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JRCraft V2.1 :O OMGWTF!


So what your saying is JRCraft V2.1 will have new features?

Exactly, V2.1 will feature a broadrange of new and updated features to our system. The plugins we will be adding for JRCraft V2.1 are:


Our own chat management software featuring huge features, including easy chat channel's (that include player limits to stop from crowded chat) easy switching of channels (This will be talked about later) mysql logging (easy access to find issues in chat), php frontend for staff members to moderate chat over every channel of the server, /afg (away from game), /onjr (currently all players on the server), /online, /list (players in the channel you are in)


Does exactly what it says on the tin, this gives you a creative flight mode without the creative access, permission based per world.


This gives us staff an easier way to report bugs as well as griefs and also with the plugin we will be able to warn users for reports made against them


A plugin that allows us to color signs and create linkable signs


I ain't commenting on this one, it's a secret ;)


Allows the use of PVP in survival, everyone starts with PVP off on the server. You can only play PVP style when you do ./pvpon if you try to kill someone that has ./pvpoff you can't kill them and they can't kill you. Simple.

PVP will auto enable in war arenas etc. and if you are a god with ./pvpon users will be able to kill you. PVP stats will also be kept

World changes:

We are thinking of removing hardcore (PVP) as it's not used, you will be able to play PVP in survival. A griefing world just advertises that we allow griefing on the server annoying users

Staff changes:

We will be holding a staff meeting on how to handle users at JR and to also teach staff members on correct practices on banning and management on the server. All staff are to attend, either with mumble or skype, any member of staff that doesn't attend the meeting will be demoted as we are trying to organize the server, We will have two meetings, one for the US, one for the EU. Times will be sent to the staff when apparent

Ban Appeals:

Ban appeals will be handled differently from V2.1, there will be no public ban record system, but an appeal link in which you can submit an appeal, a staff member will contact you via email or JRMessenger on your appeal through a system we are developing.

This is to make it easier to work with users, they don't have to find their ban appeal, we will look it up when they appeal.

More to come soon about the progress and any other new information we have!



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I'm on vacation right now. Only thing I can use as a computer is this family shared iPad. I can't even log in, it won't work. I won't be able to get on for possiblet two weeks. I would highly ask of you to not demote as I was forced on this 'vacation' against my will!

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Heard from Chris that Jamie says Helpers do need to attend.

Jegiggle, that is up to Jamie, but usually staff meetings are run so that anyone can listen in, but only the people that are required to be there are able to talk/type in chat.

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Jegiggle as we are being told on the correct practise of banning and how to handle the server so I don't think this will be a public meeting and also I may only be able to use chat when we have this but I will still be listening in and talking in chat either on skype or mumble

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