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Giveaway: Are we mental?


So JR, does quite a few giveaways in discord. We thought that we'd do things a different way. 

Answer one of these questions in the comments correctly and you could win a free game. The first 10 users to comment and get a question right will win. 

Please note, if a question is already answered the prize is claimed from that question! Only one prize can be claimed per person on this particular giveaway.

  1.  P1 - What manufacturer.   Greenheadguy won Grid 2 + DLC
  2.  Bugatti Chiron - How many were produced?  @Mackan - won Grid Autosport and season pass
  3.  Does the Lamborghini Huracán stock have a turbo?  @Emma Won Toybox turbos
  4.  How many seats in a F1 Car?  @Red Mustang Won F1 2011
  5.  Micro Machines were originally manufactured by? @Zaranza Won Micro Machines World Series
  6.  What's the longest F1 Track?  @drhaze2000 Won  F1 2016 + Career Booster DLC Pack
  7.  What type of transmission does a F1 Car use?
  8. What type of brakes are used in a F1 Car?  @LouisM Won F1 2012
  9. Who developed F1 Racestars?  @mutly614 won  F1 Racestars + Season Pass
  10. What is capable of going 0 to 160 km/h (100 mph) and back to 0 in less than five seconds  @toxic won F1 2015

To enter, post a answer in the comment section. We will try to keep the post as up to date as possible by crossing out and writing what prize has been won by who. Prizes are claimed in order of comment date. 

Good luck to all that enter !

Edited by Jamie

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