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Announcing JR 2017 (2.0)


We have had tons of changes, as a website we continue to evolve. There will never be one iteration of JR because of the way our technologies work.

I'm proud to bring you JR 2017 / 2.0. This includes many new features such as Clubs, Our Picks (Coming soon), enhancements in every application and we will be bringing more features soon!

There is a few mobile bugs, but we are working on them and we shall have them smoothed out in the next day or two.


Do you have a guild/clan/tribe. Why don't you setup a club, this is a new way for you to have your own customizable area with forums, gallery, blog and more. It's a brilliant place to keep in touch with your team mates. Check out clubs here:

Do you have a suggestion?

We take suggestions very seriously, we love improving things for you guys. We also like adding new features. Please post any suggestions here: 

For this new look I'd like to thank @Robbie. He has joined the admin team as he has been hard at work helping develop the look and feel of JR with me. I really appreciate the hardwork he has put in!

Tell us what you think! We are always interested in what you think, please post any feedback below.

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