JR Cash & The Marketplace


Big news! JR Cash can now be used to buy products such as JR Premium and webhosting from JR.

JR Cash has evolved away from just a basic points system in to a fully blown virtual currency. I've been testing this for a while and I've just made the changes live.

JR Cash can be made currently only by creating topics and posting at the forum but soon you will be able to make cash by playing games at JR!

The amount of cash that will be made when you post topics is currently:

  • 25 for each new topic
  • 10 for each reply to a topic
  • 5 extra cash for Premium members when they reply to a topic

Soon you will be able to make cash from posting blogs, images to the gallery and playing games.

This cash will  allow you to purchase rewards such as game codes, memberships for xbox, playstation, JR and more.

The current conversion rate if you are buying products which cost euro is 1000 - 1 euro. This is a test run and this may change depending on how the economy performs. While this is a currency on JR, this is a virtual currency and JR Cash is worthless in the real world. It can not be exchanged for real money and can only be gained by using JR services.

Side note: If you are paying for goods or services at JR with JR Cash, if compatible with the service it will list pay with JR Cash!


Let me introduce you to the JR Marketplace: https://jrnetwork.net/forums/forum/430-marketplace/

This area allows members to exchange JR Cash for virtual goods and services, we are looking forward to see where this will lead in the future.

More will be posted soon about JR Cash and the use of it within our gaming services! We hope you like the implementation so far.

Edited by Jamie

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