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RUST - Latest Update 06/07


Unfortunately to my busy schedule. I'm still playing catchup.

RUST has been updated with the latest oxide mod and the latest update. (It auto updated but removed mods due to the latest update)

Latest update post from the blog:

Lots of map changes, big and small: the new Launch Site monument is in, Hapis Island is updated, we added communal cooking barrels, improved grass, and more. Servers have been wiped, too. Enjoy!
Full surface of small and medium cave rooms now buildable

Forest dead branch prop collider shouldn't block movement above itself

  • Airfield Updated with tunnel network
  • Improved monument terrain anchoring
  • Improved monument terrain adjustments
  • Junkpiles only spawn next to roads and powerlines
  • Adjusted ore spawn rules so they really only spawn near rock formations
  • Grass LOD falls off with 3D distance instead of 2D distance
  • Adjusted temperate biome ore distribution to have more stone
  • Barrels have a much beefier impact/death sound
  • Autocomplete no longer prevents accessing command history
  • Fixed weird player spine rotation in the distance
  • Fixed Cave Ores having old loot tables
  • Fixed ores not giving completion bonus under some circumstances
  • Fixed a dozen invisible barrels near dome
  • Fixed Sand/Snow Ores giving 1 hqm instead of 2
  • Fixed Static Repair Bench NRE
  • Fixed Helicopter disconnect exploit
  • Fixed in-stock exploit with vending machines
  • New terrain grass implemented
  • Added monument terrain blend map support
  • Launch Site monument added
  • Driftwood can be harvested for wood
  • Barren has roads
  • CraggyIsland has some roadside
  • Pressing tab to the console quickly autocompletes current command
  • Barrels have a much more satisfying gib
  • Item Pickups play a world sound when picked up
  • Vending machines show their available contents on the map
  • Added Eye Bone to Helicopter Optics for spectating
  • Added Hobo Barrels to Launch Site and Lighthouse
  • Added 'Elite' loot crate at Launch Site
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