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JR Craft - Survival Update


We have been working on JRCraft to bring a better experience to our players with a ingame vote we have decided to reset the map. So we have setup a new map with a new spawn. The spawn is actually Palymra and for people who played old JR, you will remember AnioNovus built this by hand. It's a brilliant piece of art and we are proud to bring it back to life!

Please note you can not build till you fully leave the spawn!

We have made a few warps away from spawn to help you find a place to build right away

  • /warp town1
  • /warp town2
  • /warp town3
  • /warp town4

We have also created a new membership which is one time just for donator minecraft members. Please note this is still in beta and more things are been added to the membership and when you buy it any new things we add to donators or premium members you will get


A few other fixes:

  • Fixed permissions in survival, creative may need to be sorted
  • Updated bridge to website to work with new donator group
  • Set a new worldborder on map and generating map in background

Hope you enjoy the server guys! Message me privately or leave a comment if you'd like help or information!

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