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Latest JRCraft and No Lag Tekkit Updates

Pretty cool huh?

NoLagTekkit items disabled

Let's face it, we don't want to disable tekkit items but some are needed to be removed as they bypass bukkit all together and cause huge issues with griefing, we have only disabled these to protect NoLagTekkit for the for-seeable future.

Watch of Flowing Time - Messes with the server time, could cause potential lag/crashes

(HKLens) Hyperkinetic Lens - Causes untraceable explosions from far distances

(HCLens) Catalytic Lens - Same as Hyperkinetic Lens

(NovaC1) Nova Catalyst - Untraceable explosion

(NovaC2) Nova Cataclysm - Bigger untraceable explosion

Red Matter Plus *Infernal Armour* - Explodes causing devestating untraceable effect

Dark Matter Armour "" ""

New membership coming?

That's right.

We want it to be easy for users to be able to donate and get amazing things from JR so...

What will premium membership consist of?

  • Premium Membership Only Contests and prizes
  • Additional Website Features (Unlimited Upload Space (For photos, blogs and forum attachments), Additional Forums, More JR cash gained by posting, bigger private message inbox and more message participants)
  • Ability to switch on free webhosting (With clan website)
  • Additional Minecraft Benefits (Can login when server is full, No block restrictions, Godmode + Heal, Full TP permissions (Apart from TPO), Unlimited Warp Setting, Block doors (Only available on JRTekkit), Clan creation, Any more features we add with a specific kinda perk)
  • Access to public weekly staff meetings on mumble. (Yes screw google hangouts, sooo annoying :/)
  • Priority client support
  • Access to coupon codes first
  • Beta access to any new JR Service (Or in Minecraft (World)) first
  • This membership will work on any JRService that has the support, currently NLTekkit and JRCraft.

What will happen to existing Gold and Platinum users

For been a premium subscriber to JR, you will receive the same price of 4€'s monthly for premium instead of the new price and you will automatically switch to Premium Membership

How much will this new awesome package be?

The new package will cost 5€ and you will be able to purchase it in any currency that you wish, it'll be automatically transferred on payment by Paypal.

Discount for paying 3 monthly of 5%, half a year 10% and a year 15%.

That's all for now guys, Happy JRing!

The Rebel ;)

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(NovaC1) Nova Catalyst - Untraceable explosion

(NovaC2) Nova Cataclysm - Bigger untraceable explosion

Are these items just disabled from usage, or crafting altogether? Because these are used to make other items which I don't see on this list of disabled items, such as the Destruction Catalyst.

EDIT: Also, has this completely replaced WorldGuard, or are Citizens still welcome to use that?

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im sry but this is pissing me off, i joined on the second day of tekkit and built for a day came back and was griefed beond repair (ask _csb_) then i moved and withing half a day my home was destroyed by nukes, now i finaly move out to a remote island and built for a week and had a good thing going come back after 2 days and my island is there but my buildings are gone, i have placed a grief report and i want every bit of my stuff back. im not about to abandon my greatest place yet in tekkit. please fix it

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