RUST - Another addition to our servers!


Exciting news, we have just added a RUST server to our list of gaming servers. We are testing things out to see how they go and what we need to do on our server.

You can join rust by clicking here

To see who is online and to view our other servers please go to:

While our server is online we may periodically add modifications to the server while our server is in Beta. Please note we are also testing our server hardware with Rust. Any problems that get reported will be quickly resolved.

If you find any bugs please post them to the Gaming Server community help:

We hope you enjoy the new server!

The JR Team

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9 hours ago, SwitchShotJolt1 said:

I sadly don't have any games where you can make servers :( I'm not much of a server player 

Rust is only 20, pretty much the same as ark. Both games are pretty amazing. Honestly try them out you'd be surprised. I got in to it fairly quickly myself

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