Zombie Survival - JRCraft


So yeah, we have added zombie survival at JRCraft. To play just go to /warp zombies

- No building in the world

- Player vs Zombies only

- PVP is off

- Chests respawn the same / random items every 30 minutes

- There are many chests scattered around the world

- There are towns to hide in and more!

Just run! Run while you can!

Also other updates:

- Removed Scavenger and replaced it with /backpack

- Gold members can use /backpack upgrade

- Updated Disguisecraft

- Installed fireworks mod

- Updated bukkit

- Updated /recipe

- Limited zombies to 1000 in the zombie map due to huge lag

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its pretty fun but what time does the chest respawn stuff in them, because one of them has nothing in it im not going to say where but its in the first town and its a damp chest thats all ill say, any who its empty and it hasnt had any thing in it since i played

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hey jamie. i havent been on much due to the lack of mods online and being in space...isnt very fun anymore without friends...so im lad you added something new :D ILL BE ON ASAP lol btw i am stil waiting for a response to my helper app...

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