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JR Craft's Citizen+ (A new free rank)


How do I get it?

Well to get it you have to be an active member at JR, not just a little member who crys I WANTS RANK!

You earn it by 150 healthy posts in the forum (not spam) and you will automatically rank up to citizen +. 150 Posts ain't a lot and is real easy to get if you post and join in the community!

Why 150 posts?

We feel the JR Community forums are lacking, this seemed the best way to get them active and more fun for everyone

I want helper?

To get helper you must have at least Citizen + or VIP. This way we know if you are loyal to JR and want to help out instead of causing trouble.

What do you get?

- Create a clan

- Have a block hat

- Use world guard flags

- Use block door

- Use mob disguise

- A spanky great big + before your name showing how BAWS you are <--- Sorry only I get that :P

How long does this last?

- It's infinite, it doesn't expire as long as you have 150 posts!

We hope you like the new rank,


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User Feedback

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Sweet. But I think its kinda almost the same as gold, so maybe more gold features or less Citizen+ features. But its still a pretty awesome idea

Yeah I agree

I think that mob disguise should be Gold+

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Great! Another rank I got to skip! Let's add it to the list!

  • Citizen +
  • Grief Police

Seems nice, but 150 is very difficult (atleast for me)

dont show off now just cause your an admin :P and i am trying and i agree with your thought it is :L

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