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It's time. My goodbye


Yeah, shocker and if you clicked readmore I'm guessing your wanting to know more.

So why am I leaving?

JR has been great yes, but in another aspect view It has been the worst time of my life. Since I started JR in school, when I was 13 I worked on JR constantly till now. It ruined my education, a good relationship with my parents and it's getting in the way of something more meaningful to me. I'm tired, I'm constantly upset and I have had no time because what ever I do, JR was always there needing my assistance.

I have been sucked in to the deep end and it's been so hard to get out of the internet is great, but when you work on it for most of your teenage life after your teenage life is over you finally realize that damn, I have missed so damn much.

What's going to happen to JR?

Even though I started JR, I'm not shutting it down, all JR related services will be left open and they will be handled by the staff team that I have built. We have already talked in the staff meeting and yes while the staff did get slightly shocked, and possibly teary I believe that they will come out of my shadow and show JR what a staff team really is.

A couple of heart felt mentions:

Kevin: You mate have helped make JR what it is today, JR was originally going to be about everything while you gave me the idea to build something different a better gaming and technology community. I believe with all the goals, plans and ideas we had together. This was the main one and we did it dude. I'd like to say sorry to you as well because in time JR got in the way of our friendship and it got in the way of your life, especially when I came to yours for a little fun at times, it turned termoil and hell broke loose on JR

Ruppi & Peter:

I really didn't know who to choose first but since you were promoted to moderator, admin and founder at the same time I believe it's gotta be done this way. JR was made yours as much as I made it mine, you helped me grow, expand and get this community to flourish. It's been a blast and I'm sorry we really haven't socialized since we met. We have never really had one serious conversation about our lives and all it's been is stuff with JR.

Thank you for sticking with me for so long, you made things really happen.

Leslee & Robert:

Leslee You of all people have kept me sane, been a mother to me per say and kept me from the verge of insanity, you helped me beat my depression, you helped me fund what JR is today. Without you of all people I would not have been able to keep running JR for this long. I know your going to try to talk me out of this, but please respect that I need to get my life back. Thank you for helping me in keeping what little of my life I have left. I hope you will be able to understand even though I know you most of all will be the mos upset why I have to do this.

Robert: you wanted a friendly server to play on, because you felt it was too hard to run one, I'm glad I was there to provide that for you and your family, thanks for been a hardworking admin when your job allowed.


You mate have been brilliant, while I didn't want to let you down and leave I have to mate. Thank you for been there when I first started, for helping us evolve with all our gaming servers and for keeping us online when I needed someone way past my expertise, I just hope you can help JR still and I hope you enjoy it

Joe, Ryan, Joesph, Tim and Evonne

It wouldn't be fair if I singled you guys out, you all worked insanely hard for me, you made me proud to say that you worked on my admin team.

Damian Scheck:

No I didn't forget you mate, You helped create JR when we started too, even though you had college and not enough time eventually for JR, it's worth noting I'm glad I helped you learn english as I remember you came to JR to learn and I know your pretty decent at talking english now

Callum & Abby:

JR always was my dream to bring people together, but I never thought that in a million years I could start a relationship from two seperate people in two different countries. It's amazing to me that I brought you two together, I hope that for me, you won't have any issues in your relationship and thanks to both of you for working on JR so hard.

Moderators & Helpers:

To date you guys have had one of the most important and influential roles on JR, you have moderated, kept cool heads and while yes at times we all had our disagreements. Thank you for helping me out at JR.

MCBlock.IT & Planet Minecraft Team:

While JR has been a part of my life, you guys also came in to the field too tied with JR, I'm sorry to say that I'm also taking leave of my responsibilities at the two sites and thank you guys for giving me a chance to contribute to the projects.

Guys, don't ever blame yourselves for me leaving, this was not sparked off from anyone but me. It's hard to stop something like this but it's time I took my leave and that I have the time to get my entire life back on track

For the people who said JR died it hasn't its more alive than ever, for the people who said it will die, it won't it'll keep running I'm sure.

Will I return ever?

I can't say, simple It's too hard to guess but in my view in passing yes but as in getting back on the team, no. I'm sorry but it was going to come to this sometime, My life or JR.

For all the members that joined JR, payed donations, kept JR fun thank you. I appreciate it and I hope that you too will understand why.

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Well it's been fun... I'm gonna miss you... I'll always remember joking with you during meetings. I remembered when I first got Helper and I was beyond extatic, it was one of my greatest achievements in life, sadly enough haha.

Well... I'll really miss yah mate



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Where's the blurb on me?!?!?!?

