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JRCraft V4 - Release GMT +0 - 12AM

Callum ♥

- Slot limit toned down to 50 slots, will open up the taps when we see a need. (our max is 1000)

- Herobrine will be around ;) *You can kill him but beware, he is hard*

- Giants spawn in different places around the map

- New users will get a first join kit

- Premium members get to have kits with /kk command

- Using MCBans now due to the needed protection

- mcMMO is back, all users can use abilites and skills (apart from tourists) (Only in RPG world)

- Users can't just farm mobs for easy level upgrades any more. You have to do that yourself now.

- Online users board at spawn

- Huge new world

- Lottery is back

- Minecraft update

Coming soon, unlocks every day / week:

- More quests every day are added to follow on, more information will be posted shortly about where to find quests

- Weekly events for different things

- More areas that are built by the building team containing quests

- Dragon travel areas to new quest locations

- More prizes such as games on steam, Xbox, PS3 and more!

- More features for our RPG world and more

Also just because we are beast and you read this all, post a comment with your minecraft username below and you will get 5 diamonds (once only) :D (tonight only)

Also we are about to have a fireworks show! Come on and join us.

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ing: harsol1

(NICE job staff cant w8 till i can get on and check it out.)


"- Herobrine will be around  ;) *You can kill him but beware, he is hard*
- Giants spawn in different places around the map"


OH god help us.

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