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JRTV - Don't forget to submit!


Just to remind you that the final date for entry for the next JRTV episode is Friday. The best video we get will win the user 10 Euro or equivalent in steam credit!

You can submit video links here:

JR spends a lot of money on licencing and server hardware. We have a bill to pay soon and I've just had a lot of bills to pay. Currently all the bills are 99% paid for by me.  I pay out roughly €2300 a year.

If you can spare a euro, a fiver or any amount of money I'd really appreciate the help. I don't normally ask but over the past year I've been hit hard from JR finances.

We are not going anywhere but I am struggling to afford things at times, if you could help please help! It would be amazing if the community could help me.

If you can help, please click here:


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