latest JR Mod updates


We are committed to you the community and we like to think we are one of the best listening server communities out there. We install mods for you guys as long as you want them and we do small tweaks to try and keep everyone happy.

This JR update we have done a few things. Please read the entire update post to understand why we may have done some of these things.



  • Added upgrade station
    • Only available to end game players to keep things fair and not become over powered.
    • You will need 100 engram points to use each item 
    • You have to be level 210 to unlock these currently
    • We may have to revise engram points towards endgame. This will be done soon if it becomes a problem for endgame players.
  • Disabled auto unlocking of TEK engrams on server join
    • This is because we have had a few complaints that this takes away server raids / events for killing bosses
    • This also takes away that team challenge
    • This will increase community spirit and get players to work together to kill bosses to unlock TEK
    • WE HAVE NOT removed crafting of element, we believe this should be a part of the game, instead of having to kill boss after boss just to build TEK. This is due to the amount of solo players we also have so when a solo player has killed a boss with a group to unlock TEK the solo player can revert to playing solo
  • Reduced dino spawn rate on all servers by 10%
    • This will help with CPU resources. You will not notice much of a change
    • Due to this we have had to wipe wild dinos, they should respawn soon
  • Lowered resource respawn radius
    • This will stop you guys having to run a mile away from your structures to get more items / resources
  • Changed difficulty offset to 2.5 in the island + the center
    • This is due to a slight comparative difference with how high levels are between ragnarok, scorched earth allowing some higher levelled dinos to be spawned.
  • Edited MOTD to show our discord short link

We hope you understand why we have done a few of these tweaks, if you would like any more information or are not happy with any of the above changes please contact me directly on our discord: or by private messaging me on the website.

Thanks guys!

Edited by Jamie

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