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PVP Arena & More Updates


Big update today guys, hope you enjoy it please see the following update log:

- Fixed issues with our website / permissions bridge
- Changed permissions system to group manager
- Removed BungeePEXBridge
- Removed NPC Auctions
- Removed user access to worldguard, this is in favour of griefprevention.
- Removed message on join how did you find the server due to a bug.
- Changed Player list
- Removed [survival] from messages. We only run survival currently so silly having this here
- Disabled dynmap worldguard as not really used especially now we have disabled user access to worldguard
- Installed farm limiter to reduce mob clusters causing lag
- Updated economy plugin

- Removed job hunter

- Added Mobhunter plugin

- Added Holographic displays and modified spawn
- Added PVPArena to duel a fellow user type /duel. To spectate use /warp PVPArena (This arena was created by old time members on a previous map, it's based on a halo map :D
- Added moreores: 


Kelp Ore.jpg Kelp Ore: This ore smelts into kelp, which can then be cooked, providing a food source underground.
Petrified Wood.jpg Petrified Wood: This ore smelts into oak wood, so players will have a way of gaining wood while underground.
xp ore.jpg Experience Ore: Drops 1 - 4 experience orbs. (Minimum and maximum experience orbs are configurable)
random Ore.jpg Random Ore: Drops coal, gold ore, iron ore, 1 - 10 redstone, or a diamond.
Potion Ore.jpg Potion Ore: Splashes a random potion when broken. The more harmful potions are disabled, but that can be configured.

Health Ore.jpg Health Ore: Combing four of these creates a Medkit.
medkit.jpg Medkit: Can be used on a mob or another player to heal them 6 health points. (Amount of health is configurable)
liquid ore.jpg Liquid Ore: This ore smelts into Liquid Ingots.

[IMG]Liquid Ingot: Surround a turtle shell with these in the crafting menu to create a Scuba Helmet. Can be used to make Noncombustible boots, Dolphin Pants, and Chestplate of the Drowned
Scuba.jpg Scuba Helmet: Allows its wearer to breathe underwater for 20 seconds. (Time is configurable)



Chestplate of the Drowned: A chestplate that provides haste for 10 seconds when the player goes underwater. The duration can be changed in the config. Crafted from Liquid Ingots
Dolphin Pants: Leggings that provide dolphin's grace for 20 seconds when the player goes underwater. The duration can be changed in the config. Crafted from Liquid Ingots
Noncombustible Boots: Boots that provide fire resistance for a total of 65 seconds, 1 second at a time. The time can be multiplied in the config. Crafted from Liquid Ingots


Edited by Jamie

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