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JR Craft Classic


JR Craft Classic

JR is currently undergoing massive changes, which we hope will bring a new lease of life into the server. Jamie and the rest of the JR Staff team have been working to bring you a new server, Classic. It will host one of the old worlds we used to have on JR (arguably the best one we've had). The hope is this will bring back in some of you older members, whilst at the same time be just another added feature for newer members. The map is the exact same one it used to be so should still contain all your old builds. 

To join, connect to and use the command /server classic . 

The server is equipped with many familiar plugins that we've used in the past, including clans, chestshop, and more! Unfortunately we were unable to recover homes but we do have a dynmap up to help you find any old builds. We hope to add many new features as well.



We are committed to making this a success and hope some of you can support us! We are currently in the process of improving the premium rank for the server for those of you wanting to support us. Currently as a premium member you get these perks:

  • /flyspeed
  • /setwarp - give other players easy access to your shops and buildings. 
  • /back - so you don't lose items/xp on death.
  • /vanish
  • Create signs with colours.
  • /clan create - create your own clan.
  • Create hats
  • /god
  • Chat in colour (using colour codes &1, &2 ect)
  • /tp

We hope to expand these perks in the future and are always open to new suggestions for perks. So please let us know if you have any suggestions! If you wish to support us you can purchase premium here.


If you have any feedback please feel free to leave a comment or contact one of the team and we'll definitely make sure to respond it. If you have any suggestions, please tell us! It all really helps :) 


Kind Regards,

JR Staff Team


Edited by Kyle

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JRCraft Classic, really will be a great addition to JR, it's going to contain great builds from the creative and survival server and the entire JRCraft game will focus a lot on classic, Minigames, is a small rumoured project to bring back too, this will happen as long as we can get the map and plugin functioning correctly again.

I'm back and committed in getting JR Craft working properly for everyone to enjoy again, I'm back and the good old JRCraft days are back too!


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