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JR Ark PVP - It's coming


Our ARK servers have been getting more and more popular and we have been hearing from our members to setup a PVP server.

We have heard the calls and this server will be running soon!

So far, we have decided on the following:

  • Max 12 mods to keep things running smoothly 
  • We are looking at the Center Map this month, unless members really want a different map.
  • The server will reset and possibly change maps and mods on the 20th of each month
  • The server will be whitelisted and you must request access
  • Max players will be set to 40 for now
  • Not set in to the cluster to keep things fair
  • Higher resource gathering, 5 - 10x? (Not decided yet)

What we would like to know from you guys. What mods do you want?

Please comment below on what mods you'd like to see and we will compile a list and admins will choose the final listing for first launch! Please also tell us how you want rates for our PVP server, we still want things to be a challenge but stay fair and fun as possible.

We have selected with the premium members the following mods:

  • Structures Plus
  • Advanced Rafts
  • Small Resource Stacks

Tomorrow I will be posting a list of the final mods that we have selected with help by you guys.

To request access (First to request, first to be accepted (Premium members get priority too))

The server will be available on the 19th of July and the server IP will be found at https://jrnetwork.net/servers/list when online

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User Feedback

Recommended Comments

This sounds like an interesting experiment. I personally rarely play PVP 'cos I play solo so much of the time and like to build etc my own way. However the prospect of giving this new idea a go does appeal because of the monthly change of map/mods etc.. 

I agree with Harpik that the rates should be set fairly high (at least for the first month as a test) to allow quick progression and make base building worth while.. otherwise everything will be wrecked on day 2.... I would also recommend small assistance mod's like meat spoiler, kibble table, tranq pike etc as they help speed up progression also and it's fair if everyone has access to mods like these from the start.

As i mentioned i'm not the most experienced in PVP so hopefully I can try and team up with a group for the first time too... may survive a bit longer that way ;o)

sounds cool, looking forward to trying it out.... hopefully the mods list will be out later so we can take a nosy and possibly give more feedback...?

my twopenneth ;o)

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As i mentioned before. i really look forward to this. should be a fun experience as long as the community works together (as in no trash talk). I agree with my friends that it should have high rates for taming/breeding and resource gathering. since it's pvp you're expected to lose both buildings and dinos so the high rates would help encourage people to rebuild instead of giving up.

Mod suggestions that come to mind are Bore Water Kit - so people can build wherever they like instead of being stuck to a water source. Mini Industrial Forge so that you can build comfortably without having to house a huge Forge around your base. As Jonesy mentioned a meat spoiler would be useful as well, and maybe Utilities Plus would be useful as well.

I do not recommend kibble table or the tek stuff from S+. reason for this being that Tek should still remain something that can be achieved through hard work and dedication not an easy thing. Plus the kibble table even though useful, not necessarily important as if the taming rates are high kibble won't be needed, not to mention dinos will die at some point so no use in trying to get a perfect dino if it'll eventually get killed. 

Apart from all that i do believe that the structure damage rates should be changed. During the week it should be made more difficult to do structure damage and during the weekend it should be made easier. Reason is most people work during the week which leaves them extremely vulnerable to attacks, and even though all is fair in war it still doesn't make sense to attack someone who is at work. which is why if someone decides to still attack an offline person, this way they would have to use a whole lot of resources to do it, while during the weekend most people could be online and as such it would be the best opportunity for raids and defence. I do not think offline raid protection makes sense due to the reason that if there is a two man tribe and one of them is working, the other cannot log on to farm or build as that would leave him vulnerable to attacks and makes him a much easier target. The reasoning behind my suggestions is to keep pvp as fair as possible, so not everyone would agree with me which is fine, but offline raiding or having a large tribe attacking a one man tribe is just pure cowardice in my opinion.

Thanks again.

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Just so most of u know theres a meat spoiler item on the Advanced Raft mod called Chum Bucket.
And im totally against any kind of taming mods... whit the current rates u dont really need anything else to help taming. Otherwise with a lil bit of metal u can get a rex in less than an hour just point and command to attack.
Lets test it out before thinking on any changes on rates and mods i guess.
One thing i would strongly recommend tho is a tribe max.
Cuz just Thigas alone has a 10 man crew lol and we dont have that kind of players base on JR yet. If the max players is set to 40 the tribe should be 5 max or so.

Those three mods r enough for PvP... if much i would recommend a mod for the beacons (RAWR Beacons) to worth to fight for cuz vanilla is crap. And maybe the Anti-Theft mod since Pegos and Ichthys r very annoying lol.


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no to anti theft mod i love pego army on pvp :P only thing better than that is troodon army in the cave.

dont think there is any need for bore watter on the center it rains there every few mins 

RAWR beacons is a good idea .

also like idea of reducing dmg to structures during the week if we are playing without ORP 

if the taming rate is raised to x20 than no other taming mods are needed you can tame all with prime in few mins 

Tribe size reduced to max 3-5 and consider do we play with or without alliances.


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