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Ark Survival Evolved: Ragnarok Perf Optimizations


Okay guys, so I'm not going to sugar coat things, we had an issue last night. But when we have an issue Jamie doesnt stop till its sorted. I'd also like to personally apologise for the downtime last night.

So what's the problem Jamie?

Ragnarok/ARK was using tons of CPU, and when I say using tons of CPU, it was using 1 core of the 6 dedicated to ARK. Now you may think this wouldn't be a problem, but unfortunately with the amount of entities and things going on in the background 1 core used only can cause an issue with crashing.

What did you find out ?

  • Only 1 core was used out of 6
  • Coel was overspawning at 8000 entities, normal rate is 4000
  • Some other dinos seemed to over spawn too.
  • That ARK server logs, suck big time and its very hard to trace what is going wrong.


  • Every ARK server now uses all of the available server CPU (hopefully this doesnt cause any issues with other servers)
  • Reduced Coel spawn rates on Ragnarok
  • Reduced dino population by 25% on Ragnarok.
  • Enabled some better logging, but it's not perfect.
  • Some of the issues are also caused by Ragnaroks map, which should have an update soon to fix other problems we are having

This should sort this issue, if not we are on hand to take over today and sort things.

We are committed to giving all our players on all servers the best experience we can. Last night we were down for a total of 4 hours with ARK, this isn't normal and it won't be the norm.

To provide you guys with a better experience I will be purchasing a new server very soon to more ARK to. If you'd like to help with the change please visit this page: us get better gaming servers!/

I hope all our players understand if we have another issue that we will be on the case rather quickly to sort things out.




Edited by Jamie

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