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Recent Changes


Were you working on Minecraft?

Yes, I did some major updates and changes for the upcoming new JR V4, with a whole new gameplay mode and some amazing things, the change log is as follows:

- Switched Servers

- View Distance now set to 12

- Increased RAM and CPU allotments

- Removed 1.2.5 old world survival

- Removed old zombies and zombies 2 world

- Removed RPG and Private Island

- Removed space

- Moved NLTekkit in to own directory

- Disabled Space plugin

- Edited the world file so worlds are not loaded up again that were removed

- Cleaned up the 20 GB SQL database and transfered

- Deleted Citizens old config folder

- Removed hyperconomy folder

- Updated iConomy mysql

- Updated Registration system mysql

- Updated Stat system

- Updated lwc

- Updated logblock

- Updated JRVotes

- Fixed Autoannouncer

- Removed any unneeded config files

- Removed Virtual Pack / portable workbench crap <--- Causing all the problems with server crash

- Removed mcMMO, causing mysql Fuck ups, we will bring a better levelling system back soon

- Updated JR Chat

- Updated JR Nicks

- Wiped ops list (security reasons)

- Updated rtoolkit

- Removed old save.sh script that used to save from ram disk, never knew it was still trying to run,.

- Updated auto restart crash script

- Updated bukkit

- Fixed issue causing some people to login to Survive

- Updated JRGuests

- Transfered Survival to new server

- Transfered play.jrcraft.net to point to the new server

As you can see, a pile of updates. More to come.


Ok, so what about Tekkit?

Tekkit will be worked on soon, we will be moving it to the new server also and we will work on some small updates, We may be in favour of replacing Tekkit with a Feed The Beast server due to the fact Tekkit is buggy and hardly fixed up at all.


And the rest of JR?

I personally and callum (Watching, taking notes) am creating a new JRNetwork website from scratch, Everything will be transfered to the new server but yeah it's going to be good ;) It'll be easier, more simple and will have more features!

Also there will be:

- An official xbox 360 clan

- An official PC clan

- A staff event every friday called No work fridays, all staff are ordered to play a game together and let me handle JR. This is to improve motivation.

There is a lot to come and for you guys who didn't know, I am back at JR but will only be working on it in my free time and staff are a huge part of JR and will work on JR when I have to go out or have personal matters to attend to.

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:o! What about that new life concept? You should (attept) to try to make a bit of money off the server (if you don't already). I love the xbox clan idea, needs a tag or something for halo tho. And I won't be on the server... Sorry bout that but my fav server came back up and I stopped playing on JR. (I was on it before JR, then when it went off-line we were looking for a new server to play on... And found JR craft! Been here almost a year, got bored, played tekkit...) woop! My comments are to extremely long!

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