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Our services explained


JR is always continuing to better it's services. We are always trying to make our services easier and better for users. We have recently created a few shortlinks for our services. You can use these links at any time to get to the relevant service. I'd also like to take the time to give a quick explanation of what is what.  - Report a server issue

As the name entails, this allows a user to quickly report an issue if one arises with a server. We try to watch all the servers we host, sometimes though we miss something because we are working with another server or away. Using this link it reports all admins and myself on the issue. It also texts me the problem so I can react as soon as possible. Please only use this with a problem with the server, it's not for suggestions or other problems. - Community Clubs / Clans

Community is everything at JR. Clubs allow you to setup a hidden /private / public club to converse with friends, to start a community of your own, to blog as a team, share images and have your own discussions outside of the regular areas. This is handy if you want to have a gaming clan or other.  - Suggest a feature / service

JR always wants to better itself. We do this by allowing the community to suggest and request features. You can do this here. Please make your suggestion as detailed and easy to read as possible. Suggestions are all looked at, but are also voted at a staff and a public level. Please do not feel bad if your suggestion wasn't used. It may be used in the future or it may not be wanted or be suitable for the servers. - Our server rules

Every community has rules, this link shows all our community guidelines. Please have a quick read. But always use your brain on our community. If you don't think what you are about to do is allowed, it generally isn't. - JR Image Hosting

JR has a powerful image system that allows you to have private and public images / videos hosted at JR. We don't currently have a limit on how much you can upload. But we do limit the size of each photograph at 8MB. Please note images and videos hosted may be removed or taken down if they are against our rules and this may incurr your account with a warning or suspension of service. - JR Blog Hosting

We allow users to blog as a team or on their own. Every user has access to a blog and you can use this to create a gathering of followers on any topic(s) you wish (that is within the rules) - JR Support / Help Centre

JR believes in great support, whether coming from the community or from staff we want to make your time here as happy as possible. If you have an issue with any service please visit our support centre so we can help you in anyway possible - JR Gaming Servers

Did you know we have 23 Gaming servers running on 2 powerful dedicated servers currently in operation at the time of this posting. Specs aside, these servers have very little latency to anywhere in the EU. Join our gaming servers with your friends and play together! - Donate?!

JR relies soley on donations, advertising revenue and my pocket. We really appreciate any donation, no matter how big or how small. All proceeds go to pay for the servers to keep us gaming and conversing for the future. - Gameserver Wiki

JR is currently building a wiki for it's game servers, if you'd like to help please give me a shout as we are looking for help all of the time. - Discord

JR has a discord server for live chat and voice comms, Join us any time using this link

I hope this explains a bit more about JR, what we do and what our services entail.

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