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JR Gaming Ark Cluster – Beta Test


We are happy to announce that our brand-new Ark Cluster is now open for beta testing, we have been working hard to bring these servers to you. The idea behind this beta test is to find any issues that might remain in the server setup, we are open to feedback from everyone. During the course of the beta test please expect changes to be made rapidly based upon player feedback, the goal here is to make a balanced and consistent experience. We will be carrying the maps over from the beta test into the full release of the server, so play as much as you want!


The maps:

For this cluster we are starting out with two maps to begin with Ragnarok and Aberration, we feel these maps offer the best balance for a small cluster. To compliment these maps we are using mods that bring the creatures from Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 to these maps. These mods do not add fliers to Aberration although you can transfer any dinos you tame on Ragnarok to Aberration.


Connection details:

To find the connection details for the servers please head on over to our servers list!



The mods:

The approach for the mods has been to provide us with a stable base that we can then expand out from in the future. 


·      Super Structures 

·      Monte Stacks

·      Auto Engrams

·      Awesome Spyglass

·      Awesome Teleporters

·      Dino Storage v2

·      Dino Tracker

·      Lethals Reusables

·      Upgrade Station

·      Eco’s RP Décor

·      Eco’s Tek Décor

·      Tek Helper

·      More Narcotics

·      Meat Spoiler

·      Rare Sightings

·      Cross-Genesis 1

·      Cross-Genesis 2


The entire mod collection can be viewed here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2793807585


Server Settings:

All multipliers here are in reference to the vanilla Ark values.

·      Taming Speed 5x

·      Harvest Amount 3x

·      XP 2x

·      Resource respawn radius 0.5x

·      Platform Saddle build area 2x

·      Character food drain 0.25x

·      Character water drain 0.25x

·      Platform max structure amount 5x

·      Platforms allow multiple floors

·      Base character weight 140

·      All character level ups are 2x effective except fortitude which is 4x effective

·      Dino level ups are 2x effective for stamina and movement speed

·      Unlimited mindwipes

·      Crop growth speed 2x

·      Crop decay speed 0.5x

·      Mating interval 0.05x

·      Baby mature speed 25x

·      Egg hatch speed 25x

·      Baby cuddle interval 0.0232x

·      Baby imprint amount multiplier 5

·      Wild Dino food drain 2x

·      Friendly fire should be enabled


Super structures settings:

·      Water intakes can be placed anywhere

·      No foundations required

·      Resource pull range 100 foundations

·      Gardener range 50 foundations

·      Sheep herder range 50 foundations

·      Item collector range 100 foundations

·      Farmer range 100 foundations

·      Nanny range 50 foundations

·      Nanny max imprint 100%


Dino storage config:

·      All automated generation enabled

·      Collects fertilized eggs and incubates them to 1%

·      Poop conversion enabled

·      Fruit seeding enabled


Autoengrams config:

·      Unlocks all tek engrams at level 100


Feedback and Ideas

If you have any feedback or ideas on how we can improve or change the server you can do so via our new ideas section of the website available here: 


The new ideas section allows you to submit and vote on ideas that you believe would be beneficial to the game servers. We will also be updating the status of any ideas so that you can see where they are in our implementation pipeline. 



We will be updating the Ark section in our Discord server in due course, our focus right now has been to get the Ark servers available to be played on.


I’m looking forward to seeing you all in game!

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