Eitherway, good luck Jamie with future endeavors. I have many, not particularly fond, memories of some of the issues that JR network caused for Jamie and it is in his best interest to leave JR Network for certain.

However it won't be the same, not only because the title is "Jamies Rebellion" (lack of apostrophe is deliberate, that is how it was spelled), less the Jamie now.

Edit: Also it looks like JR Network has only been around about 4 years, yet 5 years is said?

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Not sure what there is to say really. You shall always be a dear friend and I'll always be there if you need anyone to chat to or help out with anything. :-)

Likewise of course, I'll still remain around to help out fixing things, as we've got the pnx.jrnetwork.net site and here to keep going. Specially since the steam servers are picking up extremely well right now.

Just take it easy mate, and stay in touch okay!

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Its sad to see you go especially after all these years of making JR what it is today :(. You have been so influential to many people. Sounds weird but without JR I doubt I would be the same person. I wouldn't have the same interests and I wouldn't have been me.

I hope you do well and enjoy whatever you choose to do in the future. Hopefully we will still see you on JR every now and then too. We will all miss you :)

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I can't lie and say that I thought you were going to stay with us forever. I could see this coming and I didn't know when, but I could see that you were pushing yourself to the limit. You were just pushing too long. And for the most part pushing alone. Yes the staff helped you a lot but you were always the one behind it. The thing is, all the pushing you did started JR rolling and building up momentum. You got this giant rock that is JR out of the hole and got it rolling down the hill. I will miss you, you were a great if not the best owner of any mine craft server I have ever seen. I hope you can get back into life and that every now and then when you need a break from that, ( everyone does at some point,) that you won't forget us and you'll come and say hi. From a personal point, even if that's all I would get to see every year or so it would still be nice. Thank you for creating JR, thank you for putting so much love into it to make it this great, and I am sad, but proud that you are going away and taking care of yourself. I hope your life will be more what you want it to be from now on.


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I've seen this coming, and I can understand why you have done this Jamie, no hard feelings :')

I hope to still talk to you, and once you get your life in order, I also hope you'll come back and get involved with JRNetwork once again (with a little more moderation and less obsession...).

As for being an admin, I thank you for allowing me to support you in such an esteemed position, and for creating JR, which introduced me to the multiple new friends I have made across the globe :)

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Hey jamie i am really gonna miss you bud. I can't believe you actually did all this just for us. I could have go on longer with you and enjoy the good time, but i wasn't able to. I really seriously appreciate all you have done and i wish that you could have everything in you life succesful. just like jr but as it is time for you to go, you were a good friend, owner, builder, and server host,

Thanks for all the good times.


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It makes me sad to see you leaving but i understand, i had an awesome time staying by your side and helping you with JR. :) Thanks for the good time.

Go and enjoy life, hope you can fix your relationship with your parents and continue your education.

Hope we still see you around the forums from time to time, or skype.

I will miss you.

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Jamie, you sexy beast! Thanks for making JR server. You did a great job mate. You made things possible without losing your sanity, as you mentioned. I know how you feel. My GPA dropped because of JR, but lemme tell you; it was worth it. Every single minute has been a thrill. You have successfully established an excellent staff, so they'll take care of us. And

I will look out for the server too. I'll try my best to help people, as people have. You did well.

And remember you asked me on skype; "what makes JR fun?" - well, now that I've thought about it, the way you allowed every user to fly has been the best feature you've ever made. Without /fly things would be a million times harder. And also, the whole JR community has given me the most wonderful experience. So again, I thank you. On another note, thanks for giving events out that gives people free JRP. That one year free JRP has been the best. And this month will be too.

Drop by sometime and have some cake with me or something. Cheers!

-Jeddmarc "xJEDDYx" Diangco

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This was my first server ever, and although I'm still one of the lowest ranks I really enjoyed my time with you Jamie. Each time I quit the server I came back and you welcomed me. Have a good life, and I hope you achieve great things

From your old friend,


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I met you 3-4 years ago, and joined your awesome flying server and loved it. I played for a long time and got involved in a lot of adventures. You have done a wonderful job creating and managing such a fun environment, and I commend you for that. However, it is unfortunate that this management has interrupted your life and interfered with your relationships. I don't think it was worth the real life repercussions, and I'm sorry all you have now is hindsight.

I wish you the best in life, and I hope you can mend any relationships you have lost, and make up for lost time.



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Jamie...this is really sad to me...ive been on this server for 2 years now and i think this was an AMAZING server. concider someone adopting the server to keep it running while you retire...its too soon...

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