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ARK Survival Evolved LC Tent Tier Update


Hi guys,

LC Tent Tier underwent a big update today, The following message was sent out by the dev:


Major Update

The July 11, 2017 update was a major one, adding new building parts and new options that make this the nicest tent mod out there for Ark.
I found out the hard way that you cannot rename the building parts without affecting the existing building parts people have been using.
You may have logged in to your server to see side walls and doors missing and regular tent roofs a little lower than normal.
I am deeply sorry for this error. I can appreciate how frustrating this is abd am sorry for any losses that you may have experienced due to this error.

Please be assured that I now know how that happened, and will not be changing the filenames again.
The mod is safe to use and you can depend on your bases being intact in future update.


Things added this release:

  • Solid short wall
  • Doorframe short wall
  • Solid long wall
  • Doorframe long wall
  • Patcher pieces to fill the gaps between the regular and tall tents, for long side to long side or short side to short side.

Edited by Jamie

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