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JR Website - Update


As you may have seen, JR was down for a short amount of time today.

This was to allow for a couple of backend changes to make JR function far better and smoother.

To keep transparency we have changed the following:

  • Updated to the latest version of PHP 
  • Updated the website engine (IPB) to the latest version
  • Disabled old rules and old economy plugin
  • Updated the JR Servers App to allow for the new economy plugin
  • Installed the new Economy Plugin

Economy Plugin?

We have a new economy system that we will be bringing cool things to soon !

You can have a quick look at the economy section on the menu. 

You now can see who is getting rewarded by playing on our servers and how you are getting rewarded :) 


Please note the economy system is a work in progress and all JRCash does not convert to any currency and is currently only earnt by playing on our servers or using the website service. Not all servers are compatible and compatibility is shown on each server by the JR Rewards tick.


You may have noticed the JR Rewards / Cash you received with our previous system has been lost. I am working to resolve this as we have a database backup, we will need to convert and add this to membership balances. You will see this happening in the next week or so.

We are working hard to bring a new look and feel to JR. This will be coming this year in the next month or so. 

Enjoy your new year :)

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