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Ark Survival Evolved: Updated Mod, Ragnarok Update Soon


Hey guys,

We have just updated Personal Grave as it was giving users mod mismatch this morning, the servers should be accessible in the next few minutes.

Ragnarok seems to have a update due today or tomorrow with the following fixes to the map:

  •  -Added aloe plants for cactus sap in several areas
  • -Reduced quality and quantity of Lava Golem loot
  • -Fixed Lava golem exploit
  • -Fixed Lava cave flier exploit -Fixed Ice Queen Spawn
  • -Improved Ice Worm spawning methods
  • -Slightly reduced Ice Worm speed to fix tunnel animation
  • -Fixed over spawn of Squid
  • -Fixed gap in world barrier
  • -Swapped and added more rocks for Dunks to harvest (Metal/Stone/Flint)
  • -Fixed streaming issues in ice dungeon and lava dungeon
  • -Moved several supply drop points from popular building locations
  • -Multitude of other bug fixes (Collision/Holes/Traps) (soon)
  • -Forced Wyverns to spawn inside of trench
  • -Fixed castle spawns and added IBL to basement
  • -Fixed stray IBL in Glacier -Patched misc holes in meshes
  • -Fixed several TP issues in Wyvern trench/Volcano tunnels
  • -Verified all artifact crates are accessible
  • -Fixed multiple reported issues (Holes/Collision/Foliage)
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