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Minecraft - Permission Changes


I have just updated the permissions for the minecraft server, so hopefully now everyone has access to the features that befits their rank.


  • Fixed permissions node for "/suicide"
  • Added "/me"
  • Added "/depth"
  • Added "/getpos"
  • Added "/tptoggle"


  • Added "/back" full use
  • Added "/compass"
  • Keep XP on death
  • Added "/workbench"
  • Added "/enderchest"
  • Added "/ext" (extinguish if you are on fire)
  • Added "/feed"
  • Added safe login for fly (if you login midair fly is auto turned on)
  • Added "/hat"
  • Added "/heal"
  • Added "/jump"
  • Join when server is full
  • Added "/top"
  • Added /"tphere" (don't abuse this or it will be set to staff only)


  • Please see the topic in the staff forum

Edited by Chris

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