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Announcement From Qudubz


I am posting this for Emil because he is not able to copy and paste content to JR at the moment so he has asked me to make this announcement for him.


Heya everyone.

This will be the last "major" post that i will do in a while.

I have decided to step down as an admin on JR Network, there

is multiple reasons for this decision, but i will only name

some of them.

1) Being an admin on JR have been a fun task for me, i have

been playing on JR for around 1 year, and been an admin for

around the last 6 months. But being an admin really affects

how you play the game. You remember all the fun you got all

day long where you can just do whatever you wish? I don't.

Being an admin gives _lots_ of work for you to do, all the

time, if not in game where you get questions every 2min, but

also on skype and so on. Everywhere you go there is a kid

screaming "Please help me!". I did enjoy that in the beginning,

but after so long where you are not able to enjoy the game

the way you used to, it begins to annoy you.

2) Being "flamed" for being off minecraft and not helping out


As many of you might have noticed, i have not been on minecraft

more than a couple of hours the last month. Why? Because

i need a break from the game. I have played minecraft

for a whole year, 5-10 hours EVERY day, sometimes even more.

Yes you may call me a no-lifer or whatever you want, i don't

really care. I just need a break.. I lose all inspiration for

minecraft, when i go on, the first thing i do is think "What

should i do".. And i do that all the time im online. i use

99% of my online time just answering questions from players.

And now that i finally went off minecraft for some time, i

got flamed for not helping out the community.

"I'm just rather pissed off at staff members just going for

weeks on end not even coming in checking up to help me out..."

Thats one of the messages i got, and i got many more of those.

I have been on the server and helping out EVERY day for 6

months straight! And then i go offline for 2 weeks and

get messages like this? Seriously.. That crosses the line.

So yeah, as you can see, im stepping down as an admin.

But just so you all know, that i step down from admin

does not mean that i leave JR. I will still get on and say

hi to all of you etc, and begin to _play on JR_ again when i

get some more inspiration.

I do this to relax. Im tired of not having time to relax while

i play, that is what playing is about.. isn't it?

Best Regards

Former Admin Qudubz

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You've just managed to summarize most of the reasons I want no formal staff position on the server. It's so much fun I don't want to loose it. While I don't think I've personally seen you in game, I do want to assure you that there are people (albeit a small amount) that highly appreciate everything the admins and the other staff members do all day long.

I'm terribly disappointed that somebody would have the nerve to send you messages like that - that's just not right. I understand your decision and respect it, and I am sorry for what you've had to endure.

Just wanted to say thanks for everything you've done in the time you've been staff (not just admin position). :)

I look forward to meeting you on the server when you have your inspiration back, friend!

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:) I understand and sorry for the help i have needed from you, you helped me a lot! haha thankyou for always helping and you were also my Favourite admin :D i hope you come on and i will be happy to see you! And boy you have guts to stand down from such a big position on such a big server, Good luck mate,


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I definitely understand your problem Qu, especially the going on and thinking "what do I do" part... same here for me :|

But the negative messages seem outrageous... whoever is sending you them deserves some punishment!

I've known you since you were a moderator, and you were always my favorite staff member (aside from Alex before she left >_>) and I hope you come to love minecraft again and enjoy JR... after all the work and effort you've given JR, you will not be forgotten!

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Same feeling here Ace ARE one of the best Admins on JRs ..ok so you need a break and we need to shoot some one in the knee for not understanding the toils of the job of Admin or any other office for that matter. I hope you get the inspiration back soon and come back and play. I understand your anguish ..I come on and dont even move for answering questions that are answered here on the forums. If I do move it's to fix a grief some one or a group of idiots did to a really nice place. Perhaps if you take some time then come back and resume your post ...a vacation as it were. We love you and want you back ...but happy.


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You should do what I do, only answer the questions, let other stuff handle anything difficult, and goof off with your powers!

Works for me, works for you too :P

But your decision, hope you can enjoy yourself for once! :D

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