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JRCraft Update


JR has had Minecraft for a long time and it's needed some love. We are focused on survival and to bring you the best experience possible. If you haven't joined us before join us at: play.jrcraft.net using the java build of minecraft ❤️ 

If you haven't already. Don't forget to register to get more permissions. A full list of permissions can be found here: 


Read more about the updates below:

  • Map border has been set 10,000 blocks from spawn to reduce server load and map size.
  • Started generation of full map so chunk generation does not cause lag
  • Set alert when server is restarting automatically
  • Disabled minigames & creative temporarily as it is not actively used as we are focused on improving the survival experince.
  • Set up news alerts broadcasts every 15 minutes to alert users of new changes
  • Changed from classic mcMMO to the latest updated version with tons of changes and new features (updates here: https://mcmmo.org/#changelog)
  • Updated paper spigot to latest build
  • Updated Libsdisguises to latest build
  • Updated Jobs to latest build
  • Updated Protocollib to latest build
  • Updated PlaceholderAPI to latest build
  • Updated and reimplemented Citizens2 
  • Updated and reimplemented PetBlocks
  • Updated EssentialsX to latest build
  • Removed EssentialsX GeoIP 
  • Updated EssentialsX Spawn to latest build
  • Updated Multichat to latest build
  • Updated Shopchest to latest dev build
  • Updated WorldGuard to latest build
  • Updated WorldEdit to latest build
  • Updated bungeecord to latest build
  • Updated multichat to latest build
  • Removed Lagmonitor due to incompatibilities
  • Removed SaneEconomy due to incompatibilities
  • Regenerated configuration for Petblocks
  • Regenerated configuration for libdisguises
  • Cleared out log directory / crash reports / unneeded data
  • Reset the ender / nether
  • Modified dynmap to use less space by switching to JPG instead of PNG
  • Reset render data of dynmap and started re-render of data due to image type change
  • Installed MarketGUI
  • Installed XConomy
  • Initial balance when joining JRCraft 50 JRCash
  • Removed old logblock data from database
  • Removed old permissions from database
  • Updated permissions and revised permission list is available here: https://jrnetwork.net/help/serverwiki/minecraft/
  • Fixed issue with motd not showing for tourists
  • Fixed /spawn for tourists
  • Added /rtp to randomly teleport you
  • Reset jobs configuration as it was not working due to outdated version
  • Fixed issue with multiple homes not working correctly and adhering to permissions
  • Stopped jobs announcing on chat level changes. This will display on the action bar instead
  • Fixed issue with back on death not working for premium
  • Fixed issue with keep xp not working for premium
  • Fixed issue with nicknames not working for premium
  • Fixed petblocks for premium
  • Moved spawn

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