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Ark Survival Evolved: Mod Update


Structures Plus has just been updated on the servers, please update your clients to reconnect to the server. Also we have added suicide potions on the server with this update too as it has been highly requested!

Please note there will be a ragnarok update in the next 24 hours or so due to wildcard bringing a patch out. I'll update everyone when it is on our servers!

Structures Plus update notes:

- Fixed issue with Gardener, Farmer & Sheep Herder animations going out of sync
- Fixed issue with animation of Gardener, Farmer & Sheep Herder not starting/stopping when activated/deactivated on dedicated servers
- New Structure: Genomics Chamber (uses fertilized eggs to mutate eggs placed on it(eggs must be of same type), requires power from tek generator)
- New Config Option: GenomicsChamberSlotCount
- New Structure: S+ Bookshelf (metal strength, adjustable inventory slot count)
- New Config Option: BookshelfSlotCount
- New Structure: S+ Land Claimer (will block resource and dino spawns in the area, has adjustable range)
- S+ Fridges, AC & Compost Bin will now snap to each other (press G to disable)
- Fixed issue that allowed people to demolish structures of other tribes with the Demo Gun
- New Config: AllowAdminToDemoAnyTribeWithDemoGun (defaults to false, will prevent admin's from using the Demo Gun on structures of tribe's other than their own)
- Demo Gun will no longer pick up non-tribe owned structures when used by an admin
- Demo Gun will no longer bypass tribe checks in hosted multiplayer games
- Demo Gun will no longer pick up the saddle extensions from Snappy Saddles
- You can now set what types of poop the S+ Item Collector will collect
- S+ Tek Generator can be placed on saddles & rafts (note: it will only power structures placed on the same saddle conversely tek generators not on a saddle will not power anything that is placed on a saddle)
- New Config Option: DisableAbilityToPlaceTekGeneratorOnSaddles
- S+ Tek Teleporter can be placed on saddles & rafts
- New Config Option: DisableAbilityToPlaceTeleporterOnSaddles
- S+ Shield Generator will no longer take damage while the shield is active
- S+ Shield Generator can now be powered by a Tek Generator when placed on a saddle or raft(generator must be placed on same saddle/raft)
- Improved the shield radius selection UI
- Added ability to scan dinos to the S+ Transmitter(will show you the level and location of all dinos on the ARK)
- S+ Transmitter has tek structure resistance
- Removed sound from S+ Transmitter
- New Structures: Simple Bed & Bunk Bed (Snap to each other, press G to disable snapping)
- New Config Options: BedCooldownTimeInSeconds & BunkBedCooldownTimeInSeconds
- New Structure: S+ Hatchery (picks up nearby fertilized eggs, incubates eggs in its inventory, boosts egg production of nearby dinos, requires re-fertilizer for fuel)
*note: Hatchery will not pick up eggs at or below 1% incubation and will only incubate eggs in its inventory to 1%, it also respects the HatchingSpeedMultiplier server setting*
- New Config Option: HatcheryRangeInFoundations, HatcheryIncubationMultiplier & HatcherySlotCount
- New Config Option: RemoveFloorRequirementFromStructurePlacement (will allow structures that normally require placement on a floor, to be placed on the ground ie smithy, forge, etc)
- Non-tribe members can no longer toggle activation of Gardener, Farmer, Sheep Herder, Generator, Multilamp, Standing Torch & Wall Torch
- The following structures can only be activated/deactivated by tribe members unless they are unlocked: Campfire, Chemistry Bench, Cooking Pot, Fabricator, Fireplace, Forge, Replicator, Industrial Cooking Pot, Industrial Forge, Industrial Grill & Industrial Grinder
- S+ Campfires & S+ Fridges can now stack to 100
- Closed the top & bottom of the Forcefield walls so that free standing walls look better
- Fixed issue that caused certain dinos to show up multiple times in the pull resource list
- Fixed gap when snapping sloped walls to the bottom of walls(existing structures need to be picked up and re-placed)
- Fixed scaling of stone sloped walls
- Fixed gap when snapping sloped walls to ceilings(existing structures need to be picked up and re-placed)
- Increased the tolerance on fence support foundation check
- Fixed issue that caused clients to lock up when destroying a crafting station while somebody was using it
- You can now toggle snapping on S+ Spike Walls by pressing G
- Tweaked Glass Roof models so they line up better side by side & end to end
- Tweaked Sloped Railing models so they line up better when placed on ramps
- Removed no collision code from S+ Water Intakes(bypassing the collision check bypassed the need for them to be placed in water)
- S+ Bee Hive will no longer produce honey endlessly
- Increased the water storage of the S+ Industrial Cooking Pot
- Add ability to pull resources to the S+ Industrial Grinder (only accessible from the radial menu)
- Fixed issue that prevented the Stone Behemoth Gate from auto opening
- TurbineMaxPowerDistance config option renamed to TurbineMaxPowerDistanceInFoundations
- New Config: DisableAbilityToUseTekGeneratorAsPower (will prevent structures such as the item collector from being able to switch to wireless power)
- Removed no collision code from S+ Transmitter(ie can no longer place in boss arenas)
- Fixed issue that caused settings set from the turret gun to not show up immediately
- Resource pulling will now not pull from any structure with the tag "PreventPulling"(this is for other mod developers)

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